30 March 2015 Dear Parents It has been a very busy term at St

30 March 2015
Dear Parents
It has been a very busy term at St. Nicholas Diocesan School. All children and staff have worked hard
throughout the term and I am sure that they are looking forward to a restful Easter break. The word
“holiday” originated from the words ‘Holy Day’- so let’s not forget these origins and keep God in
everything we do during this holiday.
I am sure that you are all looking forward to spending some quality time with your children. Family time
is important and so I appeal to all parents to use this time wisely with your children. Here are some tips
for the holidays:
 Children need to be kept occupied and supervised by adults at all times
 Limit the time spent in front of the television and monitor the age appropriateness of movies
and programmes
 Video and TV games should also be limited as this does not allow children to think
 Use of the internet should be closely monitored as children can easily be drawn into
 Children should not be fixing electrical appliances as it is very dangerous
 No children should be left unattended at the beaches or the pool (not even for a minute)
 Children should not be out of sight at shopping malls
 Children should be encouraged to read daily
 Eat healthy wholesome food (please limit the junk food)
 Love your children and spend as much quality time with them as you can
 Engage in board games and card games and spend time communicating with your children.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank all children and staff for a fun-filled and busy term. I also would
like to thank all parents for supporting our BIG BIRTHDAY WALK collection where we managed to raise
an incredible amount of R27,000.00. Congratulations to Yamalwandle Duma (Pre-primary) who was the
winner of the R2 000 (fee reduction).
Just a reminder that our after care facility is closing at 12h00 on Wednesday, 1 April 2015. Please
ensure that your children are collected promptly by yourselves at 12h00 and if need be ensure that
alternative transport arrangements are made so that your children are collected at 12h00. We will have
no option but to leave your children with security should they not be collected promptly at 12h00.
I trust that you will have a safe & blessed holiday.
Kind regards
Kamal Rugbar
Acting Principal