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Restart Programme
Access up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) to support Australian business
What is Restart?
The Restart programme assists employers to
expand their business and benefit from the
experience of mature age workers.
As part of the Growing Jobs and Small Business
Package announced in the 2015 Budget, the
Restart wage subsidy has been redesigned to
increase take-up and reduce complexity and red
tape for employers.
What does Restart offer to employers?
The value of a Restart wage subsidy is up to
$10,000 (GST inclusive).
From 1 November 2015, employers will be able to
access the full subsidy of $10,000 (GST inclusive)
over 12 months (instead of two years) for
employing an eligible job seeker (pro-rata for parttime places).The Restart subsidy will include up to
$6,500 paid during a 12 month period and a bonus
of up to $3,500 for employment which lasts the
full 12 months.
Employers already making use of Restart will also
be able to transition in to the new arrangements.
Employers who hire an eligible job seeker will be
able to receive the Restart wage subsidy from the
time they start in the job, rather than waiting until
the end of a qualifying period. Payments can be
made progressively, as frequently as fortnightly if
needed. This will help small business at the time
when their hiring and training costs are greatest.
Large employers who take on at least ten or more
mature aged staff will also be able to negotiate
the timing of payments to help meet the specific
costs associated with hiring multiple staff,
including lump-sum payments covering multiple
employees. This will better enable large
employers to meet up-front costs such as training
and induction programmes.
What types of jobs can be offered?
The mature age worker must commence in the
position on or after 1 July 2014* and the position
 be for a minimum of 15 hours per week;
 comply with minimum standards for
employment according to Commonwealth,
State or Territory law;
 not be commission-based, subcontracting or
 not be for an immediate family member;
 not displace an existing employee; and be
ongoing and sustainable.
What is an eligible employer?
To be eligible for the Restart wage subsidy, an
employer must:
 be a legal entity with an Australian Business
 have not previously received a Restart wage
subsidy for the same job seeker; and
 not be a Commonwealth, State or Territory
government agency.
For further information
To learn more about the Restart wage subsidy,
employers should contact a local jobactive or
Disability Employment Services provider. You can
find a provider by calling 13 17 15 or by using the
search tool at www.jobsearch.gov.au/provider or
you can visit www.employment.gov.au/Restart for
further information.
*Conditions Apply
Restart Programme employer fact sheet
TRIM ID: D15/290788
Effective Date: 19 May 2015