P2G 4 Tutorial - Activity Templates

Activity Templates
Access Edit Mode
Tap the pencil button on the bottom toolbar to
access Edit Mode.
Create a New Folder
In Edit Mode, tap on the New Folder icon and
then select New Folder to add a folder. On
iPhone, you will see one plus button for both
adding a button and a folder.
Choose an Activity Template
In the left panel of Edit Mode, scroll down to find
the Activity Templates. On iPad, you can
immediately preview the templates. On an
iPhone/iPod touch you can preview each
template by tapping the (i). Once you have
selected a template, tap Next.
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Set New Folder Properties
Type the name of the folder and select a picture
or a symbol. If you want to open the folder in a
popup, toggle Open in Popup to ON.
Finish the New Folder
Tap Done and define the Basic Appearance,
Language and Behaviour in the left panel of Edit
Mode if desired.
Note that a template contains template buttons.
In Edit Mode, these buttons are dimmed and
have a green T in the upper right corner.
Template buttons can only be moved or
changed by editing the template itself. Buttons
that you add to your folder will flow around the
template buttons.
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