Online Math Activities and Reference Sources

Online Math Activities and Reference Sources
Public Broadcasting System
Math page has activities to do with children,
including how to incorporate math into your every
day lives, math milestones, a glossary of math terms
and a piece called "Instill a Love of Math."
Figure This!: Math Challenges for Families
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
(NCTM), in cooperation with the National Action
Council for Minorities in Engineering, Widmeyer
Communications, and the Learning First Alliance,
launched Figure
challenging middle school mathematics and
emphasizes the importance of high-quality math
education for all students.
Federal Government's math section includes pages for kids,
teens and parents with sample problems, games,
videos and answers to some common math
Federal government site with sections on math
basics, math careers, math games, and math videos.
Aimed toward teens.
NASA (National Aeronautics and
Science Administration)
[email protected]
students to the use of mathematics in today’s
scientific discoveries. The site explores the many
kinds of math skills that come together in exploring
the universe.
California Math Council
This website shares the Math at Home program,
written expressly for parents and guardians of Pre-K
and K-12 children, and presents straightforward
information and suggestions and resources for those
who wish to better understand the importance of
mathematics and the role it can play in children’s
lives. Has materials in Spanish.
The Khan Academy
Free online video lessons in several academic areas,
including many math and science topics, and SAT test
preparation. Sections for students, teachers, and
CDE: Math Frameworks Chapters
California Department of Education's page on Math
Framework Chapters include pdf sections for each
grade level, instructional strategies and materials,
assessment, course placement and sequencing.
CDE: Common Core State Standards
California Department of Education's page on the
Common Core State Standards. Includes a link to the
entire mathematics common core standards.
Common Core State Standards Initiative
This website will help parents understand more
about Common Core, including how and why it was
created and how it will help your child.
California State PTA: STEM
Information on the STEM
resolution and additional resources.
California State PTA: Common Core
This section explains common core, and includes a
video, FAQ, additional resource and articles. Also
included are the Parents' Guide To Student Success
for each grade level, which summarize the curriculum
content of the grade level and give hints to parents
on helping their children succeed.
Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
This site will help parents understand this nextgeneration assessment system that will accurately
measure student progress toward college and career