AdvanceFax The InBound Fax Simplified

The InBound Fax Simplified
Capture, store, route, and send faxes electronically. AdvanceFax is specially designed
to streamline business fax transmissions giving you the ability to send and receive
faxes right from your desktop to a single recipient or thousands.
Capture | Identify | Route | Store
InBound Faxes Delivered to Your Desktop
Imagine having the ability to monitor, route, and secure faxes directly from
your desktop to your network. AdvanceFax allows you to do just that with the
capability to centralize fax delivery, receipt, and routing to workgroups or users
ranging from one user to thousands.
With a AdvanceFax, businesses can reduce costs, increase document security,
and meet compliance goals by integrating fax with email, desktop, and
document management applications. As a completely scalable application,
AdvanceFax offers administrators complete control over the system, and
comprehensive administrative tools for easy installation and integration with
existing business applications.
The result is a secure fax workflow with the flexibility to integrate with your
current business processes. AdvanceFax allows IT departments the freedom
to easily install and implement a fax solution with the ability to integrate with
existing back office applications already in place.
•Ease of fax management from the users’ desktop
•Enterprise-wide faxing from virtually all desktop applications
•Intelligent outbound delivery with call grouping, scheduling, priority sending, and least-cost routing
•Fax broadcasting to one or thousands of recipients
•Automated delivery from back office applications to cut costs and streamline business processes
•Inbound receipt and routing
•Secure delivery format
•Phonebook integration
• Runs on Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 and Windows 7
• Support of 64-bit Windows (x64)
• Terminal Server and Citrix support
• Complete client/server architecture
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