WebEx Participant Guide The WebEx Meeting Workspace

WebEx Participant Guide
The WebEx Meeting Workspace
Click here to choose your
audio (phone or
Participants will be
listed here.
Meeting chat is
entered and displayed
Joining a WebEx Meeting
1. You should have been emailed a Meeting invitation for your
WebEx Meeting. Click on the link in the invitation to launch
the meeting.
2. If you have never attended a WebEx meeting, the associated
Java applet will need to install. Follow the onscreen
directions to install this.
3. The first screen will ask for your name and email; enter this
information and click enter.
4. You should now enter the Meeting Room, which will look
similar to the image above.
5. Make sure to set up your audio and video. If possible, always
try to sign on a couple of minutes early to address any
technological issues.
Setting Up Your Webcam
Depending on the meeting you will be attending, you may or may
not be asked to use your webcam.
1. Enter the WebEx meeting room by clicking on the link
in the invitation you received.
2. Find your name in the Participant List on
the right side of the screen and click on
the camera icon.
3. If your camera is not immediately recognized or you
have multiple video inputs that can be used, you may
have to select your camera under settings.
4. Click on the gear-shaped icon to the top right of the
participant list.
5. Select your webcam form the list and click OK.
The Chat window appears below the Participant list. Use the
chat window to pose questions to the meeting host/speaker.
 Often the preferred way for participants to pose
questions to the meeting host/speaker
 Easiest way to pose technical questions regarding
audio or video problems.
Chat messages can be sent to the group or to the host/speaker.
The video settings are located at the top
of the participant list area.
Setting Up Your Audio
How to Perform Audio Test
1. If you are using a headset, make sure it is plugged in.
2. Enter the WebEx meeting room by clicking on the link in
the invitation you received.
3. Click on the phone icon in the main window.
4. Choose either Use Phone or Use Computer for Audio.
5. If you select Use Phone (preferred), select “I will call
in…” from the drop-down menu.
6. Dial the number on the screen.
1. Enter your WebEx Meeting.
2. Click on Audio in the top toolbar and select
“Speaker/Microphone Audio Test…”
3. Follow the Wizard to check your audio.
4. Clicking No allows you to switch between audio
inputs/outputs (i.e. headphones and speakers).
DO NOT call in on the phone prior to accessing the meeting
on your computer. This will cause your audio and other
feeds to become unlinked which can cause problems.
Using your phone will typically provide
the best audio quality.
Performing an audio test will help
prevent problems during the meeting.
Full Screen Mode
When the meeting host is sharing content full screen, you can still have access to chat and other functions. Mousing over the
green bar that shows during full screen mode will allow you to expand that area. This provides access to your participant list
and chat windows. Clicking on either button will open the associated content in a floating window that you can move around
on your screen. Other users will not be affected by moving these windows.
You can still access the Participant list and Chat window while in full screen mode.
Best Practices for Meetings
Always use a WIRED internet connection.
Always use the WebEx Audio option for your Meetings.
Use a speaker or conference phone whenever possible.
If you cannot use a phone, use a USB headset for audio.
NEVER use the built-in microphone and speakers for audio; this will cause a feedback loop and can ruin the experience for
If possible sign-in to your meeting early to address any technical problems, especially if this is your first time using
If you use the WebEx App, sign in early and immediately turn off your microphone. Never use the microphone on your
iPhone, iPad, or other device without prior testing to avoid feedback loops.