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Thursday 19th March
Monday 23th March
Tuesday 24th March
Wednesday 25th March
Friday 27th March
3.30pm-6pm Grade 1 Tea
9am to 12.30pm Prep Briars Excursion
No Assembly
7pm Parents and Friends AGM and
Summer Lightning Premiership
End of Term Assembly: 1.50 in the hall
2.30pm Dismissal
Thursday 19th March, 2015
Proud of the Past...
Looking to the Future”
It is with great pleasure to announce that I have accepted the provisional
appointment as Principal of Dromana Primary School. I have enjoyed my
Celebrating over 150 years of
time as Acting Principal for nearly two terms and am humbled and excited
Education 1861 - 2014
at the prospect of working with the school community (students, parents
Log on to Digital Excellence at
community groups) in the years ahead. I would like, at this point, to
home: www.deaausonline.com
acknowledge the terrific work of the previous Principal, Mr Martin Page.
Like many aspects of society, schools are changing at a rapid pace. However, we
must never lose sight of the fact that we are teaching tomorrows adults and as a
community we are in a privileged position to provide every student with the best
opportunities possible. My aim is to ensure Dromana Primary School embraces
Uniform Shop
the opportunities these changes provide to ensure we are delivering the best
Open every
curriculum using the best teaching practices with the best resources and in the
best facilities. I look forward to working with you all.
3.15 - 3.45
We have a marvellous staff at Dromana Primary School. Thank you for your
Main building
continued support as we develop all students under our care.
End of Term- Term One finishes on Friday 27th March at 2.30pm. Assembly
will run in the Hall from 1.50pm to 2.20pm on the Thursday. Please note the early pick up time.
Please note that school resumes on Monday 13th of April
P and F Easter Fundraiser
This term, the Parents and Friends Committee are running a Hot Cross Bun drive to raise money for our
school. This is a super lead in to Easter so please support us by completing your orders, which went home
this week and return by next Monday 23rd March.
Please note the P and F reminder within this newsletter.
Grade 4 camp
I was fortunate last week to visit our year 4 students at Somers camp. It was fantastic to see them so
involved in such a wide range of activities. We certainly had a happy group of campers. Earlier in the day
they visited Bushrangers Bay on a great coastal walk. Many thanks to all our wonderful staff who provided
such a rich learning experience over the 3 days.
Prep B.B.Q.
Thank you to all the families who attended our Prep BBQ on Thursday the 5th of March. A great community
evening was had by all. A huge thanks goes to our Prep team of teachers for organising the evening.
Exchange Student
Are you interested in being a Host Parent for a 16 year old Inbound Exchange Student? If you are
interested in becoming involved in this program please contact: Bob Donaldson / Rotary Club of
Dromana on: mobile 0418 362 850
Head Lice- thank you for the ongoing checks. Reported instances have declined last month. Another
check over the holidays will assist control.
Bruce Mesley
Assistant Principal Report
What a sensational couple of weeks here at Dromana Primary School where I have been lucky enough to witness our remarkable
students shine both here at school as well as in the community.
The Prep BBQ was a great event with many families setting up their picnic rugs and enjoying the afternoon/evening whilst the fun and
games were occurring on the oval thanks to the Prep team. A big thank you to all the families and friends who attended the Prep BBQ
and thank you for continuing to grow our school community.
Last Thursday (12th of March) 34 student leaders from grades three to six, were accompanied by Mrs. McCrabb, Mrs. Nicholson and I to
attend the GRIP Leadership conference held at the Melbourne Convention Centre down in Melbourne’s South Wharf. We all caught a
bus to Frankston Train Station before catching the train to Flinders Street Station where we then walked down Southbank to the
conference. The leadership conference was filled with students from right around Victoria with over 2,200 students attending the
conference. Sure, I may be a little bias, however the manners, respect for others and care our Dromana leaders showed for other
students as well as the general public was simply outstanding. The conference was fantastic and thanks to Mrs. Nicholson for organising
the event as the Junior School Council can now approach their role as a leader with a plan for action. (Congratulations leaders of the
Last week was also the Grade four camp which was at Somers School Camp. I was lucky enough to share breakfast with the grade four
students as well as climb a giant rock (in my shirt and tie) without being too scared. I was also lucky enough to see a brilliant group of
students working and living together away from their own families and outside of the school. The students participated in many
activities from the giant swing, double flying fox, rock climbing and even archery whilst always taking care of one another. Mr. Jones was
apparently the best dancer at the disco whilst Mr. Mac saved the day by rescuing everyone from the crazy rooster who woke everyone
up in the morning. Thanks Mr. Jones for organising such a great camp and well done to all the grade four students on their amazing
efforts and time at Somers.
Keep up the great work everyone!
Mr. Davern—Acting Assistant Principal
Prizes are coming next week and for all of the students who have participated in Ride-2-School this term, they will be in the draw to reward their excellent riding skills each Wednesday at Ride-2-School. Everyone is welcome however if you are younger than grade three,
please make sure someone else is riding with you on the day. It’s our last ride for term 1, so Jack and I will see you opposite the BP at
8am before we all leave at 8:10am sharp! We’ll be there rain, hail or shine so come and join the fun!
Mr. Davern
Dromana Primary School P&F Fundraiser
Don’t forget to return you Bakers Delight Hot Cross Bun
Order Forms before Monday 23rd March.
Orders filled on 27th March and returned home with the Students.
Extra order forms available at the school office.
Outside School Hours News
At Before School Care it has been good to see several new faces, so numbers are building up on some days.
Children coming to BSC must be signed in by an accompanying adult. This is a legal requirement. We are also not allowed
to accept children prior to 7.00am - also a legal requirement.
At After School Care the children have been busy working on a ‘Friendship Banner’, with each child able to decorate and
name their own calico square. The square will later be sewn together to make a large banner. This activity is part of the
Camp Australia Foundation’s Better Buddies Welcome Program. The Camp Australia Foundation is dedicated to helping
primary school children in need - locally, nationally and internationally.
In line with Cancer Council guidelines, children will still need a protective hat at ASC, until the end of April.
Please note the School has scheduled a pupil free day for Friday 5th June. Camp Australia may operate a program on this
day. This will only happen if there are at least 18 children booked in online 2 weeks before the 5th June.
Have a safe and happy holiday.
Thank you for your support.
Louise and Robin
World’s Greatest Shave
Thank you to everyone for the support and kind donations to help Mr Potter raise $1563.00 for the Leukaemia
Foudation for the World’s Greatest Shave. Here are some pictures of Mr Luff shaving Mr Potter’s head.
Thank you again for all your support!
Prep Welcome BBQ - Thanks so much for the wonderful attendance at the Prep Welcome BBQ. The children had a great
time playing games & introducing their new school friends to Mums & Dads. We'd also like to thank our chefs Mr. Graeme
Boyd & Mrs. Newbegin (who filled in for Mr Newbegin!). Mr Boyd & Mr Newbegin have been our chefs for the past 20
years - WHAT AN AMAZING EFFORT! This was the first bbq that Mr Newbegin missed & he wasn't happy about it!
Thanks so much Superstars!
Last Day Term 1 Lunch Orders
Last Day lunch orders will be on Friday the 27th of March. To help us to have everything
we need and to reduce any waste we ask that all lunches required for this day be pre-ordered. We will have a reduced
menu for this day so please choose from the items below and send to the Canteen on Tuesday the 24th March.
Hot Dogs, Penne Pasta and all the Toastys will be available. As well as drinks and Tummy Teasers .
Please write your order on a paper bag, money enclosed with For Friday written on it and send to the Canteen in the
class lunch order bag on Tuesday the 24th. This will help us to have all the lunch orders ready on time.
Thank you .
Have a happy and safe Holiday break from the Team @ Stir Crazy Kids
If any Grade 2 boys are interested in playing
Basketball for the Beachcombers, please contact Jodie on 0416 575 023.
The team is also looking for a Coach, so if you are a parent
and are interested in Coaching the team please contact Jodie
0416 575 023.
The Baany to Warrna Ngargee
is a groundbreaking Indigenous music and
cultural festival.
This age group is about learning to be in a team and having
21 March 2015
The Briars - Mt Martha
Just a reminder that all
Students need to bring an
Art Smock to Art lessons.
A large recycled shirt from
home will protect uniforms.
Please write student’s
name on smock.
Please check the LOST
You may just find that lost
jumper/hat/lunchbox you
have been looking for.
Student School
Banking with the Bendigo Bank is
Thank you, Mrs Hunter
The Red Hill ShowSaturday March 28th
PK: In class Taj is a very well behaved and friendly
member of our class. He works hard during activities and
enjoys sport. Great work this term Taj!
PP: - Student of the fortnight is Ella, for always using her
manners and being a great role model in the class. Ella has
been a very polite student in our classroom and
consistently uses please and thank you. Well done Ella on
a great start to school!
PW: Jethro is so happy to be at school & it is so pleasing
to see. He always uses beautiful manners and is a great
role model for others. Jethro has great success with maths
and he is having a go at writing on his own. Keep it up Jethro! Well done Superstar!
1ON: Jessica is an industrious student who quickly
gets her work done and is eager to begin the next challenge. She is well organised and takes pride in the presentation of her work. Keep it up Jessica!
1S: Ava has had to be brave and resourceful since
breaking her wrist recently. Ava never complains but gets
on with the job as best as she can. Ava has a smile on her
face and a "can do" attitude. Well done Ava
1SH: I am so proud of Grace and the way in which she
has completed her first term this year. She has consistently
had a go at everything and given all tasks her best
shot. Grace is concentrating well in Maths and is showing
a good understanding of our topics. She is also doing very
well with her reading and is enjoying lots of books at home
too! Keep up the great attitude, Grace and you will have a
wonderful year.
2H: For having a fantastic attitude towards his homework. Coby has completed more than 25 nights reading and
is working consistently on his spelling words. What a great
effort Coby. Keep it up!! You're a legend!
2K: Braydon has applied a huge amount of effort in
class to improve all of his bookwork. He is a very responsible and well mannered student which is what we like to say
of all our students. Amazing start to the year!
2O: Liam is always bright, cheerful and full of enthusiasm! He is kind to others, works well independently or in a
group and always gives his best effort. Well done Liam and
thank you.
3B: Isaac has made a great start to the year. Isaac puts
in a lot of effort to help organise and tidy the classroom in
the mornings and afternoons. He is a considerate class
member and his efforts and kindness is very much appreciated.
Thanks Isaac!
3F: Sara always tries hard to overcome her
difficulties in work through her positive attention and
perseverance. She never gives up trying and always seeks
help from the teacher to ensure she understands the work.
Well done, Sara!
34M: Bailey is a consistent worker and attentive listener who
is making great progress.
4J: Hannah has made a wonderful start to the
year. She always works hard during classtime, and is a great
friend to everyone in 4J. Hannah was also one of the most
enthusiastic students on last week's Grade 4 camp. She
participated in all the activities, and had an awesome time!
Well done Hannah!
4MM: What a fantastic camper Josie was at Somers! She
displayed an excellent attitude and completely immersed
herself in the experience. So proud of you Josie!!
5D: Student of the Fortnight is an achievement Bridget
could be awarded every fortnight! Her love of
learning, positive attitude and extremely high work ethic in all
areas of school life have made her a worthy recipient. Bridget
also has beautiful manners, is a very good role model and
shows good leadership skills. Keep up the great work
5E: Phoenix you really are a role model, not only for Grade
5, but all students. From the effort you put in to everything
from draft writing to portfolio work, the enthusiasm you take
to all specialist classes and even the way in which you treat
and speak to others is admired by all DPS teachers. Well
done on a very impressive start to senior school!
5V: This week Kobe has been nominated by his class as a
real star this fortnight. He recently attended a leadership
conference and has came back and showed great leadership
qualities in the classroom. He has worked well in a team and
stepped in to help his friends out when they needed it. Well
done Kobe, you are a real team player!
5/6P: Piper has produced some truly spectacular work over
the past fortnight, with her great improvements in maths
being particularly pleasing. She is always polite and caring,
which makes her a real leader in 5/6P. You're awesome
6H: Angus enthusiastically competed all work set by Miss
Bilborough. He has great resilience and work ethic. Well
done Angus!
6MC: Sonja has had a great term 1. She works extremely
hard in all areas and her work is always well presented. She
is extremely creative and her illustration of her dragon was a
fine example of this. Well done Sonja - keep it up!
6S: Student of the fortnight goes to Sam. You have made
such a wonderful start to our year. It is always a challenging
task moving to a new school and you have already illustrated
what a creative, clever and honest student you are. Well
done on all the hard work you have been putting in at a
classroom level and we look forward to seeing you continue
to get involved in the broader school community.
Star of Listening
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