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File Ref. Melbourne Market Promotion.docx Donnan Client Value Proposition When considering your next building needs, please consider what we believe differentiates us from our competitors; what makes our current clients come back and why you should select Donnan as your partner. I recently had the good fortune of co-­‐authoring Past Present Future, a company profile and tribute to Bob Donnan the company founder. While researching for the publication, I interviewed several clients, consultants and suppliers, past and present and they all identified with our client value proposition -­‐ Longevity, Professionalism, Diversity, End-­‐to-­‐
End Service, Innovation, and at the core, Partnering. They are the same things I recognised when I first met Bob in 1995 and h elped mature to be the true essence of Donnan. Download your copy of Past Present Future here L o n g e v i t y Donnan Consulting was established in August 1982 by Bob Donnan to meet the needs of the warehousing and logistics industry. Offering Project Management and Design services, Bob grew the business by developing deep and lasting relationships with industry movers and shakers who shared his work ethic and business values. This was the birth of the company ethos of ‘win the client, not the project’ and remains the cornerstone of the organisation today. Wind forward the clock 33 years to 2015, Bob is semi-­‐retired and on our advisory board mentoring the leadership team he moulded all those years ago. The company continues to service those valued clients and a well-­‐established list of repeat clients who enjoy dealing with the Directors and appreciate personal, ‘old-­‐fashioned’ service. D i v e r s i t y Always prepared to tackle a challenge is the attitude that expanded our portfolio of work for the past thirty three years. Warehousing and logistics may have been where it started, but today Donnan can boast a richly diverse spread of commercial work including industrial, residential, retail, health and wellbeing, civic and community centres, showcased in page 8 of Past Present Future and titled, The Donnan Timeline. C o n s u l t i n g ‫ ׀‬D e s i g n ‫ ׀‬C o n s t r u c t i o n ‫ ׀‬E n d -­‐ T o -­‐ E n d Page 2 of 3 File Ref. mm-­‐promotion.docx E n d -­‐ t o -­‐ E n d S e r v i c e Project M anagement, Design and Construction services, all offered from the one office for a true End-­‐to-­‐End capability is what sets Donnan apart from our competitors, because the virtue of this service is the collaborative culture it promotes across our organisation. This team spirit manifests through a more considered approach when our specialised departments work together, resulting in better project outcomes for our clients. However, a collaborative culture is not limited to ends-­‐to-­‐end project deliveries, so our clients gain the benefits of this approach for all delivery types. I n n o v a t i o n Innovation is something often claimed, but difficult to substantiate. Maybe it’s part of our formal training as engineers, but Donnan has always embraced innovation. With ISO triple certification within our grasp, work started on an online Integrated Business System, we call Form IBS. Developed to replace our accredited paper-­‐based systems, Form IBS links activities and data between the office and site using mobile technology. Staff and suppliers have the ability to work collaboratively in real-­‐time, improving efficiency and performance management for project teams. More recently, Donnan has embarked on a Lean Construction journey, inspired by the Form IBS philosophy of eliminating waste. Lean principles started in manufacturing several decades ago by Toyota, but world economic conditions and technological change has created the right environment for the construction industry. We believe this ‘new’ paradigm will revolutionise our industry, so Donnan has become an active member of the Lean Construction Institute -­‐ Australia and started implementing Lean tools, such as Last Planner® Systems across all building sites and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the design office. P r o f e s s i o n a l i s m We pride ourselves on professionalism, in everything we do – brilliant at the basics! Amongst our ranks are highly trained and skilled construction professionals including engineers and designers who value and promote industry best practice. Long standing memberships with preeminent industry bodies such as Master Builders Association of Victoria (10 years), Institution of Engineers, Australia (17 years), Building Designers Association of Victoria (3 years) and the Institute of Company Directors (3 years), to name a few, demonstrate our commitment to enhancing and promoting our industry. And, with our soon to be accredited ISO triple certification, Donnan boasts a list of associations and accreditations not commonly found in companies our size. C o n s u l t i n g ‫ ׀‬D e s i g n ‫ ׀‬C o n s t r u c t i o n ‫ ׀‬E n d -­‐ T o -­‐ E n d Page 3 of 3 File Ref. mm-­‐promotion.docx P a r t n e r i n g ‘Win the client, not the project’ is the company ethos. We invest in relationships, work hard to better understand client needs and develop the right strategies for optimal project outcomes. Long standing clients such as Scania Australia, Prixcar Services, Goodlife Health Clubs, Ron Finemore Transport, value this approach, identifying Donnan as an extension of their business for all their construction needs. Within this tender submission you will find quotes from clients and suppliers to support this. Small enough to provide a personal service, and mature enough to have systems and processes more accustomed to a larger business; this is what is unique about Donnan. A bespoke combination highly valued by our existing clients and what you will come to appreciate, should we be successful. Donnan is the right company for You! We trust that this submission meets or exceeds your expectations and look forward to meeting with you to discuss your project further. Yours faithfully, Mark R. Cometti MANAGING DIRECTOR BEng (Build) CPEng MIEAust MAICD C o n s u l t i n g ‫ ׀‬D e s i g n ‫ ׀‬C o n s t r u c t i o n ‫ ׀‬E n d -­‐ T o -­‐ E n d