Class XII

1. You are Keshav/Kareena, a social worker and counselor.You are concerned about the stressed
behavior of both parents and students during the time of examination .Write an article in 150-200 words
to be published in local daily on „supportive parents and stress free students ‟ giving ideas to enhance
healthy and meaningful parent –ward rapport and for making the atmosphere relaxed and encouraging
during examination time.
2.You are Raja/Rani sports teacher of Shyamala Memorial Hall,Trivandrum. After watching the recent
sports events in which quite a few players sustained injuries ,you decide to address your school students
on the importance of maintaining physical fitness along with a sound mind.Wirte the speech in 150-200
3.You are Anil/Anu Sharma ,PET of KLM public school Ambala. Last month you placed on order for the
supply of a few sports goods with messes pioneer sports,Meeru on receiving the supply you found that
some items were short in number while some others were defective.Write a letter of complaint to the
supplier detailing all the shortages and defects.
4.You are Keshav/Kareena,Seceratry,interact club,Vidhapeet Bengaluru.Draft a notice in not more than
50 words to be put on your school notice board, asking all the which members and the other students to
join a walk on the world diabetes day to create an awakening among people about diabetes.
5.You are Keshav/Kareena,interested in purchasing a house in Bengaluru. Draft in not more than 50
words an advertisement to be published in the classified column of a local daily giving the details of your
requirement6.Design a poster for a play being staged in yours school for raising funds to help earthquake victims.
7.You want a let out your newly constructed flat in the heart of the city. Draft an advertisement in not
more than 50 words to be published in Delhi times
8.You are general manager ,hotel Taj new delhi .You need a lady office assistant with sound knowledge
of computer . She must be a graduate and good in communication skills with pleasing manners. Draft an
advertisement in not more than 50 words to be published in Delhi times
Q.1 Why is Frenkel defect defect not found in pure alkali metal halides?
Q.2 Although Si is an insulator, then how does it behave as semiconductor upon heating ?
Q.3 In the mineral ‘Spinel’ having the formula , MgAl2 O4 oxide ions are in ccp arrangement,
(a) What percentage of tetrahedral void is occupied by Mg2 + ions?
(b) What percentage of octahedral void is occupied by Al 3+ ions ?
Q.5 A compound is formed by two elements M and N. The element N forms ccp structure and
atoms of M occupy 1/ 3rd of tetrahedral voids. What is the formula of the compound ?
Q.6 Ionic solids, which have anionic vacancies due to metal excess defect develop colour.
Explain with the help of a suitable example.
Q.7 The edge length of unit cell of a metal having molecular weight 75g/mol is 5A which
crystallises in cubic lattice. If the density is 2 gcm−3 ,then find the radius of the metal
atom( N =6 x 1023) . Give the answer in pm.
Q.8 How will you distinguish between the following?
(i) Hexagonal close packing and cubic close packing.
(ii) Crystal lattice and unit cell.
(iii) Tetrahedral void and octahedral void.
Q.9 (i) What type of substances exhibit antiferromagentism?
(ii) How does doping of NaCl with SrCl2 changes its structure?
(iii) Some of the glass objects recovered from ancient monuments look milky instead of being
Q.12 (a) Explain the following giving suitable examples :
(i) Mode of conduction in n −type semiconductors and p −type semiconductors.
(ii) Anisotropy in crystalline solids.
(b) Calculate the packing fraction in fcc structures.
(c) In terms of band theory, what is the difference between a conductor and an insulator?
Q.1 Why 1M aqueous solution of a solute is more concentrated than the 1m aqueous solution of
same solute?
Q.2 Why ethyl alcohol and water cannot be separated into pure components by fractional
Q.3 The V.P. of pure water at 20 C is 17.5mm of Hg. A solution of sucrose is prepared by
dissolving 68.4g of sucrose in 1000g of water. Calculate the V.P. of the solution.
Q.4 On mixing chloroform and acetone, a reduction in total volume occurs. What type of
deviations from ideal behavior for solutions is shown in this case and why?
Q.5 Addition of Hgl2 to aq. KI solution shows an increase in V.P. why?
Q.6 Why do aquatic species feel more comfortable in the lakes in winter than in summer?
Q.7 (a) Which aqueous solution has higher concentration 1 molar or 1 molar solution of the same
solute? Give reason.
(b) 0.5g KCI was dissolved in 100g water and the solution originally at 20 C, froze at
−24 C.Calculate the percentage ionisation of salt. f K per 1000g of water =1.86 K.
Q.8 4% NaOH and 6% urea (both w/r) are equimolar but not isotonic. Explain.
Q.9 Arrange the following in increasing order of freezing point :
0.2 M NaOH, 0.2 M Na2 CO3 , 0.1 M AgNO 3,0.1M (NH4 )2SO4.
Q.10 A 0.1539 molar aqueous solution of cane sugar (mol. mass =342gmol-1)has an f .pt .of
271K.What will be f .pt . Of an aqueous solution containing 5g of glucose(molar mass =180g
mol-1) per 100g of solution? ( f .pt .of H2O=273.15K)
Q.1 Find the charge in coulombs on 1g-ion N-3.
Q.2 Why blocks of Mg are often strapped to steel hulls of ocean going shifts?
Q.3 (a) Calculate the standard free energy change for the following reaction at 250C:
Au(s) + Ca2+ (aq 1M) Au3+ (aq 1M) + Ca(s)
E °Au/ Au3+ = +1.50V
; E° Ca/ Ca2+ = -2.87V
Predict whether the reaction will be spontaneous or not at 25°C.
(b) The conductivity of 0.001 M acetic acid is -5 4×10 S/ cm.Calculate the dissociation
constant of acetic acid, if om Ù for acetic is 390.5 2 S cm / mol.
Q.4 Why is it that Al metal cannot be obtained by the electrolysis of an aqueous solution of a salt
of Al?
Q.5 An electrochemical cell stops working after sometime. Why ?
Q.6 0.05 M NaOH solution offered a resistance of 31.6 ohm in a conductivity cell at 298 K. If the
cell constant of the conductivity cell is 0.367 cm-1,calculate molar conductivity of NaOH
Q.7 At 298 K, the molar conductivities at infinite dilution of NH4Cl, NaOH and NaCl are
129.8,217.4 and 108.9 ohm-1cm2mol-1respectively. If the molar conductivity of centinoram
solution of NH4OH is 9.33 ohm-1cm-1Calculate the equilibrium constant.
Q8. Explain with the help of a diagram the effect of change in concentration of solution on
molar conductivity of :
(i) a weak electrolyte, (ii) a strong electrolyte.
Q9. A current of one ampere is flowing through a wire . calculate the number of electrons
flowing through the cross-section of the wire per second.
Q10.Make an assignment on the topic Batteries (including fuel cels) and Corrosion.
Make a working Model, At least two students make one model,
Topics should choose from C.B.S.E. website.
Do all N.C.E.R.T. book exercise questions(additional) of
Electrostatics and Current electricity.
Answer the following questions:What are apomicts?
Why do plant breeders prefer apodictic seeds?
What is parthenocarpy? Give an e.g.?
What are false fruits? Give an e.g.?
What are the ploidy of:a. Pollen mother cell
b. Pollen grain
c. Nacelles
d. Secondary muscles
e. PEN
f. Sperm
g. Zygote
6. What are double fertilization and triple fusion?
7. Describe the process of spermatogenesis with proper flow chart?
8. Describe the process of oogenesis with proper flow chart?
9. Describe the changes that take place in the ovary during the menstrual cycle?
10. What are:a. Cleistogamous flowers
b. Chasmogamous flowers
c. Emasculation
d. Perisperm
e. Acrosome
11. What are the characteristic features of:a. Wind pollinated flowers
b. Insect pollinated flowers
12. Expand the following
c. ART
d. CUT
e. IVF
f. IUI
13. What is corpus lutcum? What does it secrete?
14. How does AIDS spread from one person to another person?
15. Describe the different methods of contraception?
16. Name four sexually transmitted diseases?
17. Give an outline of the fertilization and poet fertilization events in human females?
18. What are the advantages of vegetative reproduction?
19. What are zygotic and gametic meiosis?
20. Draw the following diagrams
a. L.S of an anatropous ovule
b. Mammalian sperm
c. Male reproductive system (human)
d. Female reproductive system (human)
e. L.S. of a flower
f. Germination of pollen on stigma of a flower
g. Stages in embryo development in a dicot
Complete your biology project and submit the rough copy in july
Revise all the chapters completed
Prepare for your seminar and group discussion.
1. Using elementary row transformation, find the inverse of the following matrices.
a) A = [
b) B = [
c) C = [
2. Express the following matrices as the sum of a symmetric and a skew symmetric matrix.
a) A = [
b) B = [
3. For matrix A = [
4. If A = [
] , find (A – A ).
] B=[
] find the matrix C such that A+B+C is a zero matrix.
5. Construct a 2X3 matrix whose elements in the i th row and j th column are given by
a) aij =
b) aij =
6. Constuct a 3X2 matrix whose elements in the I th row and the j th columns are given by
aij =
7. If f(x) = x2 -4x+1, find f(A) where A = [
8. If f(x) = x2-5x+7, find f(A) where A = [
9. Find a matrix x such that 2A +B + x=0 where A = [
10. If A = [
11. If A = [
], prove that A-A’ is a symmetric matrix.
] and B = [-2,-1,-4], verify that (AB) = BA.
12. From the following equation find the values of x and y
13. Solve for x and y given that a) [
] [ ]= [ ]
], B = [
b) [
] [
]= [ ]
], prove that Xn = [
14. If X = [
], n
], find k such that A2-8A + kI= 0.
15. If A = [
16. Given A = [
] B=[
], find AB and use the result in solving the following system
of equations:
x – y + z = 4, x - 2y – 2z = y and 2x + y + 3z = 1.
17. If [
18. If X – Y = [
], find x, y, z, w.
] and X + Y = [
], find X and Y.
1. Using properties of determinants, prove the following:
| = 2(a+b+c)3.
a. |
b. |
c. |
| = xyz(x-y)(y-z)(z-x).
| = (a+b+c)3.
d. |
e. |
f. |
| = 0.
| = x3.
g. |
h. |
| = (x-y)(y-z)(z-x).
i. |
j. |
| = abc + ab + bc + ca.
| = (a-b)(b-c)(c-a)(a+b+c).
k. |
l. |
| = 2|
| = (a-b)(b-c)(c-a).
m. |
n. |
| = 4xyz.
| = 0.
o. |
| = 3(a+b+c)(ab+bc+ca).
2. Without expanding the determinant, prove the following:
a. |
b. ||
| = 0.
| = 0.
1. To learn and revise all the concepts and revise all the concepts discussed during April and May
2. To practice 10 questions each for arrays, functions, structures and classes in the notebook.
3. To revise the concepts of DBMS covered in class XI.
4. To make a project on any topic in c++ to be submit in the final exam of board practical.
5. To complete the practical file up to 5 programs given in the practical list.
Q.1 State the conditions under which capital balances may change under the system of a Fixed Capital
Q.2 A is partner in a firm. His capital as on Jan 01, 2007 was Rs. 60,000. He introduced additional capital of
Rs. 20000 on Oct 01 2007. Calculate interest on A’s capital @ 9% p.a.
Q.3 Alka, Barkha and Charu are partners in a firm having no partnership agreement. Alka, Barkha and Charu
contributed Rs. 20,000, Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 1,00,000 respectively. Alka and Barkha desire that the profit
should be divided in the ratio of capital contribution. Charu does not agree to this. How will you settle
the dispute.
Q.4 A and B are partners in a firm without a partnership deed. A is an active partner and claims a salary of
Rs. 18,000 per month. State with reason whether the claim is valid or not.
Q.5 Chandar and Suman are partners in a firm without a partnership deed. Chandar’s capital is Rs. 10,000
and Suman’s capital is Rs. 14,000. Chander has advanced a loan of Rs. 5000 and claim interest @ 12%
p.a. State whether his claim is valid or not.
Q.6 R, S, and T entered into a partnership of manufacturing and distributing educational CD’s on April 01,
2006. R looked after the business development, S content development and T financed the project. At
the end of the year (31-03-2007) T wanted an interest of 12% on the capital employed by him. The
other partners were not inclined to this. How would you resolve this within the ambit of the Indian
Partnership Act, 1932?
Q.7 A, B and C are partners in a firm. A withdrew Rs. 1000 in the beginning of each month of the year.
Calculate interest on A’s drawing @ 6% p.a.
Q.8 A, B and C are partners in a firm, B withdrew Rs. 800 at the end of each month of the year. Calculate
interest on B’s drawings @ 6% p.a.
Q.9 A, B and C are partners in a firm. They have omitted interest on capital @ 10 % p.a. for three years
ended 31st march 2007. Their fixed capitals on which interest was to be calculated through –out were
Rs. 1,00,000
Rs. 80,000
Rs. 70,000
Give the necessary Journal entry with working notes.
Q.10 X, Y, and Z are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2:1. After the final accounts have
been prepared it was discovered that interest on drawings @ 5 % had not been taken into
consideration. The drawings of the partner were X Rs. 15000, Y Rs. 12,600, Z Rs. 12,000. Give the
necessary adjusting Journal entry.
Q.11 A, B and C are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2:1. Their fixed capitals are Rs.
1,50,000, Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 80,000 respectively. Profit for the year after providing interest on capital
was Rs. 60,000, which was wrongly transferred to partners equally. After distribution of profit it was
found that interest on capital provided to them @ 10% instead of 12% . Pass necessary adjustment
entry. Show your working clearly.
Q.12 Ravi and Mohan were partner in a firm sharing profits in the ratio of 7:5. Their respective fixed capitals
were Ravi Rs. 10,00,000 and Mohan Rs. 7,00,000. The partnership deed provided for the following:(i) Interest on capital @ 12% p.a.
(ii) Ravi’s salary Rs. 6000 per month and Mohan’s salary Rs. 60000 per year.
The profit for the year ended 31-03-2007 was Rs. 5,04,000 which was distributed equally
without providing for the above. Pass an adjustment Entry.
Q.13 Distinguish between fixed capital method and fluctuating capital method.
Q.14 A, B and C were partners in a firm having capitals of Rs. 60,000, Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 80,000 respectively.
Their current account balances were A- Rs. 10,000, B- Rs. 5000 and C- Rs. 2000 (Dr.). According to the
partnership deed the partners were entitled to an interest on capital @ 5% p.a. C being the working
partner was also entitled to a salary of Rs. 6,000 p. a. The profits were to be divided as follows:
(i) The first Rs. 20,000 in proportion to their capitals.
(ii) Next Rs. 30,000 in the ratio of 5:3:2.
(iii) Remaining profits to be shared equally.
During the year the firm made a profit of Rs. 1,56,000 before charging any of the above items. Prepare
the profit and loss appropriate on A/C
Q.15. On what occasions does the need for valuation of goodwill arise?
Q.16 What is meant by sacrificing ratio?
Q.17. State two occasions when sacrificing ratio may be applied.
Q.18 A business has earned average profit of Rs. 60,000 during the last few years. The assets of the business
are Rs. 5,40,000 and its external liabilities are Rs. 80,000. The normal rate of return is 10%. Calculate the
value of goodwill on the basis of capitalisation of super profits.
Q.19 The capital of a firm of Arpit and Prajwal is Rs. 10,00,000. The market rate of return is 15% and the
goodwill of the firm has been valued Rs. 1,80,000 at two years purchase of super profits. Find the average
profits of the firm.
Q.20 The average profits for last 5 years of a firm are Rs. 20,000 and goodwill has been worked out Rs.
24,000 calculated at 3 years purchase of super profits. Calculate the amount of capital employed assuming
the normal rate of interest is 8 %.
Q.21 Rahul and Sahil are partners sharing profits together in the ratio of 4:3. They admit Kamal as a new
partner. Rahul surrenders 1/4th of his share and Sahil surrenders 1/3rd of his share in favour of Kamal.
Calculate the new profit sharing ratio.
Q.22 Ajay and Naveen are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 5:3. Surinder is admitted in to the firm for
1/4th share in the profit which he acquires from Ajay and Naveen in the ratio of 2:1. Calculate the new profit
sharing ratio.
Q.23 A and B were partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2. A surrenders 1/6th of his share and B
surrenders 1/4th of his share in favour of C, a new partner. What is the new ratio and the sacrificing ratio.
Q.24 Aarti and Bharti are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 5:3. They admit Shital for 1/4th share and
agree to share between them in the ratio of 2:1 in future. Calculate new and sacrificing ratio.
Q.25 X and Y divide profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2. Z is admitted in the firm as a new partner with 1/6 th
share, which he acquires from X and Y in the ratio of 1:1. Calculate the new profit sharing ratio of all
Q.26 Rakhi and Parul are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:1. Neha is admitted as a partner. The new
profit sharing ratio among Rakhi, Parul and Neha is 2:3:2. Find out the sacrificing ratio.
Q 27 X and Y are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 5:4. They admit Z in the firm for 1/3 rd profit, which
he takes 2/9th from X and 1/9th from Y and brings Rs. 1500 as premium. Pass the necessary Journal entries
on Z’s admission.
Q.28 Ranzeet and Priya are two partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2. They admit Nilu as a partner,
who pays Rs. 60,000 as capital. The new ratio is fixed as 3:1:1. The value of goodwill of the firm was
determined at Rs. 50,000. Show journal entries if Nilu brings goodwill for her share in cash.
Q.29 A and B are partners sharing profits equally. They admit C into partnership, C paying only Rs. 1000 for
premium out of his share of premium of Rs. 1800 for 1/4 th share of profit. Goodwill account appears in the
books at Rs. 6000. All the partners have decided that goodwill should not appear in the new firms books.
Q.30 A and B are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2. Their books showed goodwill at Rs. 2000. C is
admitted with 1/4th share of profits and brings Rs. 10,000 as his capital but is not able to bring in cash
goodwill Rs. 3000. Give necessary Journal entries.
Q.31 Piyush and Deepika are partners sharing in the ratio of 7:3. they admit Seema as a new partner. The
new ratio being 5:3:2. Pass journal entries.
Q.32 A and B are partners with capital of Rs. 26,000 and Rs. 22,000 respectively. They admit C as partner
with 1/4th share in the profits of the firm. C brings Rs. 26,000 as his share of capital. Give journal entry to
record goodwill on C’s admission.
Q.33 A and B are partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2. They admit C into partnership for 1/4 th share. C
is unable to bring his share of goodwill in cash. The goodwill of the firm is valued at Rs. 21,000. give journal
entry for the treatment of goodwill on C’s admission.
Q.34 A and B are partners with capitals of Rs. 13,000 and Rs. 9000 respectively. They admit C as a partner
with 1/5th share in the profits of the firm. C brings Rs. 8000 as his capital. Give journal entries to record
Q.35 A, B and C were partners in the ratio of 5:4:1. On 31 st Dec. 2006 their balance sheet showed a reserve
fund of Rs. 65,000, P&L A/C (Loss) of Rs. 45,000. On 1 st January, 2007, the partners decided to change their
profit sharing ratio to 9:6:5. For this purpose goodwill was valued at Rs. 1,50,000.
The partners do not want to distribute reserves and losses and also do not want to record
You are required to pass single journal entry for the above.
Q 36. A, B and C are partners in a partnership firm with capital A- Rs.5,00,000; BRs.7,00,000 and
C- Rs4,00,000. During the year 2012, the firm earned a net profit
of Rs. 2,00,000. The partners are to entitled to an interest on capital @ 6% p.a. They
also made some drawings on which interest to be charged is A-Rs.400; B-Rs 500 and CRs250. A is entitled to Rs.2000 p.m. as salary. B is to get 5% of the net profit after all
adjustments as commission. Also 10% of the profits remaining before providing
commission to B is to be transferred to General Reserve. Profit are shared among A, B
and C in the ratio 1:1:2 respectively. Prepare Profit and Loss Appropriation account to
show the above adjustments.
Q1-What are the central problems of an economy?
Q2- What are the various reasons for shifting/rotation of Production Possibility Curve?
Q3- Explain the concept of Consumer’s Equilibrium in case of:(a) Single commodity
(b) Two commodities
Q4- Define indifference curve and its properties.
Q5-Explain the conditions of Consumer’s Equilibrium with the help of Indifference Curve Analysis.
Q6- Distinguish between(a) Substitute and complementary goods
(b) Extension of demand and increase in demand
Q7- What are the various factors affecting elasticity of demand?
Q8- State and explain the law of variable proportion with the help of schedule and diagram.
Q9- Solve the numerical based on elasticity of demand given at the back of your book.
Chapter -1
Which force is consisted as the essence of management?
‘Doing the task with minimum cost” name the term associated with management?
‘ In order to be successful , an organization must change its goals according to the needs of the
environment. Which characteristic of management is highlighted in this statement.
Which function of management bridges the gap between where we stand today and where we
want to reach?
Name the function of management which establishes organization structure and establishes
authority and responsibility relations?
In which functions of management, standards are compared with actual, deviations are find out
and corrective steps are taken?
Departmental managers are included at which level of management?
Name the level of management the following parts belongs to.
Purchase managers.
‘Survival, profit and growth are essential target of any business’. Which objective of management
is referred here?
‘Every organization whether it is business or non-business should use environmental methods of
production, give employment opportunities and provide basic amenities like schools and crèches
to employees’ name the objective of management indicated here?
The activities involved in managing an enterprise are common to all organizations whether social
or political’ which characteristics of management is highlighted by this statement?
How Management is an intangible force?
“Management is essential for successful running of an enterprise”, How?
Father of Mr. „Y‟ acts as Vice President in ABC Ltd. Name the level of
Management he is working? Explain Any two functions performed by him?
Mr. Anil working as a „Sales department Head in XYZ Ltd. Name the level of
Management he is working? Explain Any two functions performed by him?
Explain any 3 functions performed by operational Level?
„Co-ordination‟ is the essence of Management‟ Explain.
“Management is critical ingredient of a nation‟s growth” Comment.
Why Mgt is considered as Multi dimensional function?
“Mgt is Science as well as act”. Explain this statement.
How are principles of management formed?
Why is it said that the principles of management are universal?
Why is it said that principles of management are flexible?
Which principles of management promotes team spirit.?
Who was the first to identity functions of management?
Which principle of management suggests that a subordinate should receive orders from
accountable to one superior?
Who gave the concept of scientific management? What was his profession?
Which principle of scientific management suggest the introduction of scientific investigation and analysis of
management practice?
What is the basis of formation of scientific management?
Which principle of management is violated if an employee is asked to receive orders from two superiors?
“Workers should be encouraged to develop and carry out their plans for improvements”. Identify the
principle of management formulated by Fayol.
and be
It has been observed that the prevailing situation in an organization is due to the violations of the principle of
‘order’. What might have been your observation?
Which principle of management is violated when a manager grants one month medical leave to a superior
with pay and only one week medical leave to an accountant?
Mohan a manager, expects his colleagues to get work out of subordinates without giving them any powers.
Which principle of management is being overlooked and why?
Which principle of management aims at securing the loyalty and devotion of the employees by giving them
fair and just treatment?
Which principle of management envisages that each group of activities having the same objective must have
one head and one plan? Explain the principle with suitable example.
If an organization does not provide the right place for physical and human recourses in the organization,
which principle is violated? What are its consequences?
The production manager of an automobile company asked the foreman to achieve a target production of 200
units (Scooters) per day. But he did not give him the authority to requisition tools and materials from the
store department. Can the production managers blame the foreman if he is not able to achieve the desire
target? Explain briefly the principle relating to the situation.
Name and explain that principle of Fayol which suggest that communication from top to bottom should follow
the official lines of command?
Identify the technique of scientific management which are described by the statement given below:i.
When specialists supervise each worker.
Change in the attitude of workers and management towards one another. From competition to
When uniformity is introduced in materials. Machine, tools, method of works and working
conditions after, due research.
Hina & Harish are typist in a company having same educational qualification. Hina is getting Rs.3000 per
month and harish Rs. 4000 per month as salary far the same working hour. Which principle of management is
violated in this case? Name and explain the principle?
Chapter -3
Business Environment
Which element / dimension of business environment involves improvement and innovations which provide
new ways of producing goods and services and new methods and techniques of operating a business.
Which environment prohibits the advertisement of alcoholic beverages?
Banking sector reforms have led to easier credit terms and better services. This is an example of a key
component of the “Business Environment “ name this component?
‘Demand for reservation in jobs for minorities refers to an example of key component of general environment
of business. Name this component.
It is the process by which government control over the industry is being loosened. Give the term to which this
statement is trying to indicate.
Which process aims at giving greater role to the private sector role to the public sector?
State the characteristics of business environment.
State the economic reforms since 1991 or new Economics policy.
Explain any five positive effects of liberalization and globalization on business and industry.
Explain any five negative effects of liberalization and globalization on business and industry in India.
Write the impact of changes in government policy on business and industries.
State the components of business Environment.
State the importance of business environment.
Which environment describes characteristics of the society in which the organization exists.
1. To learn and revise all the concepts discussed during April and May 2015.
2. To practice all the netbeans practicals covered in class XI.
3. To revise the concepts of DBMS covered in class XI.
4. To make a project on any topic in netbeans to be submit in the final exam of board practical.
5. To make a report on any type of network as we see in common life.
Pol. Sci.
Chapter-3 to 6
6. Q1: - Give an example each of three kinds of Hegemony that are dealt with the chapter. Do not cite
examples that are in the chapter.
7. Q2: - What are the constraints on American hegemony today? Which one of these do you expect to get
more important in the future?
8. Q3: - What are the components of ASEAN vision 2020?
9. Q4: - What makes the European Union highly influential regional organization?
10. Q5: - Identify the contentious issues between India and china? How could these been resolved for greater
cooperation? Give your suggestions.
11. Q6: - What are some of the commonalities and difference between Bangladesh and Pakistan in their
democratic experience?
12. Q7: - Mention some of the recent agreements between India and Pakistan? Can we be sure that the two
countries are well on their way to a friendly relationship?
13. Q8: - Write a short note on the role and limitation of the SAARC as a forum for facilitating economic
cooperation among the south Asian countries.
14. Q9: - As a citizen of India, how do you support India‟s candidature for the permanent membership of the
Security Council? Justify your proposal.
15. Q10: - Critically evaluate the difficulties involved in implementing the suggested reforms to reconstruct the
I)To prepare the answers of the following questions in an assignment copy.
a) Why was Mauryan Empire regarded as a major landmark in the early Indian history?
b) Why is James Princep’s contribution considered as a historic development in the Indian
c) Why is the sixth c BCE. Often regarded as a major turning point in the early Indian
d) Critically examine the limitation of the inscriptional evidences in understanding political and economic history of
e) How have historians provided new insight into the subsistence strategies of the Harappan
f) Explain the distinctive features of the residential buildings of the Mohenjadaro.
g) What were the duties of the chandalas in the society having the varna system? What was their place?
h) Discuss whether kings in early states were invariably kshatriyas.
i) Explain why Patriliny may have been particularly important among elite families.
II)To write down all the answers of the SOURCES from the textbook in your assignment copy.
III)To do the MAP work from chapters1,2 and 4(political map) of India.
IV)To collect information based on your project work.
v)To prepare a project or a PowerPoint presentation on any important historical monument, rulers etc. based on your
syllabus(ancient, medieval, modern).