DRHM 2015
CHENNAI - 26 JUL 2015 - 21.1K & 10K
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DRHM2015 Training
Dream Runners, an
enthusiastic runners group,
pioneered the concept of
structured training for the
‘Runners of Chennai’ in the
year 2013, for the first
time in Chennai.
What started as a small
idea to cater to the need of
few eager beavers, has
over the couple of years
grown into one of the most
sought-after program for
many first timers who want
to run their maiden race.
As a result, the trainings
are being conducted in 8
different locations across Chennai today for the
participants of DRHM2015.
Young Runner’s Corner
- Anantaajith Raghuram
How Running Has Helped Me
Running – quite the perfect
and joyous sport to maintain
physical fitness. I started it
around mid 2013 in the hope
of reducing weight – my
weight was something I felt
bad about myself – like many
others. It seemed a bad idea at first – panting for
500 meters didn’t do justice to waking up at 5 in
the morning. This is what happened for quite a few
days, probably a month or more. I then slowly
realized it was worth it – there had been
recognizable weight loss, which meant the main aim
had been achieved. I had been playing only cricket
for physical fitness and building stamina till then,
but running had given me an equally effective
option for increasing my capacity to maintain both,
which had an indirect and positive effect on my
cricketing career – it had now exceeded my own
Running had given me more pros than I ever
imagined; this motivated me to continue running and
aim for longer distances. The first major recognized
run was the Wipro Chennai Marathon 2013 in which
Issue 3 - 1 5 Apr 2015
Injuries are citied as one of the main reasons
why many first time runners of a race, lose
interest in continuing ‘running’. However, this
training, by addressing such concerns, has
helped many ‘non-runners’ to take up running
as a passion.
It is a matter of pride to know that many such
runners who learnt the art of running here, have
gone on to be podium finishers, if not winning
the races itself. This ‘structured’ training is
offered completely ‘free of charges’ for all those
who want to participate in Dream Runners Half
Marathon, every year.
Ash Nath, one of India’s ace marathoner, has
designed the training program for this year.
What are you waiting for? Enrol yourself today
and discover the joy of running, from the
For more details, please check out
I took part in the 10 km category. On the day of
the run, I had the fear that I wouldn’t finish the
run; I did complete with what I considered a poor
timing, but nevertheless, the achievement was one
to be proud of. It gave me a sense and feeling of
accomplishment; success, which I had not tasted too
often – and of course, I was happy to receive my
first running medal. A few months later, I took
part in the DRHM 2014, after a few runs in
between – those runs seemed inconsequential,
considering all I had in mind was to better my
previous timings from those races – I was greatly
helped by the fact that the Dream Runners
conducted different methods of training. I managed
to finish the 10K in the DRHM easily with an
improved timing of 1 hour 03 minutes and I learnt
another life lesson through it – without
perseverance, life just seems existent but in reality,
is nonexistent. Over just a year or so, with the
help of my parents, relatives, my coach (Elango sir)
and my fellow runners, I have gained confidence to
complete 10K in about 50 minutes which I consider
a special personal accomplishment.
I would like to conclude by saying that running not
only helped me achieve some goals, but also taught
me certain life lessons. Not to forget, it is quite
unique and great fun running with my family (be it
cousins, uncles, aunt, brother or parents) and with
members from my running group who have now
become my extended family.
Runner Of The Fortnight
- Nirmala Bhat
Our runner of the fortnight is a so/ determined lady from B o a t c l u b d r e a m runners chapter . M e e t M s . N i r m a l a Bhat -­‐ Mother , wife, daughter in law , she dons on many hats of fitness with ease too. Nirmala, has been consciously treading the path of fitness with her rou?ne of yoga and walking for the last eight years. Inspired to stretch her limits , this 52 year old took to running 4 years ago with her maiden 5Km at Pinkathon. Training with boat club runners mo?vated her to work and run in groups . Gaining from strength to strength , she soon went on to complete 10Km runs at Wipro Chennai marathon, Dusk to Dawn, Womanathon and has recently won the Veteran category gold at Cool Runners marathon in Chennai. Not a sportswoman in her childhood days , Nirmala is an example of what focused training and health awareness can transform one into. Her daily rou?ne sees her on the warm up walking trail from 3:30 am , progressing on to boat club runners and finishing with Yoga at 7:30 am. When asked her secret of success , she says that "One never knows what one can , un?l one tries it at least once" . Dream runners wishes our runner of the fortnight a trail blazing maiden 21km soon !
15 APR 2015
Expert’s Corner - Ash Nath
Improve your Running Form. Say
Goodbye to Injuries.
Statistics reflect that annually nearly
65% of runners experience some
form of running related injury that
affects their training. In fact, most
runners view a running related injury
as a “vocational hazard” and simply
accept it. Worse is how a runner
typically approaches his running
career as most attempt to return back
aggressively after an injury, almost to
make up for lost time. And sadly this
usually results in a relapse.
Common injuries relate to the ankles,
knees, hips, and even our back and
neck. Most doctors lay blame for
such injuries on the sport of running
and its common to hear them advice
a runner to reduce and/or avoid
Well the truth be told, it is not running
itself that is to blame but the way we
run that causes injuries. Read this
carefully as somehow this logic
escapes most runners, and we just
follow the herd mentality and blame
The root cause of most running
injuries is “poor running form”. Not
the running surface, not our long
hours in training and certainly not
running per se. Actually humans were
made to run, and our bodies are
designed for efficient running. Our
ancestors would tire out their prey
when hunting for food.
Almost all runners wish to run longer
distances and/or improve their
timings. Scratch the surface and
even the runner who is doing a
marathon in 6 hours is seeking to
reduce his timing to 5:30, and then
improve further in all likelihood. Same
thought process goes for the half
marathon or 10k or any distance,
irrespective of sex, age or experience
of the runner.
Point is that without proper running
form, any added distance or more
speed work, only increases our
likelihood for injury. Every time there
is a race around the corner, I see
runners register with Coaches to train
them to run faster.
My honest stance is that without
correcting your running form, even a
good training program will, at best,
give you suboptimal results. At worst,
you will get injured. It is our poor biomechanical running form which
causes our running injuries.
To improve our running form, we
must be open to “re-learning”. Did
you know that even Tiger Woods at
the height of his early career felt that
he could improve upon his golfing
form, and took the hard decision to
invest in himself. During this period of
re-learning, his winning percentages
fell but once he got his act back
together, Tiger came back with a still
bigger bang.
So we must be open to re-learning
and not adhere to old habits. And
revisit our running posture, our lean,
our feet strike pattern and how we
are using our upper body and arms.
Visit www.catalystsports.in for more
A Structured Training program for beginners by Ash Nath, in 8 places across Chennai, brought to you by Dream Runners.
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