Vendor Application & Rules

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Date Accepted ____________
Check #__________
Amount __________
Deposit Check # _______ Date Returned___________
Mail to:
Orion Art Center
Attn: Lake Orion Farmers’ Market
115 S. Anderson / PO Box 674
Lake Orion, MI 48362
2015 Vendor Application
Business Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Applicant’s Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________ City & Zip: _______________________________
County: _________________ Email: _______________________________________________
Home:____________________ Business:_______________________ Cell:______________________
Website address www.____________________________________________________
Do you accept Project FRESH? Yes ____ No ____
Do you accept Bridge cards? Yes ___ No ____
Do you have the ability to accept credit cards? Yes ______ No ______ No, but wish to ______
Do you belong to MIFMA? (Michigan Farmers’ Market Association) Yes _______ No _______
Do you have a business Facebook page? Yes _____ (please Like and Follow ours) No _____
I am a: _____ Returning Vendor
______ New Vendor
In order to uphold the integrity of the LOFM, we require you to list all products you do not grow or produce, as
well as, the name and contact information of the producer. As indicated in our policy, you are also required to
clearly label where these products come from at your booth, at each market.
Producer/Farmer Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________
Address(es) and/or phone: _____________________________________________________________________
If we are unable to accept your participation in this season, would you like to be put on our waiting list so that
we may contact you when there is an opening? Yes______ No______
Please check either Seasonal Vendor or Weekly Vendor and complete the corresponding section.
• Seasonal Fee: $220/booth (19 weeks of Market)
• # of booths desired for 2015 season: ______
# of Seasonal Booths (each space is approximately 10 x 10) _______ x $220 = ____________
• Weekly Vendor Fee: $20/booth
• Weekly vendors also require a $50 deposit, no matter how many dates you plan to attend.
This deposit will be held until your last scheduled date, and then returned if all conditions
are met. If you write a separate check, we will hold in safe. Our main purpose for deposit is
to ensure vendor variety and limit too many of similar type products.
Please circle the dates you are interested in below:
June 17
June 24
July 1
July 8
July 15 July 22
July 29
August 5
September 2
September 9
August 12
August 19
September 16 September 23
August 26
September 30
October 7
October 14
October 21
# of Booth Spaces and Weeks (each space is approximately 10 x 10) ______ x $20 = ________
Please make checks payable to: Orion Art Center (memo: Farmers’ Market)
Otherwise you may pay via Visa or MasterCard (Please circle)
Number______________________________________ Exp date________ 3 digits on the back of the card _____
Print full name on the card____________________________ Signature_________________________________
I have read and fully understand the Lake Orion Farmers’ Market Rules. I hereby agree to comply with these
Rules and Regulations (separate document incorporated herein) and all other Federal, State and Local
regulations that apply. I understand full well that I will forfeit my right to sell at the Lake Orion Farmers’ Market
if I am found non-compliant.
Signature & Date___________________________________
_______________, 2015
I, ________________________________(Print) agree to hold harmless and indemnify the OAC, it’s Officers,
Sponsors, Employees and Officials with respect to damages, losses, injuries or other claims, including but not
limited to the performance of services or any other matter covered by this agreement, excepting acts of gross
negligence by Officers, Sponsors, Employees or Officials of the OAC.
Signature & Date___________________________________
_______________, 2015
Wednesday, MAY 6, 2015
Pre-season applicants will be included in a website listing. Early submissions (for seasonal or weekly
vendor options) improve our opportunity to promote you in advance via newsletters and popular
Facebook posts. THEMES are back this year!
Applications received May 7th or later will be processed as space and vendor variety allows.
2015 Lake Orion Farmers’ Market
Market Hours, Dates and Location
The Lake Orion Farmers’ Market is held on Wednesday afternoons from
2pm-7pm, beginning June 17th and ending October 21nd. The market is
located at 93 S. Anderson in downtown Lake Orion, adjacent to the
Orion Art Center with parking behind Children’s Park.
Site Logistics
Vendor spaces are 10ft X 10ft and will be assigned at the beginning of the season. [Please note: Only prepaid, Season long vendors that have signed agreements are guaranteed assigned spaces.]
Vendors must supply their own equipment (examples: tent, chairs, tables, etc.).
Vendors are responsible for set-up and clean-up. Set-up begins at 12:30pm, and all vendors must be
checked in and set-up no later than 1:45pm. In order to preserve the lot conditions we want to limit
vehicles on the grass, especially when wet. For safety reasons: No moving vehicles will be permitted in
the marketplace after 1:45pm or before 7pm!
Vendors must remain on site for the entire market (i.e. 7pm).
Vendors are required to park in either the far northwest corner of the Children’s Park lot, or in the public
parking lot at Anderson and Front Streets, located west of the Lake Orion United Methodist Church.
We want to reserve closer parking for shoppers!
PARKING is NEVER PERMITTED along the north side of the grassy lot by vendors or customers where oncall fire crew and emergency vehicles may need to travel quickly or park for work purposes.
Vendors may not sublease or share your assigned space.
Vendors are responsible for keeping their space attractive during market hours and for cleaning up their
space after the market closes including removal of garbage and picking up all debris. Vendors whose
products generate waste must provide covered trash containers for customer use and remove trash from
site – NO onsite garbage or recycling.
Vendors must provide appropriate containers for water, and follow all health code regulations when
handling produce and prepared foods.
You must seek permission to access water or electricity for your booth.
We welcome you and your consumers to use biodegradable and reusable bags while also trying to limit
one time use plastic containers and bags.
General Market Guidelines
No smoking is allowed on-site or in the surrounding areas of the market including the Orion Art Center, the
Horseshoe Pit and along the Paint Creek.
Uses of televisions or radios are prohibited.
Lake Orion Farmers’ Market
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Allowable Products
The following products are permitted for sale and must be made or grown by the participating vendor or its
affiliates, or an approved representative. Priority will be given to those who sell Michigan-made, Michigangrown products. The Farmers Market Administrators reserve the right to limit vendors in order to provide a
balanced variety of selections without undue competition based on our average foot traffic and spending
• Plants, flower, fruits and vegetables.
• Michigan honey & honey products.
• Eggs – properly licensed and in approved containers.
• Florists may bring flowers purchased from a wholesaler, with permission from the Farmers Market
Administrator. Priority will be given to those who grow their own plants.
• Food items – must have original license, display it on site, and send a copy with your application.
• Original artwork, clothing and handcrafted items. No manufactured goods allowed.
• Exceptions or additions to the products listed above must be submitted in writing and approved by the
Farmers Market Administrator.
• You may only sell what has been listed and approved on your application. The LOFM administrators
reserve the right to exclude or limit certain items from your product list if the items do not meet the
requirements of the Market, or they provide an overabundance of a particular product type. Those
decisions are made for the good of the Market.
• Vendors are responsible for their own sales taxes, licenses, insurance, fees, and permits for operation, and
will abide by all local, state and federal laws.
• Vendors must have all required permits and/or licenses and provide copies of said documents to the
Market prior to the start of market day. Examples include:
o Plant/nursery licenses and licensed kitchens for processed foods.
o Vendors of certified organically grown produce must have a copy of current organic certification.
• Vendors who sell food products under the new Cottage Food Bill must meet all state regulations for
• Vendors shall be required to maintain their space so as to provide for the safety of all customers, and shall
not hold the LOFM, Lake Orion DDA, the Village of Lake Orion, or the Orion Art Center responsible for any
injuries sustained during Market hours due to their own negligence.
• It is against LOFM policy to supplement your products with any that are produced by others not listed on
your vendor application. If you falsify your vendor application your right to participate may be revoked.
• Vendors that do not comply with the Market Rules & Regulations and are asked to no longer participate in
the Market will not be issued a refund for booth fees.
• The receipt of an application is not a contract between the vendor and the LOFM. It does not guarantee
your participation.
• Upon acceptance to the market, a finalized product list must be supplied to LOFM, after which point all
changes must be approved by the LOFM.
Lake Orion Farmers’ Market
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Please follow all the Vendor Rules and Regulations. Our theme method means shopper demographics may
Please submit 2 photos of your work and/or a website link. (If you wish your photos to be returned, please
submit a self-addressed stamped envelope with your application.)
Compliance with Government Regulations, Food Samples/Vendors, and Organic Certification
Vendors who fail to comply with applicable state, federal and local regulations may be subject to removal
from the market and forfeiture of booth fees.
Each vendor must furnish to the Orion Art Center a current and valid copy of any and all licenses and
permits necessary for their operation.
For additional information regarding certifications, permits and/or licenses, contact:
Organic Certifications
Michigan Weights and Measures
Colleen M. Collier
Michigan Weights & Measure Association
Michigan Department of Agriculture
940 Venture Lane
P.O. Box 30017
Williamson, MI 48895
Lansing, MI 48909
PH) 517-655-8202
PH) 517-373-0280
Food Safety
Michigan Department of Agriculture
Food and Dairy Division
Cadillac Place
3066 W. Grand Blvd. 3rd Floor, Suite 300
Detroit, MI 48202
PH) 313-456-1300
Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division
PH) 313-456-1360
Oakland County Health Department
Environmental Health Department
Temporary Food Establishment License
1200 N. Telegraph Rd.
Pontiac, MI 48341-0432
PH) 248-424-7028
Labeling, Signage and Pricing
All price lists must be supplied to the market manager on request. No price changes are allowed day of
All vendors shall post a sign no smaller than (8 ½ x 10) with their name & location of their business (all
signs are subject to the approval of the Market Manager).
Vendors that fall under the Cottage Food Law are required to follow proper labeling guidelines [for more
information please visit, (click on Cottage Food Law)] in addition Cottage Food
Law vendors must provide all required documents and vendor guidelines before being accepted into the
As a courtesy to our customers, please specify which fruit & vegetable products are:
1. Organic, certified
2. Local organic
3. Not your own (must be labeled with clearly visible sign that states the product’s point of origin).
No begging, bartering, or other such peddling will be permitted.
Lake Orion Farmers’ Market
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Vendor Fees
Any “walk on” vendors must provide all required documents before the start of the market and uphold all
vendor guidelines.
Only prepaid vendors IN GOOD STANDING are guaranteed space
Booth fee is $20.00 per week for one space. Also, a $50 refundable deposit for weekly vendors is required
so we can control vendor variety.
Season Commitment option: 19 weeks for a pre-paid fee of $220 per space. All pre-paid seasonal vendors
are guaranteed the same weekly spot for the entire season.
Attendance at the Market
Cancellations and No Call-No Show (NCNS): All vendors are expected to show up for the market days in which
they are scheduled. NCNS’s are considered unacceptable and may result in cancellation by LOFM of a future
market date, and forfeiture of your $50 deposit.
There will be no reimbursement of booth fees for any cancellations.
• Season Commitment Vendors are expected to attend every week. If there are any pre-arranged dates in
which you or a representative for you cannot attend, please note those dates on your Vendor Registration
Form. If you have an emergency and you cannot attend a market day that is not noted on your
registration form, you must contact the Orion Art Center immediately.
• Walk on Vendors are expected to attend the week(s) in which you are registered. Any last minute
cancellations or NCNS may result in termination from the market, and forfeiture of your deposit. If you
will not be able to attend your market day, you must contact the Orion Art Center immediately,
emergency or otherwise.
The LOFM will be open Rain or Shine. It is expected that Vendors will attend all scheduled markets
regardless of the weather conditions, unless notified in advance by Market administration.
Mail payments to:
Orion Art Center
Attn: Lake Orion Farmers’ Market
115 S. Anderson / P.O. Box674
Lake Orion, MI 48362
Make checks payable to:
Orion Art Center
Memo: LO Farmers Market
Lake Orion Farmers’ Market Email Address, Website and Contacts
Email: [email protected]
Phone: Orion Art Center Office at 248-693-4986
Assistant Manager:
Open Wed - Fri 12 noon - 6 p.m. & Saturdays 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. during exhibits
Heather Muzzy 248-390-1653 (cell)
Kaylee Rhodes 586-531-8166 (cell)
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