Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

The Original
Hard Folding
Tonneau Cover
The Steffens Automotive Story
Steffens Automotive Products, an ISO9001
registered division of Steffens Enterprises Inc.,
proudly manufactures it’s Fold-a-Cover, Style
Step, and Personal Caddy branded products in
it’s state-of-the-art, 100,000 sq./ft., ISO14001
registered environmentally friendly headquarters
in Caledonia, MI. Over the last 20+ years our
reputation for innovative engineering and
excellence in manufacturing has solidified
our position as the industry leader in OE and
aftermarket truck accessories we produce.
Fold-a-Cover Innovation
In 1988 our flagship product, the Fold-a-Cover,
was introduced as the automotive industries first
hard folding tonneau cover. Since then, Steffen’s
innovative designs have been awarded over twenty
US and international patents, and continues to
be recognized as the industry leader in quality,
innovation, and value. As pick-up trucks evolved
from work vehicles to become mainstream family
vehicles, the Fold-a-Cover has evolved with
them. Our products are designed to perform with
incredible durability, security, and ease of use.
LS Series
G4 Elite Series
The first integrated latch and lock on a
folding cover allows access to your cargo
area without having to open your tailgate
The integrated latch, locks your cover into
position, and also locks the tailgate
6 Points of attachment provide a high level
of security
Upgraded latch and lock allow for one handed
access to your cargo area in less then 3
seconds without having to open your tailgate
The integrated latch locks your cover into
position and also locks the tailgate
Flush mounted design provides a smoother
look and increased aerodynamics
8 Points of attachment with added center
latches make the G4 the most secure folding
cover on the market!
Often imitated, never duplicated
Steel Hinges
Integrated Latch and
Lock assembly
Unobstructed rear view
when fully opened
Precision machined
mounting clamps
Textured Panels with
OE grade coating
Rounded rail corners
Management System
Designed exclusively for the G4
ELITE folding cover.
The Personal Caddy cargo management system is the
first, and only cargo management compartment that
can be used in conjunction with the G4 Elite series
folding tonneau cover.
 Provides fully concealed cargo
management - only you know it
is under the front panel.
 Creates a secure and organized
storage compartment.
 Patented suspended installation
allows for full length use of your
cargo area for lumber or other longer
items under the personal caddy.
 Constructed of rigid, lightweight,
aluminum, the Personal Caddy cannot
rust or corrode, and is simple to remove
to regain total truck bed volume.
 Optional retractable tray is available
for multilevel storage of smaller items.
a l l to n n e au cov e r s a r e
n o t c r e at e d e q u a l
demand more from
yo u r c o v e r
why choose a fold-a-cover
hard folding tonneau cover?
Features you should expect
in your next cover
ease of use:
Our patented covers give you
access to the front or rear of your cargo area in
seconds without having to open your tailgate
1) Can the cover be opened and locked from
both the front and rear of the truck bed?
Fold-a-Cover can!
Locks at the front and back of
the cover secure your cargo area regardless of
a locking tailgate
2) Can the cover be opened with one hand in
less than three seconds?
Our patented covers are
the only hard folding covers that allow you to
access your cargo area and your personal caddy
from behind the cab of your truck without fully
opening the cover
OE Grade components and
construction coupled with the industries most
solid installation for years of reliable use
weather resistant: Rigid aluminum
construction designed to protect your cargo in
all types of weather.
fuel efficient:
Improves the fuel
efficiency of your truck by up to 10%
Fold-a-cover®, Style Step®, Personal Caddy®, & G4 Elite®
are registered trademarks of Steffens Enterprises Inc.
Fold-a-Cover can!
3) Can the cover be opened without having
to open your tailgate?
Fold-a-Cover can!
4) Is the cover lockable, and can it lock your
Fold-a-Cover can!
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