1 | Page Zone A Kinsmen Spring Zone Minutes march 15, 2014

Zone A Kinsmen Spring Zone Minutes march 15, 2014
Business meeting minutes
Call to Order: 9:08am
O’Canada: Bob Brannen
Kin Song: Dan Bradford
Ceremonial Gong: Arden Doak
Rules of Order: Jody Foster (Florenceville Kin Club)
Secretary: Shane Walsh (Fredericton Kinsmen Club)
Sergeant of Arms: Tom King
Credentials Chair: Bill Burtt
Resolutions Chair: Bob Brannen
Recognition of Kin
Approve agenda: Eric Bagley/George Bunting. Moved
DG Welcome Remarks
Host club welcome remarks
Spring Zone 2013 minutes: George Bunting/Randy Bishop. Moved
1st Call for Deputy Governor
 Kin Scott Doak by Gary Jones declined
 Kin Steve Nightingale by LM Bob Brannen
Deputy Governors Report
Zone Report
Club Presidents Reports:
 Edmundston: no changes
 Nashwaaksis: no changes
 Florenceville: plus 4 and possibly 1 more members
 Fredericton: May 15th lobster dinner
 Miramichi: encourage reading of presidents’ report
Move to adopt presidents’ report: Scot Doak, 2nd Tom King. Moved
District Report
Financial statement: Arden Doak, 2nd Tom King. Moved
District Resolutions:
 Making community service mandatory at FLC: Discussed.
 Res 2&3: align service awards rules between district & national awards: Discussed.
National resolutions:
Amend rules to bring Kincanada bylaws in line with National tax rules for non profits. Discussed.
Credentials REPORT: Bill Burtt-25 members representing 5 clubs. We have quorum
Call for Spring Zone 2015
2nd call for nominations for DG
District Convention June 12-14 2014: Arden Doak- Convention fee: $220. $20 late fee after May 16.
Arden Doak/Bob Brannen. moved
National convention Aug. 15-16
FLC 2014, Truro NS: Theme- Keep calm and kin on
Presentation for Vice Governor
Survey for Atlantic tides –Jody Foster
Spring Zone 2015 host club: Fredericton Kinsmen
Third and final call for Deputy Governor. George Bunting/Arden Doak. Moved
1 vote entered by secretary for DG elect Steve Nightingale
Speak Off: Dan Bradford: PTSD
DG Presentation
Other business:
Amend zone bylaws to reflect the jurisdiction of NB. Jody Foster/Tom King. Moved
Roundtable discussion on membership recruitment and retention
Sgt @ ARMS REPORT: $105 in fines collected and donated to local family
Return gongs
Closing Remarks:
Adjourn:11:59am. Kin Arden Doak/Dan Bradford
Zone A Kinsmen Spring Zone Minutes march 15, 2014
Banquet Minutes
Zone Awards: LM Bob
Speak off: Dan Brandford
Presented by Kin Tom King
John Sears Service Award presented by Scot Doak to Fredericton kinsmen
Kenny MacDonald kinsmen of the year: Tom King Miramichi Kinsmsen club
Doug Anthony Fellowship Award: Maurice Levesque
Sport Awards: Tom King/Lee Burry
Traveling kin award: Nashwaaksis Kin club