Waiver form - Dropzone UK

Waiver form
Participant agreement Terms and Conditions
please read the following carefully
9. The participant accepts that Dropzone is not liable
for loss or damage. Jumpers and third parties bring their
personal belongings to the premises at their own risk.
1. The participant agrees to participate in the
activities at Dropzone Leisure (UK) Limited,
Company Registration Number 9377240,
Unit 2, North Gunnels, Basildon SS14 1HZ
10. The participant agrees that all activity on the
premises is voluntary and risks are understood.
2. The participant is aware that by taking part in the
activities provided at Dropzone it can impose risks
that could result in physical injury, death or damage
to themselves, property or third parties.
3. The participants accept that they will follow the
necessary safety instructions issued by Dropzone in
relation to the activities and agree that they will comply
with these at all times.
4. The participant accepts that they comply with the age
restrictions given to any particular area. The participant
is aware that refusal to comply with requirements put in
place by Dropzone will deter them from further activities.
5. The participant accepts that the activities provided by
Dropzone require a reasonable level of fitness and ability.
6. The participant accepts that they are responsible for
their own safety and the safety of others while taking
part in the activities. The jumper understands that the
activities maybe undertaken without direct supervision
and to ensure that they comply with any instructions
during the activities by staff.
7. Dropzone staff are there to ensure the safety of
jumpers, however they would be unaware of fitness
or abilities and therefore cannot be held accountable
for injuries or accidents.
8. The participant understands that advanced ability
moves must only be carried out if they are confident
and in control. Advanced ability moves are performed
at the jumpers risk.
11. The participant accepts that Dropzone will be
reimbursed from any and all legal claims or courses
of action, which are connected to the participation
in the activities.
12. The participant agrees that they do not have any
medical conditions or have not had a medical condition
previously, which may cause harm or increase the risk
of injury to them or to others.
I have read and accept the Waiver
and the Terms and Conditions
Print name
I am the parent/guardian of a minor
I can certify I am over 16 years old
Address line 1
Address line 2
Emergency contact name
Emergency contact number
Dropzone Leisure (UK) Limited is referred to as ‘Dropzone’
in this waiver. Participant is also referred to as the ‘Jumper’.