SESSIONS - DRAFT - Will be continually updated as of 5/4/15

SESSIONS - DRAFT - Will be continually updated as of 5/4/15
Ellucian’s next-generation
advancement solution
Ellucian’s next generation advancement solution will be available in early
2015. Join us at this session to learn more about this modern and innovative
advancement solution, how it works with Banner® Advancement, and the
latest in migration solutions and tools in development.
Carla Norris (Ellucian)
Helpful Hints for Uploading
Third-Party Prospect Ratings
A walkthrough of Lourdes University's recent upload of third-party prospect
ratings into their Banner® system. Presenters share what they learned and
several helpful hints to make the overall process easier and more efficient.
David Kallsen and
Karen Dibling (Lourdes
An Integrative Approach to
Effective Gift and Campaign
At WSU, we developed and use a Gift and Campaign data reporting framework Sau-Chun Lam
that uses, institution rules-based data, data translation (GTVSADX) and PL/SQL (Wright State
(procedures and ODCI functions) that preserves use of legacy SQL reports and University)
extends opportunities into PL/SQL and BI. Come and share our process of reexamination and re-working of our institution's perspective on Gift and
Campaign reporting.
Banner XE
Ellucian XE architecture,
extensibility, and API strategy
explained for Banner® by
Join us to learn about the updated architecture that provides an evolutionary Manassa Srinath
path to a new web 2.0-based user interface, optimized delivery, API strategy, (Ellucian)
and an extendable platform. You’ll also see the latest in one of Ellucian XE’s
fundamental features: its extensibility. This session is for technical and nontechnical audiences alike.
Banner XE
Birds of a Feather
Come share your experiences!
Banner XE
Ellucian XE and the
acceleration of Banner® by
Join us to learn how Ellucian XE strategy is helping institutions become more Kari Branjord (Ellucian)
flexible, more collaborative, and more ready to meet the future. We’ll report
on how the Ellucian XE strategy drives how we design, develop, and release
the products and services that can help your institution move forward. In this
session, we’ll review the Banner® by Ellucian product roadmap and discuss
Banner direction and deliverables.
Banner XE
Preparing your Banner® by
This session provides an overview on software and hardware requirements for Kari Branjord (Ellucian)
Ellucian system for the power updating Banner® by Ellucian to support the Ellucian XE architecture, the skills
of Ellucian XE
needed for managing and maintaining Banner applications powered by XE,
and Git repositories and XE installer.
Ellucian and CIO Discussion
Connie Schaffer
Community College)
Connie Schaffer
Community College)
Paperless Processing of
During their Banner AP/Purchasing implementation, the University of Toledo
Requisitions, Purchase Orders took the opportunity to improve processes and increase efficiency.
and Invoices
Requisitions, purchase orders and invoices are now completed through a
paperless process using core Banner, enterprise imaging and email
Leslie Rhegness
(University of Toledo)
Manassa Srinath
Financial Aid
Return of Title IV Funds
This session will cover how to set up your system and perform daily processing Susanne Schwarck
using the Banner Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) functionality. Will be both
morning sessions back-to-back with a small break.
Community College)
Financial Aid
Banner Web Text/Web
This session will cover two separate tools available in the Banner Financial Aid
module. Web Text allows the financial aid office to define customized text to
be displayed to a student via Banner Self-Service. Web Snapshot is a tool for
college staff which allows information from various areas of Banner to be
displayed in one location, for uses such as customer service and aid
Stephanie Ashley &
Susanne Schwarck
Community College)
Financial Aid
Birds of a Feather
Come share your experiences! Topic to include new loan functionality.
Susanne Schwarck
Banner® Human Resources
and Banner® Finance: the
road to Ellucian XE
Join us to get an overview of the Ellucian XE strategy and how it applies to the Barbara Doane
Banner® human capital management and Banner® financial management
solution portfolios.
ACA Hour Monitoring Report Learn how Owens Community College created an ACA Hour Monitoring
Barb Rardin and Greg
Report. We will discuss why we created this report, what things were
Brown (Owens
involved in creating this report what tables were used and show you examples Community College)
of this report.
KSU Mobile Past, Present, and A quick look at the history of KSU Mobile, and the tools and data we are using Jason Dunfee
to help change the direction of our mobile foot print.
(Kent State University)
Trends in
Higher Education
Luminus 5.1
Selecting a Time and
Attendance System for your
In this session we will explore the current issues that many
IT departments face, including time of deployment, poor performance issues,
limited IT resources, cloud adoption, data explosion, and fragmented
infrastructures. Currently 77% of IT time and budget is utilized in keeping
operations running with limited resources left for business innovation. We will
conclude the presentation with a discussions on how Vendita’s Configured
Data Servers (CDS) can help free up resources for innovation, deliver new
capabilities, and control growing complexity.
Mike Schroeder
Chuck Gatecliff
(Stark College)
We will cover some questions that need to be asked when deciding on a time Scott Mowery
and attendance system. We will be covering Multiple Positions, Punching
(Tracy Inc.)
Methods, Student Work Study Tracking, Real-Time interfaces and other
Weblogic - the application
infrastructure of choice for
Banner XE
Higher Education institutions have been increasingly selecting Oracle
Ahmed Salama
application servers as their infrastructure of choice for hosting their crucial
ERP applications including Banner. As the number of deployments and
modules begin to increase, in particular with Banner XE, the need for a robust
scalable environment to consolidate multiple modules into a fewer number of
servers will both improve manageability and decrease Total Cost of
Ownership. Topics covered in the session: Oracle Weblogic Differentiators and
Oracle Weblogic Server management.
Oracle Exadata Total Cost of
This will not be a session discussing Exadata technical features and
Bob Zeolla
functionality. I believe everyone has seen that more than enough times! What (Oracle)
I hope to accomplish during this session is to dispel the idea that Exadata is
too expensive. I'll discuss some of the cost savings Exadata brings from a
management and infrastructure perspective, as well as the "soft" cost savings
that we've observed with customers who've implemented Exadata. No one
wants to spend money unnecessarily, I hope to show you that Exadata is not
as expensive as you may believe. Topics covered in this session: Oracle
Exadata cost savings features for Banner customers, Oracle Exadata
management and infrastructure features that help drive lower cost(s), and
How other banner customers have achieved cost savings and performance
enhancement using Oracle Exadata.
Mining student data for
student success
Student success is a hot topic in higher education these days. This session will Henry DeVries
help you understand a working definition of student success and what it could (Ellucian)
mean for the students on your campus. We’ll also explore the connection
between the emerging roles of data mining, predictive analytics in higher
education, and student success. Finally, we’ll look at some current examples
of the interesting connections between business intelligence tools and student
success efforts.
A single source of truth: why
you need effective data
"Your numbers” don’t match “my numbers.” How can you turn that data into Henry DeVries
useful information that supports data-driven decision-making? Attend this
session to learn the value of data governance and how you can strengthen it
at your institution.
Tri C takes Campus Wide
Decision Support to a New
Level with Evisions Argos
Join Dana Walters from Tri C as he discusses how they use Argos to provide
one consolidated platform from which to consume key metrics from all
throughout the institution. The President initiative driven “Tri C Smart”
dashboard is allowing members of Senior Leadership to gain quick access to
key metrics, providing information in a way that enhances the decision making
process campus-wide.
Big data, big challenges:
moving toward business
intelligence maturity
Did you know that the traditional structured data managed by organizations Henry DeVries
doubles every 18 months? At the same time, the depth of analysis, number of (Ellucian)
data users, and need to visualize data also grows. Join us to learn how you can
effectively and efficiently draw useful insights out of your data.
Student Success
Ellucian Recruiter™
Join us to learn how Ellucian Recruiter helps improve the efficiency and
effectiveness of the admissions office for better enrollment management
Brian Stevens
and Dana Walters (Tri
Jennifer Taylor
Student Success
Student Planning tool
plays important role in
graduation initiatives &
student success!
Imagine a single solution that improves the student experience,
Brett Conner
academic advising, and increases credit hours. Many institutions are
(College Scheduler)
challenged to raise graduation rates and increase service to their students.
College Scheduler provides a web-based schedule planner for use by students
and advisors when planning for an upcoming term. Brett Conner with College
Scheduler will speak of the programs in place to support students with the
common goal of preparing them for their futures. Integrates with Banner,
Colleague, DegreeWorks & more! Used by 140+ institutions around the
country large & small.
Student Success
Help students graduate on time with Ellucian Degree Works™ Student
Tim Dawson (Ellucian)
Educational Planner
Many states now require students to develop an academic plan their first year
to help students minimize
excess credits and graduate on time. Join us to see how the Student
Educational Planner in Ellucian Degree
Works™ permits students and advisors to lay out a recommended sequence of
classes that is validated against
remaining program requirements.
Student Success
New Solutions for
Student Scheduling
Imagine a single solution that improves the student
Brett Conner
experience, academic advising, and increases credit hours. Many institutions (College Scheduler)
are challenged to raise graduation rates and increase service to their students.
College Scheduler provides a web-based schedule planner for use by students
and advisors when planning for an upcoming term. Brett Conner with College
Scheduler will speak of the programs in place to support students with the
common goal of preparing them for their futures. Integrates with Banner,
Colleague, DegreeWorks & more! Used by 140+ institutions around the
country large & small.
Student Success
Introducing Ellucian Pilot
Ellucian Pilot, part of a suite of Ellucian Enterprise CRM offerings, can help
Tim Dawson (Ellucian)
your institution improve your student success and retention efforts by
providing new capabilities across the full arc of the student experience. Join us
to hear how this new solution applies embedded analytics on key
performance indicators to drive personalized scorecards and dashboards,
automate and track engagement processes, and enable your institution to
make informed decisions about how to best support your students and
strengthen your programs.
Banner Workflow/.net
The application allows students, employees and affiliates to request keys
Matthew Wise
electronically. There is a front end the requestor uses and a Banner workflow and Dana Xiao
backend that Approvers, Key Control Staff and Locksmiths use to coordinate (University of Toledo)
their daily work. After a key is cut, the Requestor is sent an email informing
them their key is ready for pickup. The workflow incorporates logging, data
validation, html context parameters, workflow web services, workflow forms
and emailing.
Introducing Ellucian Elevate™ Join us to learn how Ellucian Elevate™, our new continuing education and
Jennifer Taylor
workforce development solution, helps streamline business processes,
increase learner engagement, facilitate growth for continuing education and
workforce development offerings, and provide deep integration into Banner®
by Ellucian.
Birds of a Feather
Come share your experiences!
Jennifer Taylor