2014-2015 Student Success Center Fact Sheet

Pittaway, Daniel
Nguyen, Stacy
Coastline Community College
2014/2015 Student Success Center Fact Sheet
Mission Statement
The Student Success Center (SSC) provides study space and tutoring across disciplines
to empower students to dream, to be organized, to learn, to persist, to have a plan, to
innovate, and to never give up.
The Student Success Department is comprised of approximately 60 hourly tutors, 1 ½
permanent assistant staff, two temporary 28-hr staff, and one full-time faculty
Le-Jao, Garden Grove, Newport Beach, College Center, and online
([email protected]; coastline.edu/ssc).
Drop-in tutoring for all disciplines, online (synchronous and asynchronous) tutoring,
course-embedded tutoring, and supplemental instruction. Note: Data shared in this
report reflects attendance at the various on-site Success Center locations. Data from
course-embedded tutoring and supplemental instruction is not included here.
May 3, 2015
Pittaway, Daniel
Nguyen, Stacy
Continuous Improvement
The Student Success Department is committed to ongoing learning, training, and
improvement in order to anticipate, meet, and respond to the needs of students with
quality, effectiveness, and integrity.
Professional Learning
• EDUC C101: Tutor Training (all tutors take course)
• Training meetings before each regular semester
• Ongoing professional learning dialog facilitated through Basecamp
• Tutors attend professional events such as the annual Tutor Expo, a 3CSNsupported event.
Data Collection
• Since summer 2013, improvements in manual attendance collection include:
training personnel to ensure students sign in and out legibly and completely,
creating and implementing a process to streamline attendance inputting with
roles assigned to staff for tracking, collection, entry, and analysis of attendance
Learning Outcomes
• Survey deployed each term allows for input on how to improve quality and
service within the Success Centers. This data informs planning and decisionmaking.
• The Success Centers have four learning outcomes that are evaluated via annual
College survey:
1. Students will be more empowered to take responsibility for their own learning through
May 3, 2015
improved self-confidence.
Students will report they can utilize effective study strategies.
Students will be able to identify learning assistance resources available at the College.
Students will have an improved ability to complete coursework.
Pittaway, Daniel
Nguyen, Stacy
Unique Students
Since summer 2013, the Student Success Centers have monitored the number of unique
(unduplicated) students who visit each location throughout the semester. During Fall
and Spring semesters, all 4 SSC locations (College Center, Garden Grove, Le-Jao and
Newport Beach) are open. During Summer semesters, the Garden Grove, Le-Jao and
Newport Beach SSCs are open.
Note: In summer 2013 only one Success Center location (Le-Jao) was open; in summer
2014three Success Center locations (Le-Jao, Newport, and Garden Grove) were open.
May 3, 2015
Pittaway, Daniel
Nguyen, Stacy
Total Visits
It is notable that in summer 2014, visitations were up over 300% compared to summer
2013. This is due to opening multiple locations during summer 2014. It is also
noteworthy that total visits for spring 2014 and fall 2014 are consistent (~6700 visits
across four locations).
Multiple SSC Visitations
Approximately 189 students in fall 2014 visited more than one Success Center location.
This is comparable to our fall 2013 data (181 students visited multiple Success Center
May 3, 2015
Pittaway, Daniel
Nguyen, Stacy
Average Visit Time
Data collected since summer 2013 reflects that students typically visit for
approximately 1 hr, 40 minutes. This is evidence of a meaningful amount of time spent
in the Center per visit. This time is spent studying individually or with peers,
interaction with tutors, and also tutorial sessions. Students engage in a combination of
study and tutoring activities.
Looking Ahead
On the horizon for the Student Success Center include the following:
CI Track (electronic attendance tracking) installed at all locations (anticipated
fall 2015)
SmarThinking as a 24/7 online tutoring solution for students who wish to
engage in synchronous online tutoring when Coastline tutors are not available
(anticipated fall 2015)
The Success Centers will host for students who wish to engage in placement test
preparation for English or math (anticipated summer 2015) through
Dream, Organize, Learn, Persist, Have a plan, Innovate, and Never give up
May 3, 2015