resume - dthompson

David Thompson
Software Engineer
To acquire a software engineering position for the purpose of developing ethical
Free and Open Source software.
Work Experience
2014–Present Web Developer, Free Software Foundation, Boston, MA.
Web development for the advancement of the Free Software movement.
{ Helped migrate membership system from defunct in-house system
to CiviCRM.
{ Created new web interface for FSF members to manage their membership, payment, and contact information.
{ Created JavaScript-based web client for live streaming the LibrePlanet 2015 conference using Icecast’s JSON API and MithrilJS.
{ Improved central authentication system by contributing patches to
the rubycas-server project.
{ Created an SRT to WebVTT subtitle conversion tool in Guile Scheme
for use with HTML5 video.
{ Extended many Free Software web applications to meet foundation
requirements including CiviCRM, Drupal, Plone, MediaWiki, Piwik,
and GNU MediaGoblin.
{ Served as the Assistant Chief Webmaster of
{ Coordinated development efforts with volunteers worldwide.
{ Wrote and spoke about Free Software publicly on behalf of FSF.
B [email protected]
2012–2014 Web Developer, Vista Higher Learning, Boston, MA.
Ruby on Rails and AngularJS web development.
{ Worked in large Ruby (Rails) and JavaScript (AngularJS, JQuery)
codebase with thousands of active users on production servers.
{ Lead development on single-page JavaScript web applications using
{ Wrote extensive unit/integration tests for client and server-side code
using RSpec, Cucumber, and Jasmine.
{ Solved major performance problems via optimizing underperforming
database queries generated by ActiveRecord, using Ruby’s profiler
and qcachegrind to examine poorly performing code, using tcpdump/Wireshark to investigate low-level HTTP issues, and using
JMeter and PhantomJS for automated statistics gathering and stress
{ Worked on HTTP API microservice with Redis caching layer.
{ Helped integrate sitewide XMPP-based text/video chat system with
JavaScript client and specialized authentication backend.
{ Worked with team that highly values peer code review before applying patches.
2010–2012 Intern, Cyberonic Internet Communications, Worcester, MA.
Web development and GNU/Linux system administration.
{ Performed MySQL to PostgreSQL database migration for new customer management and billing system.
{ Administered Debian and CentOS production servers.
{ Developed a multi-location WiFi captive portal management web
application using PHP, JavaScript, and FreeRADIUS.
Free and Open Source Software Contributions
{ GNU Guix – core developer – Purely functional package manager, system
configuration tool, and GNU/Linux distribution written in Guile Scheme.
{ Sly – author – Game engine featuring live coding and functional reactive
programming written in Guile Scheme.
{ GNU Guile – contributor – Implementation of the Scheme programming
{ srt2vtt – author – SRT to WebVTT subtitle converter
{ KADE – contributor – Microcontroller firmware for arcade controllers.
2008–2012 Bachelor of Computer Science, Worcester State University,
Worcester, MA, 3.7 GPA.
Recipient of a 2012 Academic Achievement award
Member of Programming Team (2010-2012)
B [email protected]