IAAO AwardS program 2015 Nomination Form

IAAO AwardS program
2015 Nomination Form
SHAUN YORK AT [email protected] BY MAY 1, 2015.
Individual Member Awards (check the award for which the individual is being nominated)
 Clifford B. Allen Most Valuable Member  Member of the Year  Emerging Professional  International
 Professional Development Lifetime Achievement  Instructor of Excellence (formerly Instructor of the Year)
 Vern W. Pottorff, CAE, Professional Designee of the Year
Jurisdiction/Chapter/Affiliate Awards (check the award for which the organization is being nominated)
 Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction  Public Information Program  Outstanding Chapter/Affiliate
Written Communication Awards (check the award for which this essay or publication is being nominated)
 Bernard L. Barnard Outstanding Technical Essay  John C. Donehoo Essay  IAAO Journalism  John A. Zangerle
Achievement Awards (check the award for which the nomination is being submitted)
 Distinguished Research and Development  Property Tax Achievement
Nomination contact Information
Name (individual/jurisdiction/organization) __________________________________________________________________
Primary Contact (for jurisdiction/organization) _______________________________________________________________
Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________ State/Province _____________ Postal Code ___________ Country _____________
Phone ____________________ Fax ____________________ E-mail __________________________________________
Nominator ________________________________ Phone ____________________ E-mail ________________________
Supporting Documentation
For all nominations, explain how the nominee has contributed to the advancement of the mission of IAAO and
address all qualification requirements identified in the specific criteria for the particular award category. Also include any additional information requested below.
For Individual Member awards: Describe the nominee’s involvement with IAAO including designations, conference participation, committee work and courses/workshops/seminars attended and/or taught. Identify any articles or publications the
nominee has authored and any other assessment, appraisal and/or public service organizations to which the nominee belongs.
For Jurisdiction/Chapter/Affiliate awards: Identify the program or system implemented by the jurisdiction and the date
that the program or system was implemented. Identify the number of parcels contained within the jurisdiction. Explain why
the program or system was implemented, how it effectively achieved the jurisdiction’s goals and how it improved the prior
program or system. Identify how the Chapter/Affiliate has distinguished itself from other organizations and contributed to the
local professional community. Specify the number of Chapter/Affiliate members.
For Written Communication awards: Provide the name of the periodical, essay or article being nominated. Also provide
the publication name and circulation information if the written piece was published in a non-IAAO publication.
For Achievement awards: Describe the activities or actions taken by the public official or agency, or, if applicable, the research and/or development program undertaken. Describe the significance of the activity, action or program and its contribution to property appraisal, assessment and tax policy related professions.
If you have questions or need assistance, contact Shaun York at [email protected] or (816) 701-8122.