Electric Bicycle Marketing Collateral RFP 13

Electric Bicycle Marketing Collateral
RFP 13-009
Drive Oregon
1600 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 620
Portland, OR 97201
Project Manager
Zach Henkin
[email protected]
Notice is hereby given that proposals for RFP 13-009 for Electric Bicycle Marketing Collateral shall be received by
Drive Oregon, 1600 SW 4th Avenue, Portland OR 97201 until close of business on June 19, 2015. It is the sole
responsibility of the proposer to ensure that Drive Oregon receives the Proposal by the specified date and time.
Proposals may be mailed, delivered, or emailed. Proposers shall review all instructions and contract terms and
Drive Oregon, a non-profit economic development initiative organized under the laws of the State of Oregon, located at
1600 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201, is requesting proposals for Electric Bicycle marketing collateral. Proposals
will be due as indicated on the RFP cover page.
Details concerning the project and proposal are contained in this document.
Drive Oregon's Regional Travel Options (RTO) program creates healthy, vibrant neighborhoods by improving the quality
of the air we breathe, reducing car traffic, creating more opportunities for walking, biking and taking transit and carpooling.
The program works closely with businesses, local organizations and public agencies to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely
to offer residents ways to get around without a car, which eases congestion and helps keep our air clean. The program is
guided by a five-year strategic plan, developed with stakeholders, and is funded primarily by grants from the U.S.
Department of Transportation.
The Regional Travel Options program includes experimental pilot programs to efficiently use public dollars to encourage
active transportation. Electric bicycles are expected to accomplish this objective by offering a first/last mile transit
connection and by promoting bicycling in the region. Bike safety and accessibility are key features to the program and
use of electric bicycles will allow riders to find safe routes and acclimate to transit use. Increasing the public’s awareness
of electric bicycles as a commute option is the focus of this RFP. Drive Oregon is seeking consulting assistance to
develop and present consumer oriented marketing materials that can quickly and easily convey the message of the
benefits of e-biking. These materials, in both print and electronic form, will be distributed to regional employers,
transportation management agencies, Metro, and other partners via planned public events and other avenues.
Drive Oregon is seeking proposals for the development of electric bicycle marketing materials. Specific elements should
At least one infographic explaining the benefits of e-bikes
At least three other visuals that can be used on the web, Instagram, in presentations, etc.
At least five sample social media posts
Two short (sub 30 sec) video clips
A brochure or other print leave-behind piece
Communications strategy and support for up to three public events to be held in the Portland region
The term of the contract is anticipated to be from the time of award through December 2015. Drive Oregon expects to
have between $20,000 and $40,000 available for this work.
Proposers shall have the following experience:
At least 10 (ten) years experience designing and producing marketing and communication deliverables.
Demonstrated ability to deliver items within a designated time frame and budget.
Zach Henkin, Drive Oregon’s Program Manager, will administer the project. Proposer shall identify one point of contact
for the resulting contract.
Submission of Proposals
Drive Oregon recommends proposal submission be emailed to: [email protected]
However, copies of the proposal can be mailed or hand-delivered to Drive Oregon, addressed to:
Drive Oregon
Attention: Zach Henkin
RFP 13-009
1600 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 620
Portland, OR 97201
Proposals will not be considered if received after the date and time indicated on the RFP cover page.
RFP as Basis for Proposals:
This Request for Proposals represents the most definitive statement Drive Oregon will make concerning the information
upon which Proposals are to be based. Any verbal information which is not addressed in this RFP will not be considered
by Drive Oregon in evaluating the Proposal. All questions relating to this RFP should be addressed to
[email protected] Any questions, which in the opinion of Drive Oregon, warrant a written reply or RFP addendum
will be published on the Drive Oregon website. Drive Oregon may not respond to questions received after 3:00 p.m. on
June 12, 2015.
Information Release
All Proposers are hereby advised that Drive Oregon may solicit and secure background information based upon the
information, including references, provided in response to this RFP. By submission of a proposal all Proposers agree to
such activity and release Drive Oregon from all claims arising from such activity. In Accordance with Oregon Public
Records Law (ORS 192), proposals submitted will be considered part of the public record, except to the extent they are
exempted from disclosure.
Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business Program
In the event that any subcontracts are to be utilized in the performance of this agreement, the Proposer is encouraged to
use minority, women and emerging small businesses (MWESB) to the maximum extent practical.
First Opportunity Target Area (FOTA) Program
In the event that any subcontracts are to be utilized in the performance of this agreement, the Proposer’s attention is
directed to First Opportunity Area (FOTA) Program, which is intended to provide maximum employment for economically
disadvantages residents living in the target area, in accordance with House Bill 3075, passed by the Oregon Legislature in
1989. Additional information regarding the FOTA Program is available from
The proposal should contain no more than eight (8) pages of written material (excluding biographies, resumes and
brochures, which may be included in an appendix), describing the ability of the vendor to perform the work requested, as
outlined below.
Transmittal Letter: 1 (one) page
Provide the following information:
Contact name
Company name and address
Phone, website and email
Certification number and indication as a Minority-owned (MBE), Women-owned (WBE), Emerging small business
(ESB), or Disadvantaged business (DBE)
State that the proposal is valid for ninety (90) days
Request to return materials, if applicable
Approach/Project Work Plan: 3 (three) pages:
Provide a proposed work plan and schedule for the delivery of electric bicycle awareness campaign collateral.
Staffing/Project Manager Designation: 1 (one page) not including resumes
Identify specific personnel assigned to major project tasks, their roles in relation to the work required, percent of their time
on the project, and special qualifications they may bring to the project. Include resumes of individuals proposed for this
Drive Oregon intends to award this contract to a single firm to provide the services required. Proposals must identify a
single person as project manager to work with Drive Oregon. The consultant must assure responsibility for any
subconsultant work and shall be responsible for the day-to-day direction and internal management of the consultant effort.
Experience: 1 (one page)
Indicate how you meet the experience requirements listed in Section IV of this RFP. List projects conducted over the past
three years that involved services similar to the services required here. For each of these other projects include the name
of the customer contact person, his/her title, role on the project, and telephone number. Identify persons on the proposed
project team who worked on each of the other projects listed, and their respective roles.
Cost/Budget: 1 (one page)
Drive Oregon expects to have between $20,000 and $40,000 available for this work. Please provide a proposed budget in
this range, as well as cost information that includes an explanation of how different funding levels would impact work
quantity and quality. If more funding becomes available, Drive Oregon may choose to extend the contract with the
contract partner.
Diversity in Employment and Contracting: 1 (one page)
Work Force Diversity: Describe your work force demographics (number of employees, race and gender) and the
measurable steps taken to ensure a diverse work force, including company policies and practices that promote the hiring
and retention of women and ethnic minorities
Diversity in Contracting: Describe your history of working with diverse firms, including any MWESB - DBEcertified firms. Describe a project for which you worked with minorities, women, emerging small businesses or
disadvantaged business. Please provide the project name, method used to achieve participation; for example, joint
ventures, subcontracts or purchase of equipment or supplies from a certified firm and the dollar amount or percentage of
the project budget expended on such participation
Diversity of Firm: Describe the ownership of your firm and whether or not your firm is certified by the State of
Oregon as an MBE, WBE, ESB or DBE. Provide certification number, if applicable
Limitation and Award: This RFP does not commit Drive Oregon to the award of a contract, nor to pay any costs
incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals in anticipation of a contract. Drive Oregon reserves the right to
waive minor irregularities, accept or reject any or all proposals received as the result of this request, negotiate with all
qualified sources, or to cancel all or part of this RFP.
Billing Procedures: Proposers are informed that the billing procedures of the selected firm are subject to the
review and prior approval of Drive Oregon before reimbursement of services can occur. Contractor's invoices shall
include the Drive Oregon contract number, an itemized statement of the work done during the billing period, and will not
be submitted more frequently than once a month. Payment shall be made by Drive Oregon upon delivery of the subject
units and approval of a Contractor invoice.
Validity Period and Authority: The proposal shall be considered valid for a period of at least ninety (90) days and
shall contain a statement to that effect. The proposal shall contain the name, title, address, and telephone number of an
individual or individuals with authority to bind any company contacted during the period in which Drive Oregon is
evaluating the proposal.
Conflict of Interest. A Proposer filing a proposal thereby certifies that no officer, agent, or employee of Drive
Oregon or Drive Oregon has a pecuniary interest in this proposal or has participated in contract negotiations on behalf of
Drive Oregon; that the proposal is made in good faith without fraud, collusion, or connection of any kind with any other
Proposer for the same call for proposals; the Proposer is competing solely in its own behalf without connection with, or
obligation to, any undisclosed person or firm.
Equal Employment and Nondiscrimination Clause Drive Oregon and its contractors will not discriminate against
any person(s), employee or applicant for employment based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital
status, familial status, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability for which a reasonable accommodation can be made,
or any other status protected by law. Drive Oregon fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related
statutes and regulations in all programs and activities.
Evaluation Procedure
Proposals will be evaluated against the following core criteria:
Understanding of the electric bicycle industry, and of Drive Oregon’s communication needs.
Demonstrated ability to create cost-effective and creative marketing and communication strategies.
Proposed cost, cost-effectiveness, value, and contract structure.
Contracts resulting from this RFP may be paid for with federal funds. The proposal must be based on adherence to all
applicable federal laws, regulations, executive orders, rules, policies, procedures and directives including but not limited to
the following: (1) all applicable terms and conditions set forth in the most recent Federal Transit Administration Master
Agreement (2) 48 CFR part 31, Contract Cost Principles and Procedures, (3) FTA Circular 5010.1D and (4) CFR 225
(formerly OMB Circular A-87) Cost Principles for State, Local, and Indian Tribal Governments.