How to Meditate

How to Meditate
The 8 Best Meditations to Reduce Stress
By Lewis Haas
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Chapter 3 - Transcendence Meditation PDF Insert
Here is a list of the mantras for transcendence meditation and the age group they
are meant for:
Age Group
Eng 0-11
Em 12-13
Enga 14-15
Ema 16-17
Ieng 18-19
Iem 20-21
Ienga 22-23
Iema 24-25
Shirim 26-29
Shiring 30-34
Kirim 35-39
Kiring 40-44
Hirim 45-49
Hiring 50-54
Sham 55-59
Shama 60+
The mantras don’t actually have any meaning. Instead, it is thought that the
vibrations of the sound move throughout your body and help restore balance and
health to all systems. Whether or not that is scientifically true is not yet known,
but the health benefits associated with this type of meditation lend some credit to
the idea.
Chapter 4 - Kundalini Meditation PDF insert
Here is a simple map of the 7 chakras with a brief description of each one. The
color associated with each one is important for Kundalini meditation. You should
visualize the color with the associated chakra.
Source: Holistic Light Rejuvenation Center
Each chakra is also associated with a mantra or sound.
1. 1st Chakra: Lam
2. 2nd Chakra: Vam
3. 3rd Chakra: Ram
4. 4th Chakra: Yam
5. 5th Chakra: Ham
6. 6th Chakra: Aum
7. 7th Chakra: Om