Tropical Dental Experience in Long Beach

Tropical Dental Experience
in Long Beach
By Kristen Bird-Sheldon
Long Beach office
re you the type of person that cringes at the very thought
of seeing the dentist? Many people in the United States
suffer from odontophobia, which is just a fancy word for
fear of the dentist. For many, the fear of dental care can lead to
serious health issues. Even if your aversion is not that severe,
any type of anxiety that stems from seeing a dentist can be alleviated by seeing a professional that understands and makes
your comfort their number one concern.
The Lakefront Neighbors area is lucky to have Dr. Leonard Anglis. Dr. Anglis has offices in Crown Point and Long Beach,
and he and his staff make patient comfort their number one
concern. Dr. Anglis’ team works to alleviate apprehension
by providing a tropical dental experience through the use
of aromatherapy, personally selected music, warmed neck
rolls, and soft blankets. Nancy Anglis, practice manager,
explains, “Our staff respects our clients’ wishes and fulfills all
requests to help them to feel more comfortable. We frequently
use oral sedation or IV sedation to help patients feel at ease.”
Dr. Anglis has known from a very young age that dentistry
was his path, and he is also passionate about spending time
with his family. He especially loves fishing with his son, Andrew. From a philanthropic standpoint, he is passionate about
raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Association since his mother
has been afflicted with this disease for over ten years. His office team, The Unforgettables, has been the team champion in
fund raising for the past two years!
According to Nancy Anglis, “Dr. Anglis chose to have an office in Long Beach because he has loved the area for so many
years—enjoying its beauty and the fishing in Lake Michigan. He wanted to find a special and private spot tucked away
in a serene setting to provide life-changing care. Dr. Anglis
always feels like he is on vacation when he is providing dental implant care in Long Beach. Without question, he has enjoyed his patients that he has met here most of all!”— For more
information about Dr. Anglis’ office and services, you can visit
his website at or call 219.878.1280
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