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explore USA!
Welcome to the United States!
Dear participant,
Welcome to the United States and our intensive English Summer Class, Explore USA
LGBT Edition in California for gay and lesbian students!
When I was 18 years old I had the chance to live in California. What an amazing time in
my life! Everything was new to me, and the world, a fascinating place to discover. Here I had
the chance to meet some of the people who have inspired me and set an example of what I
wanted for my life. I still treasure a wonderful friendship with them. It saw married gay boys in
trusting and loving relationships, living in beautiful houses and happy with their lives which
encouraged me to be happy as well. Allow me and through It Gets Better and George
Washington School of English we can put you through a similar experience, an experience you
will cherish for the rest of your life. Not to mention that you will become bilingual in English!
Our program in California is a great chance to practice English, meet new friends and see the
Los Angeles gay scene, one of the most fascinating cities in the United States. If you are also
feeling passionate about the world of movies and television, trust me, this program is for you!
We have taken care of every detail for you to live a great adventure in which you will be
introduced to a new culture while meeting new friends and improving your basic skills in
English (comprehension, expression and reading). You will also visit one of the most beautiful
places of the world.
The It Gets Better and George Washington School of English® staff are very excited
about being with you in this extraordinary experience, showing you the wonderful State of
California and helping you in socializing. We will make sure that this will be an unforgettable
Albert P. Torres
CEO, George Washington School of English®
 [email protected]
Why in the United States? Our system
Where to stay
Learning English
LGBT events
California: the Golden State
Who can take you to America better than
Many schools do their English programs in countries like England or Ireland. However, we
strongly believe that the American Way of Life and the easy-going character of the United States
citizens guarantee success in learning the English language. It Gets Better and George Washington
School of English, both dynamic and young organizations, have designed a program full of exciting
activities for the participant to learn English and enjoy her / his time here. Los Angeles is a city with
a huge offer of things to do and places to visit for LGBT tourists as well.
According to Louise B. Walker, Spanish teacher at the Herbert Hoover High School in San
Diego (California), spending 15 days at a country where they speak the language you want to learn
has an enormous and positive effect. The students begins to link words with objects, actions and
situations real fast, multiplying the learning capacity. By constantly listening native speakers of a
language the student is also capable of improving her / his accent.
If you also have the opportunity to learn English with LGBT teachers and students, who will
speak about subjects of your interest, we can guarantee you excellent results.
Map of the United States where you can see where Los Angeles is located.
It Gets Better and George Washington School of English® presents the “Explore USA!”
method which focuses in obtaining a higher performance of the participants. Other programs just
abandon their students in their new country, but “Explore USA!” from George Washington School
of English and It Gets Better combines endless activities and evaluations with the goal of
optimizing learning English.
We want to show you California, a State we love. We want to introduce you LGBT families.
We want to take you to movie and television studios and put you as a participant of films and TV
shows in Hollywood. We want you to meet American LGBT students so you can see what you
have in common. We want this to be a journey that will enrich your life.
It Gets Better was founded in 2010 when journalist Dan Savage and his husband Terry
uploaded a video to YouTube explaining how their lives had improved since they have accepted
themselves, came out to relatives and friends and achieving love and happiness. The video
became famous worldwide and since then more than 60.000 videos have been published on line.
In those videos all kinds of people encourage young gays and lesbians to keep on with their lives
because everything is going to be all right.
It Gets Better offers connecting our
participants with American LGBT students.
We will also visit their headquarters and meet
their staff.
Dan Savage and Terry Miller
We are offering you two options:
The possibility of staying with a host LGBT family brings you the chance of meeting and
see how Los Angeles citizens live. You can also practice your English with them everyday, and
share your hopes and interests. A truly unique experience that will fulfill you with inspiration
and power.
School of English
George Washington School of English was
started in 2003 as a network of American English
academies which featured an innovative system to learn
this language. They have four campuses in Spain and
programs in Florida and California. George Washington
School of English is a gay friendly company, whose CEO
and many of their employees are openly gay people.
They have achieved a 100% in the guidelines of “Human
Rights Campaign”, the largest organization fighting for
LGBT rights in the USA.
Our house is your house
You can also stay at our residency. The George Washington School of English® Dorms
California. Our home celebrates the Californian architecture style and is located in the historical
Hollywood district.
Guests will enjoy beautiful rooms and three meals per day. Our residency embraces the
American Way of Life and is located inside the Los Angeles metropolitan area, so we can get
to any place in town within a short time.
The George Washington School of English Residency
United States President, Barack Obama, recorded a video for the It Gets Better Project.
In this video he shows his full support for gay and lesbian teens. You can see the video at:
American English is currently established as a must-have tool to access the working
world. The American English tests TOEIC and TOEFL are the most done in the world. George
Washington School of English, leader in the American English educational industry, has
developed a program for you to achieve excellency in this field.
“Day to Day” situations: there is no better way to develop your knowledge in American
English than using them. Guided by your tour director you will have to participate in common
situations such as: do groceries, laundry, go to the movies, go shopping or use public
Excursions: The goal of this part of the program is to know closer an area of the
country. Other school programs don’t have this possibility but with “Explore USA!” you can do
different trips. Through these excursions your tour director will take you to a remarkable
location of California. During your visit you will have the chance to learn about the history of
the place and to see the beauty of America.
Gymkhana: George Washington School of English and It Gets Better have prepared
different challenges in every destination. You will have to make up a team with other
participants and reach to the goal!
Email composition: Each week participants will write a common email about what they
are doing. Pictures will be included and the email will be sent to relatives and friends back
Teacher / Tour Director full time: Participants have a 24/7 support and guidance of our
Teacher and Tour Director.
Making new friends
We will introduce you to LGBT American
students, a great opportunity to practice English and
share interests!
Sports: This is a great chance to play All American sports such as Football or Baseball
with LGBT American students.
Party time!: A great way to socialize! George Washington School of English will
organize a grand “welcoming” party as another to say good bye. 4th of July is also
“Independence Day”, America’s National holiday. Participants will celebrate this special
occasion by going to a BBQ or seeing fireworks.
English Classes: Of course! We offer Monday to Friday 2 hour English classes
everyday. All with the unique touch of the experienced George Washington School of English
Creation of a DVD: As TV reporters you will participate in the creation of a DVD in
English. This documentary will be about your experience here and a copy of it will be
distributed to all participants at the end of the month. What a fantastic souvenir!
Participants of a previous edition ready to surf in Malibu Beach
Participate in movies and TV shows:
This is a huge opportunity to improve your English skills, see the world of movies from
the inside and... who knows? You may become Hollywood’s next movie star! You can be part
of the audience of America’s most popular TV shows like “Ellen”, visit the set of “Desperate
Housewives” or meet up with LGBT actresses and actors thanks to our agreement with the
“Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation”.
Any other series or movie you might be interested? Well, there are so many shootings
going on in Hollywood. In previous editions we have acted as extras in a horror movie. So if
you are interested in appearing in any movie or TV show, please let us know and we will try to
put you in.
Shoot daily at the Warner Bros. Studios, the Ellen Degeneres show has become one of
the most popular shows on American television.
You will obtain so many knowledge’s in American English that there is no better way to
study and keep a record of them than using our “Personal Plan”. This system is used with great
success at all George Washington School of English centers and allow students to follow a
path and keep track of it. Thanks to this system our teachers and tour directors can accelerate
and optimize the learning process.
“The English Language Experience!™ personal plan” book will be distributed among
our participants. If the first lesson is about the Simple Present verb tense, we will focus in using
this tense in our conversations so we can check it up at the end of the day. This is just a little
example of how we can use this method in our Summer class.
Short movies workshop: Another great way to keep practicing English!. Write a script
for a short movie and then... lights, camera, action!
Board games evenings: When you get exhausted of playing baseball and American
Football you can relax by playing a good game of Trivial Pursuit, Clue or Monopoly in English.
Movie evenings: We will go to the movies in selected evenings or we will catch TV
series at home. Then we will do comprehension tests.
American History Workshop: A good way to understand the culture of our host country
is to study the intense history of the United States. We will do this by combining interesting
talks, computer programs and visits to Disney rides like “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”.
Participants of our 2010 edition visiting the Hollywood hills.
community engagement
The It Gets Better Project works directly in communities
and collaborates with other organizations to connect
LGBT youth with the resources they need, and to
leverage the Project’s mainstream recognition to raise
awareness and inspire change.
George Washington School of English donates part of
the profits of this program to the It Gets Better Project.
SPEAK OUT LOS ANGELES: We will have meetings with young gay and lesbians of
Southern California at the It Gets Better offices. This is a fantastic chance to meet new friends and
practice English. After the meeting we can all go for dinner together.
WEST HOLLYWOOD TOUR: We will visit West Hollywood, Los Angeles’ gay
neighborhood. We will see its magnificent restaurants, fabulous clubs and open air activities.
GAY PRIDE SAN DIEGO: The Gay Pride Festival of San Diego brings us the chance of
participating in its parade and attractions.
GAY LOS ANGELES: There are so many activities for gay people in the Los Angeles area
that it would be impossible to attend all of them! You can run in a marathon, go to a wine tasting in
an upscale hotel or read a book about LGBT history while drinking a delicious sweet tea at one of
the Gay libraries.
A young gay couple in a West Hollywood park.
The videos uploaded to the It Gets Better web site ask teens to be themselves despite of
challenges, such as bullying, the may face in their lives. The message is simple, no matter
how difficult things seems to be, everything will get better..
Look for us on:
California is the wealthiest and most famous state of the United States. As Katy Perry
said “you can travel the world, but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast”.
What has this place to offer people from all over the world who would come here to fulfill
their dreams? The “Gold Rush” brought cow-boys from the whole country in search of fortune.
Dreamers from all over the USA came here to start the first Hollywood studios. One of them,
packed everything he had in a suitcase and took the first train to Los Angeles. Then he would
create certain mouse, called him “Mortimer”. But his wife thought it was a horrible name and
changed it to “Mickey”, the rest is history. Decades later, from a garage, a young college
student invented something that would change the world - the personal computer. California is
the land where dreams come true and this is the reason why creative people from the whole
planet come here to live their dreams.
George Washington School of English and It Gets Better have selected Southern California
to develop this program for the following reasons:
Los Angeles is one of the largest and most fascinating cities of the world. From the magic of
the movie studios in Hollywood, to the luxury of Beverly Hills or the beautiful beaches of
Malibu and Santa Monica, the city offers unlimited opportunities. Los Angeles is one of the
places in the United States with more LGBT population and Californians are well known for
being open minded.
At our residency participants will find themselves into a family and welcoming environment.
It Gets Better and George Washington School of English don’t organize this program in a
massive industrial way but in a very personalized and human level. There will be limited
groups of participants.
Our residency is conveniently located near the great tourist attractions of Southern
- 10 min. from Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blv. and the Dolby Theatre.
- 15 min. from Universal Studios Hollywood.
- 20 min. from Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills.
- 30 min. from Santa Monica and Venice Beach.
- 30 min. from the financial district, Staples Center and Mexican “Pueblo”.
- 45 min. from Disneyland.
It Gets Better Project arrives in Spain to help kids, teens and young people victims of
bullying and harassment through sharing the experiences of other people who have defatted this
situations. It Gets Better Spain want to bring public attention to the problem of bullying, focusing
on homophobic bullying.
Not coming out, not having goals for the future and the continuos submission to the
aggressivity of harassment in schools not only have effects in the live of a young person during
her / his early stages. This might lead to suicidal tendencies, but might also have negative effects
during the adult part of live of a person.
It Gets Better Spain, as It Gets Better Project in the USA and the worldwide network of
international affiliates in more than 10 countries, want to provide a tool to prevent bullying in
schools. Our videos save lives.
George Washington School of English and It Gets Better have included many trips in this
program and you have the chance to do many more. These trips are also focused on learning
English and American history and traditions. Please, read carefully this part of the program, so
you can decide for which excursion you would like to sign in.
At least once in your life time you have to go to Disneyland. This is the first theme park of
history and although today has replicas in: Orlando, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and soon,
Shanghai. This was the first and only park built and design by Walt Disney himself. At the
Disneyland California Resort we can find two theme parks.
Disneyland Park is Walt Disney’s magic kingdom. Opened in 1955 by Disney himself,
combines the past and the future of America, becoming one of the most remarkable places in
the United States.
Here you can get a picture with Donald Duck in front of the Cinderella Castle. Ride a
rocket on its way to the moon that turns to be a roller coaster, explore a haunted mansion
where 999 ghosts are living, experience adventures in the American wild west or learn about
history talking with U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.
Don’t forget “SpectroMagic” at night, which is a
spectacular parade that uses more than a million
light bulbs. This is a highly recommended trip. It
would be unthinkable to visit California or even the
United States and not spending at least one day
Get a picture with Mickey Mouse and
friends while visiting Disneyland!
Disney’s California Adventure is a tribute to dreamers like Walt Disney, the Beach Boys
or Steve Jobs, who created a unique Californian culture. Here you can find the most
technologically advanced rides, like the “Radiator Springs Car racers”.
In this park we can celebrate the music, movies and culture of California through the
“Wonderful World of Color”. An amazing night show that mixes fountains, fireworks, special
effects and movies shown on water screens. We can also visit a haunted hotel and fall down in
its elevator, ride a classic wood roller coaster, learn about Hollywood movies and play with the
characters of “Toy Story”.
For how many excursions should I sign in?
The “Explore USA! California” program from It Gets Better and George Washington School of English® already
includes different activities and excursions. There are other trips that are not included in the base price. Some of them,
like the visits to Disneyland and Universal Studios are highly recommended. We encourage you to sign in for the trip to
at least one theme park. If you select visiting all Disney theme parks you can get a very interesting discount. Please
feel free to contact with a George Washington School of English representative for additional questions.
EXCURSIONS ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE BASE PRICE: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown Disney,
Universal City Walk,) Santa Monica and Venice Beach, financial district and Mexican “Pueblo”.
Downtown Disney is a gigantic
entertainment area located at the entrance of the
Disneyland Resort. It’s a lot of fun to spend a full day
here for the many activities that are offered. There are
restaurants, clubs, live music, shops…
And it is common to see celebrities like Miley
Cirus or Minnie Mouse around here!
Hollywood: Just pronouncing this word evokes glamour and magic. Visit with your tour
guide this historical neighborhood established in 1915 by the first movie directors. Tour the
“Walk of Fame” in search of the star of your favorite actor. Get into the Dolby Theatre, where the
Oscars Ceremony is held each year, see the famous Hollywood Bowl, shop at the souvenir
movie stores in Sunset Blvd., see the actors and director houses at the Hollywood Hills and
hike towards the world famous Hollywood sign. From here you will spot amazing views of Los
look for the star of your favorite artist!
hollywood walk of fame
Beverly Hills: The glamour of this well known
neighborhood established by stars of the Hollywood
golden era still here today! Shop at the most exclusive
boutiques of Rodeo Drive, swim at the pools of famous
hotels, like the one you saw in “Pretty Woman”, and visit
the mansions of the celebrities with their king palm
trees. Will you see a movie star? Well, the participants of
previous editions will tell you that they saw many.
Santa Monica and Venice Beach: A Los Angeles must see!, spend a day at this unique
California beach. Walk through the Santa Monica boardwalk, and see its victorian style houses.
Surf here! or go to the rides of the pier. Just like in “Bay watch”.
Then be prepared for a more bohemian experience as we visit Venice Beach. A
charming hippy neighborhood by the sea. Go back to the California of the 60‘s by visiting its
shops and listening to the many live music performances.
El icónico muelle de la Playa de Santa Monica
surf california
Downtown Los Angeles: This trip to the financial district and the Mexican “Pueblo”
allows you to see two very different areas of Los Angeles separated by short distance. You can
spot the highest skyscrapers of the city here, shop at upscale malls, see the “Staples Arena”
home of the “L.A. Lakers”. You can take beautiful pictures of L.A. from the gardens located at
the top floor of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. From here we can visit the Los Angeles city hall
The Mexican “Pueblo” is really close to here. Here you can visit the mission established
by Fray Junipero Serra by order of King Charles III of Spain, where the city started. Then have
some real tacos and burritos!
Participants in front of the Los Angeles City hall.
San Diego: This beautiful tropical city has great Spanish and Mexican influences. There
is a huge contrast between the historical Spanish district and the modern business buildings.
Walk through this lovely town filled with palm trees and swim at its incredible beaches. This
excursion includes one night in a hotel and is done while the Gay Pride Festival is taking place.
San Diego Pride is one of the biggest LGBT events of the United
States. Pool parties are very popular during this festival!
Established in 1912 by Carl Leammlie, Universal Studios
Hollywood is currently the largest movie and TV studio in the world. The Studio tour will show
you the sets where movies like Ben Hur, Back to the
Future, Jaws or The Mummy where shot. Although you
have to be prepared to be attacked by King Kong or to
survive an earthquake!
Learn about movie history while you get in rides
like The Simpsons or Jurassic Park.
Universal City Walk is the “place to be” in
Hollywood. With fantastic stylish bars and
restaurants, huge palm trees and outstanding
international stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, an
evening here will be unforgettable. Then you can go for an
all American hamburger at the “Hard Rock Café”, located
at the end of this hollywood style promenade.
When you take the V.I.P. tour of the Warner
Brothers Studios you are entering the historical
sets and stages where movies like Casa Blanca
where filmed. The museum of the Studios pays
tribute to this legendary film company. It is
common to see celebrities at the coffee shop.
San Francisco: We are talking about one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Ride
in one of its classic trolleys towards the Golden gate Bridge. Walk through this elegant Victorian
style city. See the classy Union Square, get excited at the Alcatraz jail or see the sea lions at
the pier... because as the song says “you will leave your heart in San Francisco”.
This 3 day trip includes 2 nights at a hotel.
The Golden Gate Bridge and the Victorian style houses makes San Francisco one of the most beautiful cities of
the world. Driving here from los Angeles is a unique experience as well. You will see the coast of California, one of
the most spectacular trips according to the National Geographic magazine.
gay capital of the united states
Since 1940 thousands of LGBT citizens from all over
America have established their home in the Castro
neighborhood, turning the city into a “gay mecca”.
During the 70‘s Harvey Milk was elected as the first
openly gay politician of the United States.
He fought for our rights and his life was recently turned
into a movie.
Would you like to stay in hollywood?
Some of our participants get so fascinated by this program to learn English through the
movie world that would like to stay in Los Angeles for longer. Others, who already work in the
movie industry of their home countries have used it as a gate to the American show business
For all of them we have a solution. Thanks to our agreement with the Los Angeles Film
School they can stay in Hollywood at least for a year while they study performance arts, movie
management, script writing or editing at this prestigious institution. Then they can apply for a
job here through the Los Angeles Film School. Please, contact a representative of George
Washington School of English for more information.
what the program includes
- 1 month in California.
- Bilingual teacher and tour director.
- Transportation.
- Staying at the George Washington School of English® California Residency or with LGBT host
- 5 English classes of 2 hours each per week.
- Tours of: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown Disney, Universal Boardwalk, Santa Monica and
Venice Beach, financial district and Mexican “Pueblo”.
- Web site where best pictures of the trips and articles will be published.
- Phone line.
- Copy of the DVD created during the program.
- Welcome and good bye parties.
- George Washington School of English and It Gets Better books and merchandising.
- George Washington School of English certificate.
general information and common questions
What is the weather like in California?
Southern California has a warm and nice weather year round. It is convenient to bring a sweater
because it gets chilly during the evening.
What kind of clothing should I wear?
Bring comfortable and Summer type clothing. Americans tend to dress very casual. Don’t forget
to bring trunks, towels, sun glasses... and a sweater. In most indoor places the air conditioning is very
How much money should I bring?
There is not an exact quantity. This program includes everything that you need (food, shelter and
transportation). If you want to sign in for an additional trip it is recommended that you do it before the
program starts. So we suggest to bring around US$ 500.
If you are interested in shopping you have to know that American brands like Polo Ralph Lauren,
Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Nike, Calvin Klein, GAP or Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as electronics, have low
prices here compared to the rest of the world.
Is the United States a safe place to be?
Although many movies portray America as a very violent country, the United States is a very safe
place to visit.
Should I bring a camera?
This would be a memorable experience. So all types of cameras are welcome. The tour director
will use a High Definition camcorder for the creation of the DVD.
How does electric power works here?
In the United States electric power works at 110v. and they have different plugs than the rest of
the world. You can buy travel adapters for around $1 at “Radio Shack” and similar stores.
What services are there? ¿Can I buy basic products?
The United States is the wealthiest and most developed country of the world. Its society is very
advanced and dynamic. There are all kind of services and products available. The mail service works in
a very efficient way. In most houses and hotels you can enjoy: air conditioning, internet connection and
cable TV.
Will there be enough food? Would it be of good quality?
Despite of bad reputation, American food is good and varied. There are dishes from all over the
world. Portions are big. Most restaurants and coffee shops offer free refills. Most restaurants offer a free
buffet salad bar.
Americans usually have a big breakfast, a light lunch and a big dinner around 6pm. Before
going to sleep is common to have a snack. This is the schedule we will follow.
Do I need a visa to travel to the United States?
-Citizens of Spain / European Union: Any citizen of Spain or of any other country of the European
Union can travel to the United States and stay there up to three months without any kind of visa. It is
necessary to have a valid passport and that the passport has a magnetic bar compatible with the
computers of the Homeland Security Department of the Government of the United States of America. It
is also necessary to do a registration at the web site of the Embassy of the United States. George
Washington School of English representatives can help you with this process. Your tour director will fly
with you and clear customs if you are departing from Madrid, Spain.
-Citizens of countries of South and Central America (except Venezuela and Argentina): It is
necessary to apply for a tourist visa at your local U.S. Embassy. We encourage you to do it in advance
as they might take up to three months to give you the visa. George Washington School of English
representatives can help you with this process.
-Citizens of Venezuela and Argentina: It is necessary to apply for a tourist visa at your local U.S.
Embassy as well as to inform local authorities that you are planning to leave the country. We encourage
you to do it in advance as they might take up to 3 to 4 months to give you the visa. George Washington
School of English representatives can help you with this process.
For more information...
If you need more information or have more questions please contact a George Washington
School of English representative:
Phone (Spain):
Phones (rest of the world):
91 659 5449
+34 91 659 5449 o +34 91498 5411
[email protected]
You can also contact the It Gets Better Project:
[email protected]
Or visit the following web sites: information about George Washington School of English. information about the Disneyland Resort and its theme parks. information about Universal Studios and schedules about movie and TV shows
Flight tickets: Flight tickets are not included in the base price. Despite of this, George
Washington School of English will provide a recommended flight so participants can travel with our
teachers. This flight departs from Madrid, Spain.
Teachers will also clear customs with participants in this flight. Once the flight number and
carrier has been provided participants can purchase flight tickets on line or in authorized travel
agencies. If participants are traveling in different flights George Washington School of English staff will
pick up the participant at the following airports: Los Angeles International (LAX) and John Wayne
Airport. Participants flying from Barcelona, Spain or any other city of the world will be picked up at the
following airports: Los Angeles International (LAX) and John Wayne Airport.
Festivals and sports events: There is a wide variety of musical festivals featuring international
and local artists taking place in California, as well as sports event. Most festivals have free admission so
your tour director would gladly accept to go there with you. For sports events such as Football,
Baseball or Basketball an admission fee must be paid. Your tour director can go with you but the ticket
price is not included.
Medical insurance: It is necessary to have a medical insurance while in the United States. If you
have a private medical insurance in your local country call your company to find out if they provide
support in the United States through an associated corporation. If you don’t have medical coverage in
the United States it is necessary for you to buy it, please contact a George Washington School of
English representative in order to do this.
What is included in the excursions: Excursions includes transportation, the offered hotel nights,
breakfast and tour director. Trips to theme parks includes the tickets to access the park and do all the
rides and see all the shows. We encourage you to sign in for optional excursions when buying this
program. A US $ 15 extra charge fee will be included when purchasing excursions when in California.
... and they keep coming
California is the preffered destination for dreamers and LGBT teens
to establish a new home.
Your dreams start here!
(1 month)
US $ 3900
€ 3499
Disneyland Park
US $ 249 / € 199
Disney’s California Adventure
US $ 249 / € 199
Downtown Disney
 SPECIAL OFFER: All Disney theme parks
Universal City Walk
Universal Studios Hollywood (1 day)
Tour VIP de Warner Bros. Studios (1 day)
San Diego
San Francisco
(up to 5 days) for just $ 350 / 279€
US $ 229 / € 179
US $ 145 / € 99
US $ 749 / € 499
US $ 1149 / € 799
School of English
Headquarters:  (+34) 91 659-5449
Av. de la Universidad, 7 · Fuenblabrada
Madrid 28,942 (Spain)
 [email protected]
 [email protected]