Class –XII English - DTEA

Class –XII
I. Try this crossword
3 Not fully developed (8)
8 herb used in cookery (4)
9 list of ingredients (6)
10 female rabbit (3)
11 ball-point pen (4)
12 small restaurant (4)
14 _____ little pigs (KG rhyme) (5)
18 Move back in horror (6)
19 wooden hammer (6)
20 Body joint (5)
23 prop or support (4)
25 small bird (4)
26 not well (3)
27 Marlon _____ US actor (6)
28 woodwind instrument )4)
29 grotesque carved figure on roof gutter (8)
1 fast (5)
2 savage (9)
4 USA state (5)
5 sales representative (5)
6 below (5)
7 wind, rain etc. (8)
13 tunble (4)
15 centre of US film industry (9)
16 Robert ________, English poet (8)
17 leave out (4)
21 lazy person (5)
22 forbidden (5)
23 little (5)
24 South West English country (5)
II. The unintentional misuse of words which seem to have similar pronunciation out of confusion,
is called malapropism. Choose the right synonym of the following similar sounding words.
1. Complement
a) Expression of praise
b) duplicate copy
c) completion of count
d) cargo
2. Compliment
a) Flattering comment
b) expression of praise
c) strong force
d) group
3 Resource
a) Request
b) reserve source of supply
c) demand
d) origin
4 Recourse
a) Repetition
b) race track c) readily available
d) application for help
5 Tortuous
a) Rough
b) full of turns
c) burning
d) cruel
6 Torturous
a) Winding
b) morally irregular
c) painful
d) hot
7 Disquisition
a) Cross examination
b) unrest
c) mental inclination d) formal discourse
8 Inquisition
a) Punishment
b) long speech
c) thorough investigation
d) curiosity
9 Disport
a) To be wasteful
b) to get rid of
c) to brag
d) to amuse
10 Deport
a) To leave
b) to imprison
c) to banish
d) departure
11 Colloquy
a) Conference
b) file of papers
c) argument
d) lecture
12 Obloquy
a) Dispute
b) humility
c) abusive language
d) courtesy
13 Temporize
a) To deliver an unprepared speech
b) to pursue a policy of delay c) to harden
to be angry
14 Extemporize
a) To make on the spur of moment b) to honour c) to play
d) to talk endlessly
15 Hypercritical
a) Desperately ill
b) very witty c) insincere
d) excessively fault finding
16 Hypocritical
a) Fussy b) crucial
c) pertaining to one who professes to be what he is not
unduly harsh in judgments
17 Prescribe
a) To forbid
b) to order
c) to limit
d) to explain
18 Proscribe
a) To protect
b) to announce
c) to command
d) to prohibit
19 Conscript
a) Compulsorily enrolled recruit
b) reproduction in writing
c) prisoner
enclosed area
20 Transcript
a) Alteration
b) information or news
c) copy
d) going across
III. Read News paper daily and write about any 2 social issues and any 2 political issues.
IV. Prepare PPT Presentations/ Motion pictures? Animated pictures on the following topics
1. A day in a slum
2. Child Labour
Script a play in about 30 minutes with 3 to 5 scenes on any Social issue/ political
event/ any interesting incident involving approximately 12-15 characters.
V. You are Suraj/ Sonakshi of sec. 12. R.K. Puram, New Delhi. You write a letter to the Editor of
The Hindustan Times, about 1) the increased burglary and chain snatching incidents in your
2) Write a letter to the Editor on frequent road accidents. ( Use the mentioned addresses)
VI. Make a poster on the topics: ‘ Clean Delhi; Green Delhi’
‘ Girls are Pearls’
‘ Anti Smoking campaign’
‘Importance of Books’
‘Save water, the elixir of life’
VII. Write articles on the following topics:
1. Child labour
2. Roll of discipline
3. Cyber bullying
4. Avalanche swept away many Everest climbers
VIII. Write a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly on the following topics. You are
Manish/ Manisha, class XII student.
1. Benefits of outdoor games
2. Yoga, the internal cleanser
IX. Prepare debate on the following topics for the zonal competitions. You are abc, a class XII
1. Which one is better- Studying in the early morning hours or burning midnight oils
2. Learning depending on Guru or Google
X. Prepare an invitation for
1. Golden Jubilee celebrations for your school
2. Your parents 25thwedding anniversary
XI. Write a Factual Description on your visit to your favourite place.
XII. Learn two words each day (52 days; 104 words) and make your own handmade pocket
1.Derive the expression for the energy stored in a parallel plate capacitor of capacitance C
with air as medium between its plates having charges Q and — Q. Show that this energy
can be expressed in terms of electric field as 1/2εₒE²Ad where A is the area of each
plate and d is the separation between the plates.
How will the energy stored in a fully charged capacitor change when the separation
between the plates is doubled and a dielectric medium of dielectric constant 4 is
introduced between the plates ?
2.Define the term dipole moment of an electric dipole indicating its direction. Write
its SI unit.
An electric dipole p is placed in a uniform electric field E. Deduce the expression for
the torque acting on it. In a particular situation, it has its dipole moment aligned with
the electric field. Is the equilibrium stable or unstable?
3. Derive a mathematical expression for resistivity of a conductor in terms of number
density of charge carries in the conductor and relaxation time.
4.On what principle does a metre bridge work ? Draw a circuit diagram and explain how
this device can be used for determination of an unknown resistance.
5. A spherical Gaussian surface encloses a charge of 0.885nC.
(i) Calculate the electric flux passing through the surface.
(ii) How would the flux change if the radius of the Gaussian surface is doubled and
why ?
6.Is the force acting between two point electric charges q1 and q2 kept at some distance
apart in air, attractive or repulsive when (i) q1q2 > 0 (ii) q1q2 > 0 ?
7.A charged particle of charge 2μC and mass 10mg moving with velocity of 1000m/s enters a
uniform electric field of strength 1000N/C directed perpendicular to its direction of motion.
Find the velocity and displacement of particle after 10s?
8.A capacitor of unknown capacitance is connected across a battery of V volts. The charge
stored in it is 360μC.When potential across the capacitor is reduced by 120V,the charge stored
in it becomes 120μC.Calculate(i)potential and unknown C (ii)What will be the charge stored in
the capacitor, if the voltage applied had increased by 120V? [180V,2μC,600μC]
9.A capacitor is charged with a battery and then its plate separation is increased without
disconnecting the battery. What will be the change in (a)charge stored in the
capacitor?(b)energy stored in the capacitor?(c)potential difference across the plates of the
capacitor?(d)electric field between the plates of the capacitor?
10.A potentiometer wire of length 1m has a resistance of 10Ω.It is connected to 6V battery in
series with resistance of 5Ω.Determine the emf of primary cell which gives a balance point at
11.A cell of emf E and internal resistance r is connected across a variable load resistor .Draw
the plots of terminal voltage versus (i)R (ii)current I.
It is found that when R=4Ω,the current is 1A and when R is increased to 9Ω,the current reduces
to 0.5A. Find the values of the emf E and r.
12.Two capacitors of unknown capacitances C1 and C2 are connected first in series and then in
parallel across a battery of 100V. If energy stored in the two combinations is 0.045 J and 0.25 J,
determine C1and C2. Also calculate the charge on each capacitor in parallel combination.
13.Explain, using suitable diagrams, the difference in the behaviour of a (i) conductor and (ii)
dielectric in the presence of external electric field. Define the terms polarization of a dielectric
and write its relation with susceptibility.
14. A thin metallic spherical shell of radius R carries a charge Q on its surface. A point charge
Q/2 is placed at its centre C and other charge +2Q is placed outside the shell at a distance x
from the centre marked. Find (i) force on charge at the centre of shell and at point A,(ii) the
electric flux through the shell.
15. With a certain resistance in the left gap of slide wire metre bridge, the balance point is
obtained when a resistance of 10Ω is taken out from resistance box. On increasing the resistance
from resistance box by 12.5Ω, the balance point shifts by 20cm. Find the unknown resistance.
16.Is a wire carrying current charged?
17. How is current kept continuous inside a conductor?
18.Two wires of equal lengths,one of Cu and other is manganin have same resistance. Which
wire is thicker?
19.Plot graph showing variation of resistance of a conducting wire as a function of its radius,
keeping the length of wire and its temperature as constant
20. Two wires of the same material having lengths in the ratio 1:2 and diameters in 2:3 are
connected in series with accumulator. Compute the ratio of p.d. across wires.
21.The current I flows through a wire of radius r and the free electrons drift with velocity vd.
What is the drift velocity of electrons through a wire of same material but having double the
radius, when a current 2I flows through it?
22.Three materials A, Band C have electrical conductivities σ,2σ and 2σ. Their number densities
of free electrons are n, 2n and n. For which material, is the average collision time of free
electrons maximum?
23.Explain with the help of graph, the variation of conductivity with temperature for metallic
24.The lengths and radii of three wires of same metal are in the ratios 2:3:4 and 3:4:5.They are
joined in parallel and included in a circuit having 5 A current. Find current in each wire.
[1.4A, 1.66A , 1.94A]
25 (a) In a potentiometer experiment, why is it necessary to (i) use a long wire,(ii) have uniform
area of cross-section of the wire and (iii) use a driving cell whose emf is taken to be greater than
the emfs of primary cells?
(b) If the area of the cross-section of the wire increases uniformly from one end to other, draw a
graph showing how potential gradient would vary as the length of the wire increases from one
NOTE: Do all NCERT solved and exercise chapter 1 to 3.
Solitd state
1.Exercise questions: Page30-33, Q.No. 1.1 to 1.26
2. Intext and example questions
1.Exercise questions:Page 59-62, Q.No.2.1 to 2.41
2. Intext and example questions
Unit-3 Electrochemistry
1.Exercise questions:Page91 -92,Q.No 3.1-3.18(Topics covered)
2.Intext and example questions
Extra Questions:
1. What are colloids?
2. How are colloids classified on the basis of (a)dispersed phase and dispersion
medium(b)interaction between dispersed phase and dispersion medium
3. Distinguish between Lyophillic and Lyophobic colloids with examples.
Computer Science
Q.1. State in your own words, the meaning of following terms :
(i) Class
(ii) Method
(iii) field(data member)
(iv) object.
Q.2. Suppose a class to define as follows :
Class Dog
private :
Char name[is];
Int legs;
Public :
Void input( )
Char * getname()
return name ; }
return legs; }
(a) How many fields does the class Dog have ?
(b) How many methods does the class Dog have ?
(c) Write statement to print the name and the number of legs of a dog object named
Q.3.Differentiate between protected and private members.
Q.4. What do you understand by a class in C++ ?
Q.5. Define a class BOOK with the following specification :
Private members of the class BOOK are
integer type
20 characters
float(price per copy)
A function to calculate the total cost for N number of copies,
Where N is passed to the function as argument
Public members of the class BOOK are
Funtion to read BOOK_NO, BOOK_TITLE, PRICE
Function to ask the user to input the number of copies to be
Purchased. It invokes TOTAL_COST() and prints the total coast
To be paid by the user.
Note: You are also required to give detailed function definitions.
Q.6. Define a class student with the following specifications:
Private members of class student
20 character
A function to calculate eng + science with float return type
Public member functions of class student
function to accept values for admno, sname, eng, math,
Science and invoke ctotal() to calculate total.
function to display all the data members on the screen.
Q.7. Define a class student for the following specifications.
Private members of the student are:
roll_no integer
name array of characters of size 20
class_st array of characters of size 8
marks array of integers of size 5
percentage float
calculate that calculates overall percentage marks and returns the percentage
public members of the student are:
readmarks reads marks and invokes the calculate function
displaymarks prints the data.
Q.8. Define a class Serial in C++ with the following specifications :
Private members of class serial
20 character
Public member function of class Serial
A constructor function to initialize Duration as 30 and Noofepisodes as
Newserial() function to accept values for serialcode and Title.
Otherentries() function to assign the values of Duration and
With the help of corresponding values passed as parameters to this
Dispdata() function to display all the data members on the screen.
Q1) Calculate interest on drawings to be charged from partners in the following cases:
a) P&Q are partners in a firm. P draws Rs 5,000 pm and Q draws Rs 50,000 for personal use.
Interest on drawings is to be charged @5%pa
b) X and Y are partners in a firm. X withdraws Rs 10,000 at the end of every month and Y
draws Rs40,000 at the beginning of every Qtr. Interest is charged on [email protected] 10%
c) X,Y and Z are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2:1. Y draws Rs1500 at
the middle of every month for 4 months ending on 30th April 2009. Interest on drawings is
to be charged @ 8%pa
d) A and B are partners in a firm. A withdraws the following amounts during the year:
Jan 31st 8000
Apr 1st 7000
Jun 15th 10,000
Sep 30th 6,000
Dec 31st 6,000
Interest on drawings is to be charged @ 10%pa
a) Interest on drawing P-Rs1500, R Rs1250
b) Interest on drawings X Rs12,000 Y Rs16,000
c) Interest on Y;s drawings Rs80
d) Interest on A;s Drawings Rs1950
Q2) Josh and Krish are partners sharing Profits and losses in the ratio of 3:1.There capitals at the
end of the financial year 05-06 were Rs1,50,000 and Rs1,75,000. During the year 05-06 Josh’s
drawing were Rs20,000 and Krish’s drawing were Rs5,000 which had been duly debited to
partners’ capital account. Profit before charging Interest on capital for the year was Rs16,000. The
same had also been distributed in there profit sharing ratio. Krish had brought additional capital of
Rs16,000 on Oct 1st 2005. Calculate interest on Capital @ 12% pa for the year 05-06
Ans2) Interest on Capital Kosh Rs18,960, Krish Rs8160.
Q3) A and B are partners in a firm. On 1st April 2009 a Invested Rs1,00,000 initially but withdraws
Rs20,00 at the end of 4 months and further withdraws Rs10,000 at the end of 9 months. B
invested Rs80,000 initially and introduced Rs40,000 at the end of 6 months and further withdraws
Rs 30,000 at the end of 10 months. Calculate interest of Capital @6%pa
Ans3) Interest on capital A 5050, B 5700
Q4) X Y and Z are partners sharing Profits and losses in the ration of 2:2:1. X and Y are entitled to a
salary of Rs30,000 and Rs20,000 and Z is entitled to a commission of 10% on the net profit. Net
profit before charging salary and commission is rs1,20,000. Distribute profit among the partners.
Ans4) Divisible profit Rs58,000
Q5) P, Q and R are partners sharing profits and losses in the ration of 5:3:2. They earned profit of
Rs 4,00,000 during year ended 31st Mar2010. P is entitled to a salary of Rs10,000. Q is entitled to a
salary of Rs20,000 and commission @ 10% on profit after deduction of expenses on it. R is entitled
to a commission of 10% on the profit after charging such commission from it. Distribute profits
among the partners.
Ans5) Divisible profit Rs3,02,727
Q6) A and B are partners sharing profits and losses in the ration of 3:2. On Jan 1st 2010 there
capitals stood at Rs70,000 and Rs60,000. On April 1st 2010 A and B granted loan of Rs30,000 and Rs
40,000 to the firm. Show distribution of profits among the partners if:
a) Profits of the firm for the year ending 31st Dec2010 are Rs5,000
b) Profits of the firm for the year ending 31st Dec2010 are Rs 3,000
a) Divisible profit Rs1850
b) Loss 150
Q7) A and B are partners sharing profits and losses in the ration of 2:3. On 1st Jan 2005 there
capitals stood at Rs1,80,000 and Rs1,50,000. They agreed out of profits:
a) A and B should receive salary of Rs 1,000 pm and Rs 8,000 pa
b) Interest on capital. should be allowed @ 5%pa on partners’ capital
c) Interest will be charged on drawing @6%pa
d) B should be given commission @3% on turnover
A’s and B’s drawings during the year were Rs15,000 and Rs12,000. Turover for the year 2006 was
Rs1,50,000. Profits for the year ended 31st Dec2006 were Rs90,000 . prepare profit and loss
appropriation account and partners’ capital account
Ans7) Divisible profit Rs49,810, Balance of capital A Rs2,05,474: R- Rs 1,87,526
Q8) Partnership agreement between X and Y provide that:
a) Profits will be shared equally
b) X will be allowed a salary of Rs400 pm
c) Y will be allowed a commission equal to 10% of the net profits, after allowing salary to X
d) 7% interest wuill be allowed on Partner fixed capital
e) 5% interest will be charged on Partners annual drawings
f) The fixed capital of X and Y are Rs1,00,000 and Rs80,000. There annual drawings were
Rs16,000 and Rs14,000. The net profit for the year ending 31st Mar 2006 was Rs40,000.
Prepare Profit and Loss appropriationaccount.
And8) Divisible profit Rs20,580
Q9) A ,B C are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 2:2:1. On Jan1st 2008 there
capitals stood at Rs2,50,000, Rs1,50,000 and Rs1,00,000. For the year 2008 interest on Capital was
credited to them @5%pa instead of 6%pa. Give the adjusting journal entry
And9) Credit A account R500, Debit B ac/s byRs500
Q10) X,Y and Z are partners in a firm. Interest on capital @ 5% pa was wrongly credited to the
accounts of partners for 2 years ended 31st Dec 2008 and 31st dec2009 as there was no provision in
the partnership deed for interest on Capital.
Fixed capital of the partners were A Rs 1,00,000 B Rs80,000, C rs80,000. During the year 2008
partners shared Profits and Losses in the ration of 5:4:1 and during the year 2009 Profit sharing
ratio was 6:3:1. Pass necessary adjustment entry.
Ans10) Debit Z by Rs5400, Credit Z Current a/c by Rs4300 and Y Current a/c by Rs1100
Q11) Nusrat Sonu and Himesh aree partners sharing profits and losses in the ration of 5:3:2 . the
partnership deed provides for charging interest on drawings @10% pa. The drawings of Nusrat
Sonu and Hi8mesh during the year ending Dec2009 amounted to Rs20,000, Rs15,000 and
Rs10,000. After the final accounts have been prepared, it was discovered that interest on drawing
has not been taken into consideration. Give necessary Journal entry.
Ans11) Debit Sonu capital a/s Rs75, and Himesh Capital a/s by Rs50, Credit Nusrat capital a/s by
Q12) Amar Karan and Amit are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2:1. Amit is
guaranteed by the firm that his share of profit in any year will not be less than Rs30,000. Profits
for the year ending 31st Dec2010 were Rs66,000. Prepare Profit and Loss appropriation account.
Ans12) Deficiency borne by Amar Rs11,400, By Karan Rs7,600.
Q13) P, Q and R are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 2:2:1. R;s share of Profit is
guaranteed to be not less than Rs40,000. Q gives guaranteed to the effect that the fee earned by
him will not be less than Rs65,000. Profits for the firm were Rs95,000. Actual fees earned by Q for
the firm was Rs40,000. Prepare Profit and Loss appropriation account.
Ans13) Deficiency borne by P Rs8,000, By Q Rs8,000.
Q1. On April 1st,2008 an existing firm has assets Rs 75,000 including cash of Rs5,000. The partners’
capital account showed a balance of Rs 60,000 and reserves constituted the rest. If the normal rate
of return is 20% and the goodwill of the firm is valued at Rs 24,000 at 4years purchase of super
normal profits, find the average profits of the firm.
Ans1) Avg Profits Rs24000, Super profit Rs9,000,Goodwill Rs18,000
Q2. The following were the profits of the firm for the last three years.
Year of Ending
31st March
Profits (Rs)
4,00,000 (including abnormal gain of Rs 50,000)
5,00,000 (after charging abnormal loss of Rs 1,00,000)
4,50,000 (excluding Rs 50,000 payable on the insurance of plant and machinery)
Calculate the value of firm’s goodwill on the basis of 2 years purchase of the average profit for the
last three years.
Q3. The capital of the firm of A and B is Rs 1,00,000 and the market rate of interest is 15%. Annual
salary to partners is Rs6,000 each. The profits for the last three years were Rs 30,000; Rs 36,000;
and Rs 42,000 . Goodwill is to be valued at 2 years purchase of the last 3 years average profits.
Calculate the goodwill of the firm.
Ans3) Normal Profit Rs15,000,Suprer Profit 6,000, Avg Profit Rs21,000
Q4) From the information given below, calculate the value of goodwill by super profit method:
a) Avg capital employed in the business is Rs 18,00,000
b) Net trading profits of the firm of the past three years were Rs 3,22,800; Rs 2,72,100; Rs
c) Rate of interest expected from capital having regard to the risk involved is 12%
d) Fair remuneration to the partners for their services Rs 36,000 pa, not charged Profit and
Loss account so far.
Ans4) Actual Profit Rs 13,50,000, Avg Profit Rs4,50,000, Goodwil Rs9,00,000
Q5) In a partnership firm assets are Rs5,00,000 and Liabilities are Rs2,00,000. The normal profit
rate is 15%. State the amount of Normal Profits.
Q6) State the amount of goodwill, if the goodwill is valued on the basis of 2yrs purchase of last
year’sprofit. Profit for the last year was Rs 20,000.
Q7) A firm has earned an avg profit of Rs55,000 during last years and the normal rate of return in
similar type of business is 10%. Find out the goodwill by capitalization method assuming that the
firm owns the total assets worth Rs5,50,000 including a goiodwill of Rs50,000 and the firm has to
pay Rs1,00,000 towards outside liabilities.
Ans7) Goodwill Rs1,50,000
Q1) What is meant by change in profit sharing ratio among the existing partners?
Q2) Who should compensate whom in case of change in profit sharing ratio of existing partners.
Q3) When there is a change in profit sharing ratio among the existing partners, does it require
revaluation of assets and reassessment of liabilities?
Q4) Anand, Bhutani and Chadda are sharing profits in the ratio 3:2:1. On 15th Apr 2007 they
decided to share profits equally. Name the partners who are gaining as a consequence of such
Q5) A,B and C are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2:1. C is facing acute financial difficulties
and it is now agreed that they will share the future profits equally. You are required to identify the
virtues involved in the change in profit sharing ratio.
Q6) P,Q and R are partners sharing profits equally. They decided that in future R will get i/5 th share
in profits and remaining profits will be shared by P and Q equally. On the day of change, firm’s
goodwill is valued at Rs30,000. Give journal entries arising on account of change in profit sharing
Ans6) P debit Rs2,000, Q debit Rs2,000, R credit Rs4,000
Q1. A and B were partners in a firm sharing profits and losses in the ratio 3:1. They admitted C as
new partner for 10% share in the profits and losses. Calculate the new profit sharing ratio between
A, B and C.
Ans1) New Ratio : 27:9:4
Q2. L and M are partners in a firm sharing profits and losses in the ratio 7:3. They admitted N for
3/7 share which he takes 2/7 from L and 1/7 from M. calculate the new profit sharing ratio.
Ans2)New Ratio 29:11:30
Q3. Anu and Hema are partners in a firm sharing profits as 2:3. A new partner Kavita is admitted.
Anu surrenders 1/5 of her share and Hema surrenders 2/5 of her share in favor of kavita. Calculate
new Profit sharing Ratio.
Ans3)New Ratio 8:9:8
Q4. A and B are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 4:3. C is admitted as partner hence, new
profit sharing ratio is 3:2:1. Find out the sacrificing ratio.
Ans4) Sacrificing Ratio between A&B 3:4
Q5. A and B are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2.They admitted C for 1/4th share. A and B
decided to share future profits equally. Calculate new ratio and sacrificing ratio.
Ans5) New Ratio 3:3:2, Sacrificing Ratio 9:1
Q6. Piyush and Deepika are partners sharing profits in ratio 7:3.They admitted Seema as a new
partner, paying Rs4,000 as premium for 1/5th share, the new ratio being 5:3:2. Pass journal entries.
Q7. A and B are partners in a firm sharing profit and loss in the ratio of 3:2. They admitted C into
partnership for 1/3rd share in profits. C brings capital of Rs 20,000.Goodwill is valued at Rs
1,50,000. Show entries in the following case:
Goodwill does not appear in the books.
Goodwill appears in the books at Rs 9,000.
Q8. A and B are partners sharing profits equally. They admitted C into partnership. C pays only Rs
1,000 for premium out of his share of Rs 1,800 for 1/4th share in profit. Goodwill account appears
in the books at Rs6,000. All the partners have decided that goodwill should not appear in the new
firms’s books.
Give the necessary journal entries.
Q9) A&B are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 5:4. They admit C into partnership for 1/4 th
share. C is unable to bring his share of goodwill in cash. The goodwill of the firm is valued at
Rs21,000. Give Journal entry for the treatment of goodwill on C’s admission.
Q10) Deepak and Ganesh were partners in a firm sharing profits in 4:3 Ratio. They admitted Gogoi
into partnership who has won a gold medal in the world boxing meet for 20% share in the profits.
Gogoi acquired his share of profits in the ratio of 1:2 from Deepak and Ganesh:
a) Identify the value in admitting Mr Gogoi into partnership
b) Calculate the new profit sharing ratio of the partners.
Business Studies
Q1) List any two organizational objective of management?
Q2) In order to be successful, an organization must change its goals according to the needs of the
environment. Which characteristic of management is highlighted in the statement?
Q3) Name the level of management involved in:
a) Overseeing the activities of workers
b) Taking key decisions
Q4) Ankit Enterprise ltd manufactures tea. The production department produces more tea than
required and sales department is not able to sell total production. What quality of management
do you think the company is lacking?
Q5) Name the level of management the following Posts belong to:
a) Purchase manager
b) CEO
Q6) What is meant by efficiency? Name the values which an organization inculcated among its
employees when it promotes efficiency.
Q7) ABC Ltd is leading automobile companies in which various departments are setting up their
own objectives without paying any interest to the organization objectives. Name the values which
are ignored by the departmental heads and the impact of it on the organization.
Q8) A petrol pump needs to be managed as much as a hospital. Which characteristic of
management is highlighted?
Q9) Which dimension of management deals with translation of work into action?
Q10) Mc Donald’s the fast food chain made major change in its menu to be able to survive in the
Indian Market. Which characteristic of management is highlighted in the given statement?
Q10) Soumya believes that the five functions of management that is planning, organizing, staffing,
directing and controlling are needed in sports club, hospitals, schools etc. as they are not run on
commercial bases:
a) Do you agree with Soumya?
b) Identify and explain the feature of management ignored in the given case
Q11) An international cloth manufacturing company requires less labor hours and inputs to
manufacture its products as compared to its competitors. However the company always fails to
achieve its target production:
a) Do you think company is effective and efficient in its working?
b) Can be the company be successful in the long run
Q1) Prince, the manager of a business undertaking, is very lax with his fellow employees and
subordinates. He does not give them parameters or rules for reporting to work and completion of
assignments. Which principle of management is overlooked?
Q2) “Workers should be encouraged to develop and carry out their plans for development”.
Identify the principles of management formulated by Fayol.
Q3) “A Manager should replace “I” with “We” in all his conversation with workers to foster team
spirit”. Identify the principles of management emphasized here.
Q4) Why does the principle of Unity of command not hold good in case of Functionalforemanship?
Q5) Which principle of management aims at securing the loyalty and devotion of employees by
giving them kind, fair and just treatment? Explain the principle with suitable example.
Q6) What are the adverse effects if the following principles are violated:
a) Unity of direction
b) Remuneration of employees
c) Order
Q7) What are the benefits of following principles:
a) Subordination of individual interest with general interest
b) Discipline
c) Division of work
Q8) Which principle of management is violated if:
a) A single employees performs a variety of tasks
b) There is imbalance between an employee’s power and duties
c) Employers do not respect agreements and honor commitments
d) Employees pursue different objects under different plans
e) Large scale organizations retain all authority at top level
Q9) What did Taylor want to communicate thru mental revolution?
Q10) Nikita and Salman completed their MBA and started working in a Multinational company at
the same level. Both are working hard and are happy with theiremployer. Salman had the habit of
back biting and wrong reporting about his colleagues to impress his boss. All the employees in the
organization knew about it. At the time of performance appraisal the performance of Nikita was
judged better than Salman. Even then there boss, Md Sharif decided to promote Salman stating
that being a female Nikita will not be able to handle the complications of a higher post:
a) Identify and explain the principle of management which was not followed by this MNC.
b) Identify the values which are being ignored quoting the lines of above Para.
Q1) Demand for Sarees may be high in India, where as it is almost nil in France. Which feature of
management if highlighted in this point?
Q2) Define environmental scanning.
Q3) Distinguish between economic and social environment of business?
Q4) Define Privatization as a process of economic reforms briefly.
Q5) Why is it said that Business environment is a relative concept?
Q6) Banking Sector reforms have led to easier credit terms and better services. This is an example
of a Key component of business environment. Name the component.
Q7) ABC Ltd , A book publishing house published books on various subjects based on CCE pattern
before any publishing house could print it. What advantages will this publishing house get?
Q8) Sures, a manager of a firm always takes into account the changes taking place in business
environment while determining plans. He accepts changes readily and gives useful suggestion to
the superior. He enjoys cordial relations with his coworkers and makes plans in consultation with
his team to achieve his organization goals:
a) Why is it important to analyze business environment
b) Which values are exhibited by Suresh
Q9) An organization manufacturing paints has been enjoying a prominent market position since
many years. It has been dumping it untreated poisonous waste on the river bank which has
created many health problems for the nearby villages:
a) Explain the related environmental dimension
b) Which values have been overlooked by manufacturer
Q10) AnAmerican shoe manufacturing company launched a new range of foot ware with imprints
of Indian Lords. The Indian community was full of anger to see the imprints of there lords on foot
ware. Which dimension of business environment is highlighted in the given case? Which values are
been ignored by the company.
Q1-Explain two properties of PPC.
Q2- Explain consumers equilibrium using :
One commodity.
Two commodity.
Q3- Explain any properties of I C analysis.
Q4-How price of a related goods affects demand for a commodity?
Q5-How income of a commodity affects demand for a commodity?
Q6-Explain six factors affecting price elasticity of demand.
Q7-Explain Law of variable proportions with the help of a graph.
Q8-Explain the concept of Explicit cost and Implicit cost giving examples.
Q9-Explain the conditions of producers equilibrium through the MR and MC approach.
Use diagram.
Q10-Explain consumers equilibrium using I C analysis. Use diagram.
Q11-Complete all the numericals from the topic ‘price elasticity of demand” given on page
no :-351 to 363 .{ T.R. JAIN}
Q12- Complete all the numericals from the topic “concept of cost” given on page no :-367
to 371. { T.R. JAIN}
Q.1. Which protocolis used for the transfer of hyper text documents on the internet ?
Q.2. Which transmission medium should be used to transfer data across two continents at very
Q.3. Which of the following software are openSource:
Linux, MS Windows 7, Photoshop, MySql
Q.4. Distinguish between Open Source Software and Proprietory software with reference to
customizability of the software.
Q.5. Name any four Indian scripts included in Unicode.
Q.6. Name the device which is used to regenerate data and voice signals.
Q.7. Name the device which handles the connection between two or more networks which may
Different protocols.
Q.8. AmitNagpal says that the following numbers indicate an address:
What is the above address called ? To Which objective/device is it assigned ?
Q.9. Write one snooping method used by hackers/crackers.
Q.10. What is topology ?
Q.11. Explian the two network addressing system.
Q.12. Explian the following abbreviations :
(i) OSS
(ii) GNU
(iii) W3C
(iv) FOSS
Q.13. What is the full form of WAN ?
Q.14. Explain the following:
(i) Hub
(ii) Intrusion problems
Q.15. Explian the function of a Modem.
Q.1. Make a project on High technology industries located in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai
(Three from each
matripolitan city).
Define the term high technology .
Collect complete information on it.
Paste pictures relevant to the topic.
Products manufacture in these industries.
Use colourful and attractive handmade folder.
Q.2. On the outline political map of the world locate the following:
(i) Area of Nomadic herding
(ii) Area of intensive subsistence agriculture
(iii) Area of dairy farming
(iv) Major sea ports – Valparaso,Rio Dejaneiro Perth, Sydney,
York,Mumbai,New Orleans,Voncouven,London, Shanghai,Yokahana.
Q.3. (a) Findout the activities of BPO.
(b) Describe the nature of work against each
1. Google search and find information to prepare a project report on any one of the
following topics:
a) The Harappan Civilisation
b) Mahabharata
c) Buddhism and Jainism
d) Travellers of Medieval India
e) The Vijayanagara Empire
f) The Mughal Emperors in India.
g) The Revolt of 1857
Note for Q1 : A4 Size file and sheets to be used. Project should be of 22 to 25 pages
2. Make a time line chart of :
- Ancient Indian history
- Medieval Indian history
- Modern Indian history
Note for Q2 : To be done in history notebook
3. Map Work
Book 1
a) P-2: Mature Harappan sites: Harappa, Banawali, Kalibangan, Balakot,
Rakhigadi, Dholavira, Nageshwar, Lothal, Mohenjodaro, Chanhudaro, Kot
b) P-30. Mahajanapada and cities :Vajji, Magadha, Koshala, Kuru, Panchala,
Gandhara, Avanti, Rajgir, Ujjain, Taxila, Varanasi.
c) P-33. Distribution of Ashokan inscriptions :
a. Kushans, Shakas, Satvahana, Vakatakas, Guptas
b. Cities/towns : Mathura, Kanauj, Puhar, Brahukachchha
c. Pillar inscriptions - Sanchi, Topra, Meerut, Pillar, Kaushambi.
d. Kingdom of Cholas, Keralaputras and Pandyas.
d) P-43. Important kingdoms and towns :
e) Kushans, Shakas, Satvahana, Vakarakas, Guptas
f) Cities/towns:Mathura,Kanauj,Puhar,Brahukachchha,Shrivasti,Rajgir,Vaishali,
g) P-95. Major Buddhist Sites : Nagarjunakonda, Sanchi, Amaravati, Lumbini,
Nasik, Bharhut, BodhGaya, Shrivasti, Ajanta.
Book 2
h) P-174. Bidar, Golconda, Bijapur, Vijayanagar, Chandragiri, Kanchipuram,
i) Thanjavur, Kolar, Tiruneveli,Quilon
j) P-214. Territories under Babur, Akbar and Aurangzeb : Delhi, Agra, Panipat,
Amber, Ajmer, Lahore, Goa.
Book 3
k) P-297. Territories/cities under British Control in 1857 : Punjab, Sindh,
Bombay, Madras, Fort St. David, Masulipatnam, Berar, Bengal, Bihar, Orissa,
Avadh, Surat, Calcutta, Dacca, Chitagong, Patna, Benaras, Allahabad and
l) P-305. Main centres of the Revolt : Delhi, Meerut, Jhansi, Lucknow, Kanpur,
Azamgarh, Calcutta, Benaras, Jabalpur, Agra.
m) P-305. Important centres of the National Movement: Champaran, Kheda,
Ahmedabad, Benaras, Amritsar, Chauri Chaura, Lahore, Bardoli, Dandi,
Bombay(Quit India Resolution), Karachi.
Note for Q3 : To be done and pasted in history notebook