Derma Roller Innovative Skin Rejuvenation Benefits •

Derma Roller
Innovative Skin Rejuvenation
Uses the Chinese art of acupuncture and
scientific research
Small cosmetic hand-held tool designed to
“boost” the effectiveness and penetration
of anti-aging skincare products
Skin needling treatments and collagen
induction therapy (CIT) has been used for
Derma rollers are designed to be more
personal, convenient, and to produce
effective results
At home skin needling is (self controlled)
lighter pressing (but with additional
treatments done more often) with
improvements and results cumulative
over time
Helps improve the penetration and
benefits of anti-aging skincare products
to reach deeper layers
Boosts the effectiveness of topically
applied peptides, stem cells and oil
Stimulates collagen and elastin
Pricking of the skin causes skin’s own
natural healing ability to kick in
Encourages the skin’s natural renewal
process and encourages cell turnover
Improves and minimizes the
appearance of facial lines, wrinkles,
aging and sun damaged skin, stretch
marks and acne scars
Creates plumper, younger-looking,
smoother and more glowing skin
Fades upper lip lines
Derma Roller: How to Use (Face)
Isis Essentials
Natural Organic Skincare Blends
Roll with just the weight of the roller pressing on the
skin never apply force.
Cleanse face and apply skincare products.
Use at night for 5-10 minute.
With slight pressure roll up and down 4 times in
multiple directions as shown make sure that you
cover the entire face using multiple passes.
Never roll under eye but follow cheek ridge from
nose to hairline.
Roll along from the center of jawline ending behind
the ears and back again 4 times ending behind the
Eye ( outer edges only never under the eye)
Roll out from the ridge at the corner of your eye to
your hairline and back 4 times.
Use the Roller as part of your nightly routine – you can
roll every day if you wish, but consider allowing your skin
at least a couple of days of rest each week.
Never use on your eyes or lips
Always after each use:
Wash with hot water and soap solution.
Submerge Roller in Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol to