How Meth is Taken Swallowing This just in...

How Meth is Taken
There Are Six Methods of Consumption
•20-30 minutes to feel effects.
•This method of administration has the least risks. The
body has a safety mechanism for dangerous substances
that are swallowed—it’s called vomiting.
•Meth can be put in a drink, like water, soda or juice, or
put in gel caps and taken orally. “Parachuting” is placing
meth in a piece of toilet paper and swallowing it.
Harm Reduction Techniques:
Drugs are absorbed more slowly through the gut, so the effects of the drugs tend to
be less extreme if crystal meth is swallowed.
This just in...
Madonna and Child: A bath
bead is hollowed and cleaned
out; meth is placed in the center
of the bead, surrounded by
ecstasy (X) and then swallowed.
The X is released first,
followed by the meth. The
combination of the two drugs is
an intense high. Talk about timereleased capsules!
•7-10 seconds to feel effects.
•Drug enters blood stream through the lungs.
•Smoke irritates the lungs, which can lead to breathing difficulties.
Harm Reduction Techniques:
Remember that the time it takes to “get off” from smoking crystal meth is quicker
and more intense than the other methods of consumption. Try to set limits on how
much you smoke (the quantity,) as well as how often you choose to smoke speed.
Shooting Up
•15-30 seconds to feel effects.
•Meth is injected directly into the veins, commonly known as the “works.”
•Abscesses and skin infection can develop at the injection site.
•Injecting into the vein bypasses all of the body’s defenses to filter toxins out of the blood stream.
•Sharing needles can transmit HIV, Hepatitis B and C.
•If air bubbles are in the needle, they can travel through the veins to the
heart and cause the heart to stop.
Harm Reduction Techniques:
Clean Needles Now exchanges used needles for clean ones. For more information,
visit them online at, or call 323-857-5366.
Bumping (Snorting)
•3-5 minutes to feel effects.
•Most common method of use.
• Snorting tends to destroy the tissue in the nose. The lining of
the nasal passages is fairly delicate and can be injured leading
to nose bleeds, sinus trouble, and in some cases permanent
damage to the nasal structure.
Harm Reduction Techniques:
•Sharing of inhaling instruments transmits all types of germs
from the common cold or flu to Hepatitis C and HIV.
If sharing, clean off inhaling instruments between uses.
Booty Bump
•10-15 seconds to feel effects.
•A syringe without a needle is used to pump a liquid solution of meth into the rectum. The drug is absorbed by the blood vessels in the lining of the rectum. In some places, the lining of the rectum is only 1 cell thick.
•Meth can act as an analgesic and when placed in the rectum anal sex becomes less painful. Therefore sex can be more aggressive, last longer and increase the risk of ripping or tearing of the lining.
•High Risk—possible damage to the mucous membranes, burning or tearing of the tissue in the rectum, which increases risk of HIV transmission.
Harm Reduction Techniques:
If you booty bump and have receptive anal sex (bottom,) make sure that your partner is
wearing a condom. Increasing the amount of lube you use will also help decrease friction
and reduce ripping and tearing of the rectum lining.
Hot Rail
•7-10 seconds to feel effects.
•A glass stem is heated until the tip is red hot, then placed over a bump (small pile of the drug) and the vapor is inhaled through the nose.
•Risk factors are similar to smoking—vapor can be carcinogenic.
•Stem used for railing can transmit Hepatitis C and HIV.
Harm Reduction Techniques:
Don’t share your stem, but if you do, make sure to wash the stem between uses.
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The Meth Memo is a series of memos designed to educate individuals about Crystal Meth. Developed by Mike Rizzo.
Funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS Programs and Policy.