Bank of Ireland Travel Money Guide

Bank of Ireland Travel Money Guide
Bank of Ireland provides a wide range of products to assist you when travelling abroad. This includes
Foreign Currency Notes, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Banking 365 Phone and Internet Banking, and
Travel Insurance.
Eurozone Countries
If you are travelling to Eurozone countries, remember you do not need to exchange currencies as you
can use Euro. You may also use your Debit or Credit card within the Eurozone.
Eurozone Countries
The Netherlands
The Euro is also used in Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City, as well as autonomous
communities and nationalities of the countries listed above including Andorra, Corsica, the Balearic,
Canary and Greek Islands.
Other Countries
When travelling abroad, you have several options available to you including foreign currency and
debit/credit card. It’s a good idea to bring some local currency with you. Our branches sell a wide
range of foreign currencies – both readily available and on a pre ordered basis. Please see list of
foreign currencies at:
Debit or Credit cards
Bank of Ireland provides a range of cards which may be used abroad. This includes Bank of Ireland
Visa Debit Card
Visa Debit cards will be available to Personal and Business current
account customers in the Republic of Ireland. The new Visa Debit card
allows you to access money from your Current Account wherever you
are in the world: in shops, at ATMs and online, wherever you see the
Visa logo displayed.
Visa Debit offers you more benefits, greater convenience and more
security and protection .
Benefits for you:
Greater worldwide acceptance
Wider online acceptance
Greater convenience when you shop
Verified by Visa – great security online
Greater consumer protection
Contactless payments
For full details, please click on following link.
Bank of Ireland also provides a range of credit cards which may be used abroad.
Banking 365 Phone and Internet Banking
Do all your day-to-day banking activities online, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Bank of Ireland
365 puts you in control.
Carry out a wide range of banking activities, apply for products and manage your accounts with 365
online – which now includes our new mobile app.
Travel Insurance
To get a quote for Travel Insurance, please follow the link below.
Contact us
Fees & Charges / Terms & Conditions
Fees, Charges, Terms & Conditions may apply for the above featured products. For full details,
please select the relevant link.