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Hampshire Hub Scholars
Information Pack 2015
Aims and Expectations
This scheme provides opportunities for students who wish to excel in their chosen musical
field as instrumentalists, singers or composers. Hampshire Hub Scholars will be able to
access music tuition which would otherwise be unavailable to them, either through individual
specialist lessons or chamber ensemble coaching.
Successful applicants will be expected to provide feedback on their experiences on an
annual basis, and to represent the Hampshire Music Education Hub in both formal and
informal performances throughout the academic year.
Who will benefit:
 Emerging young players, singers and composers who have limited access to specialised
tuition and who are committed to developing their expertise to the highest level.
 Applicants would be expected to be at least Grade 6 standard (or equivalent) in any style
of music.
 Musicians can also apply to be considered for inclusion in a chamber group.
 Established chamber groups / rock groups / small ensembles can also apply for
specialised coaching.
How the Scheme will work:
 Hampshire residents who are in year 11 or below can apply for individual specialist
tuition. Successful candidates will be offered tuition of 15 hours across the academic
year, for up to a maximum of three years.
 Hampshire residents who are in full time education and are 18 or under can apply for
ensemble coaching. Candidates can apply as a group or can apply to be placed in an
ensemble if a suitable opportunity is available, which will be at the discretion of HMS.
Successful candidates/ groups will be offered tuition of 15 hours across the academic
year, for up to a maximum of three years whilst still in full time education at school or 6th
form college.
 Students studying A-level music courses where specialised tuition is provided are not
eligible. In exceptional circumstances ensemble coaching may continue at the discretion
of Hampshire Music Service.
The Application Process
 Application forms can be downloaded form the HMS website: www.hants.gov.uk/hms
and need to be returned to HMS by Thursday 2 April 2015
 Candidates are asked to complete a Personal Statement detailing their current learning
situation, musical achievements, future aspirations and how the Hub Scholar Scheme
will benefit them. This is a crucial part of the application so please ensure your
commitment is clearly demonstrated through this statement.
 Your teacher will be contacted by HMS on receipt of your application. They will be asked
to provide a supporting statement which will form part of your application.
 Selected applicants will be invited to audition in July and will be advised of the audition
requirements by Friday 29 May 2015. Places are limited so not all applicants will
necessarily be invited to audition and this may vary from year to year. Feedback for
unsuccessful candidates will be provided on request
 Candidates who are also applying for County groups will only be required to attend one
audition which will be held centrally.
 Candidates can apply to join a Hub Scholar ensemble but instrument/vocal requirements
will vary each year and will be selected to form the most viable ensembles.
 Applicants must be resident in Hampshire and be in full time education
 Individual tuition scholars must be year 11 or below in the year they apply.
 Hub Scholars will be offered 15 hours of tuition across the academic year. If a scholar
subsequently has tuition funded by an alternative organisation they will no longer be
 Scholarships can be offered for a maximum of three years whilst in full time education at
school or 6th form college. This will be dependant on a satisfactory annual report by the
 Teaching is organised by Hampshire Music Service. Lessons will take place on HCC
school / college premises - this may involve travelling to a central location.
 Applicants should be a committed member of an HMS ensemble.
 The scholarship will cease after a maximum of three years, or when the holder has left
school / college or transferred to a course where tuition is provided.
 HMS can recall a scholarship if the musical aspirations are not being met or if
circumstances have changed so the conditions are no longer met. Scholars and their
teachers would be informed in writing.
Examples of Students who might apply:
 Pupil A is a flute player aged 15 who has group lessons in school for 20 minutes each
week in a mixed ability group. A good standard at Stage 6 has been achieved. Pupil A
can apply for individual lessons and to take part in an ensemble if a suitable group can
be formed from this year’s applicants.
 Four year 12 pupils play in a rock band. They have played together for several years,
reached the finals of several Battle of the Band competitions and are keen to develop
their skills. They can apply as an established group for specialised coaching.
 Pupil B has private classical guitar lessons and has achieved a high standard of playing.
However there is limited opportunity to play with other young musicians of a similar
standard in school. Pupil B would be an ideal candidate to apply to be placed in a scholar
For any further information please contact: [email protected]