May Monthly 10 Fitness Challenges

May Monthly 10 Fitness Challenges
We have decided to add some spice and “change up” our fitness challenges every other
month by providing new fun Monthly 10 Fitness Challenges that you can try on your own but
don’t have to track or report for a reward. Look in our June Newsletter for the next Fitness/
Reward Challenge from your Wellness Works partners! Remember to get your April Run/
Walk Challenge calendar submitted to the Y by May 10th so that you can participate in our
drawing for a Fitbit and fabulous Y apparel!
10,000 Steps Per Day Challenge: This challenge is to walk 10,000 steps in a day for
30 days. Research shows that 10,000 is the number of steps you need to take to maintain
a healthy, active lifestyle. Wear a pedometer or use a smartphone app to track how many
steps you take in a day.
1,000 Push Up Challenge: Do you think you can do 1,000
push ups? How about 1,000 push ups in 10 days? Take the 1,000
push up challenge if you think you can do it!
Trail Challenge: What better way to enjoy the outdoors
than by hiking? Take this trail challenge and go for a hike with your
family or friends. Take photos along the way to share your journey. To find a trail near you,
click here:
Running Challenge: Stay in shape with the running challenge! Run at least 3 times this
week for 30 minutes each time.
Pull Up Challenge: The challenge is to improve upper body strength by increasing the
number of pull ups you can do. First do an initial test and count how many pull ups you can
do and then work to improve that number. If you can do more pull ups after one week than
you could when you started you have won this challenge!
Buddy Run Challenge: Working out is always more fun when you do it with someone
else. The challenge is to grab a buddy and go for a run. Have Fun!
Reinvent Your Workout Challenge: What better way to spice up your routine than a
friendly challenge? Try a workout that you’ve never done before like going for a run on a
different trail, trying a yoga class, going surfing, or doing any other physical activity you’ve
been meaning to try out, but haven’t been able to squeeze in.
Walk the Dog Challenge: Take the dog for a walk every day this
week. Not only will Fido be happier and healthier, but so will you!
No Candy/Dessert Challenge: Refrain from having dessert or
candy for a week and watch those pounds melt away!
Fruits and Veggies Challenge: Eat at least 5 fruits & vegetables every day this week.