Royer, Mercedes A

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Mercedes Royer, also known as Me! or Mellie, was born to Thomas and Henrietta
Daniel on the beautiful island of St. Kitts on November 20'11 1954. She then migrated to
the U.S. Virgin Islands in the 1970 s. Mercedes was a person who loved to travel. She
made several visits to Tortola to see her sister and aunt. In 1974 Me!, a beautiful young
and vibrant woman, captured the eyes of a hard working dedicated electrician by the
name ofPhenice Royer. They joined in matrimony in 1975, where they were declared m
Mr. and Mrs. Royer. They were married for 34 years. Being the loving couple they were
they supported each other through their ups and downs. While living in Tortola they
raised three beautiful and loving children Aaron, Karen, and Myron Royer. Mellie then
migrated to St. Thomas in the early 1990 s where she worked at Wesleyan Academy
School. Her children attended and graduated at this school . In 1993, her husband
joined her and their children. Mercedes was a very loving, caring, and a Godly woman
She made people laugh and brighten up their day when they were down. She always put
her trust in God first. She was a woman offaith and strength. Met was a humble and a
strong hearted person. She was a mother to everyone. She would always give advice fo;
various situations. She would always call to check on others. She prayed daily and
there is nothing better than a mother which prays. One of her famous sayings was "don
worry about me I will be alright ". She was always dedicated to her family and friends.
She was indeed loved and appreciated by everyone. In 2002, she became ill and was
able to overcome it by Gods help.
In 2004, as hard working as she was, she had to leave her job because of her illness.
The battle of her illness continued while she suffered much pain, while her loving husband stood quite strongly at her side.
On October 17111 of 2009 her Lord called her home. She went peacefully with her Lord
and Savior. Overall she was a great joyful person with an infectious smile and a positive attitude. Yes, she will be remembered and missed. Thank God she has gone to be
with the Lord, for there is no more sickness, pain, or sorrow. We have to accept the
things that happen in life, and let God be God, because we have an awesome God.
Praise ye the Lord! Blessed be the name of the Lord! For He is greatly to be praised.'
Husband: Phenice Royer
Daughter: Karen Royer
Sons: Aaron and Myron Royer
Grandchildren: Taharon, Dalilah, Zyaire and
Royer, and lwiah Byrd; Kashelah and Maekayla
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and Family, The Donovan Family, Th e Aubair.
Family, The Luke Family, Robert Phi/lip and
Family, Marcus Berkeley and Fami~v. Pat ani
Family, Wells Andrews and Family, Carol Bm mant and Family, Ronney Smith and Fa mi~l. he.
Galloway Family, Ms. Cornelius and Fam i~1·.
Brother Mills and Family, Winston '' Soso .. Lak~
Ms. Carmen, Ms. lsaac, Ms. lnez , Lero_v
Turnbu/1, Ms. Whaton, Ms. Tavlen Frazier
Sisters: Josephine and Alicia Scoltand, Rachel
Phi/lip, Francisco and Marsha Daniel, Rose Her- Many other Relatives and Friends to numerou r;;
bert, Magarita Daniel, Wanetta Webb
to mention
Brothers: Efrain (Jimmy), Enrique Daniel and
Emiele Daniel
Sister- in-Law: lrma Lewis, Flora Royer, Hetty
Francis, Hazel and Percil Daniel
Brother-in-Law: Avon and lrving Royer,
Reginald Scotland
Godchildren: Jamie Todman, Donna-Mae Bernard, and Melvin Knight
Nieces and Nephews: Shornna Berkeley, Jeff and
Steve Scotland, Whitmore (Junior), Sherma
Daniel, Ketiema Orellana, lroy Ward, Nagee
Harris, Kevorn Willet, Javin Daniel, Keturah
Grey, Kevane Daniel, lris(Kris) and Billy ]ones,
Judith, Verlin
Special Aunt: Margarette Smith
Special Cousins: Venetta Matthew and Family, The Fredrick Family, The Phillip Family, The
Smith Family, The Abbot Family
Special Friends: The Burke Family, The Bridgewater Family, The Todman Family, The Bernard
Family, The Knight Family, The Innis Family,
Doctor Smith and Family, The Mingo Family,
Mark Vanterpool and Family, Maggie Baltimore
No man succeeds with out a good woma n behind him.
Wife or mother, if it is both, he is t wice blessed indeed.
-- Harold M acmillan
A wife is the joy of a man's heart.