Spring 2015 newsletter - RTO District 10

The Slate
Mary Jane
Mary Jane MacArthur
As I prepare this report the beginning of
April, the snow is slowly melting and I can
see the spring flowers attempting to make
their way through the frozen soil. It has been
an extremely cold winter and all of us are
desperately in need of some warmer
weather. Nothing lifts one’s spirits like
sunshine, rising temperatures and the signs
of spring.
At the District 10 Executive meeting held in
March, we were informed that our revised
Constitution had been approved by RTO
Provincial. Please see the amendments to
the Constitution that appear in this
newsletter. These amendments will be voted
on at our AGM which is being hosted by the
Dufferin Unit on May 28th, 2015 at the Ag
Hall in Shelburne. We are thrilled to have
June Szeman, President of RTO/ERO
Provincial, as our guest speaker. June will
come prepared to share the latest news from
the Provincial office and to answer any
questions our District 10 members may
have. I hope to see many of you there for a
delicious meal and for the opportunity to
connect with friends.
District 10 is pleased to support a Project
Service to Others application submitted by
the Dufferin Unit this year titled,
“Intergenerational Writing”. This worthwhile
project will link elementary school students
with seniors in the Orangeville area who will
share their stories so that the students may
create memory books for each of them. This
application will be sent to the Provincial STO
Committee by the first of June for funding
consideration and a decision should be
forthcoming by the first week of September.
I am attending a Presidents’ Workshop on
April 19th and 20th in Toronto. The theme of
t h i s y e a r ’s w o r k s h o p i s “ B u i l d i n g
Relationships”. We will be discussing
strategies for engaging District members. In
addition, we will be provided with updates on
Group Insurance Plans, a new Code of
Conduct and the use of social media. One
of our mandates this year is to create a
District 10 website in order to better share
information with our members. I am looking
forward to bringing back as much
information as I can which may assist with
this process.
District 10 is once again providing a
Community Service Award in the amount of
$100 to one deserving recipient at each of
the seventeen public and Catholic secondary
schools located in Bruce, Grey and Dufferin
Counties this year. We are encouraging
[email protected]
1st Vice
President &
Political Advocacy
Donna Henderson
[email protected]
Jan Chamberlain
[email protected]
Pat Lamb
[email protected]
Pat Kalapaca
[email protected]
Health & Insurance
Shirley Greenwood
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor
Laurie James
[email protected]
519- 371-0063
Pension & Retirement
Bill O’Sullivan
[email protected]
Past President
Malcolm Beddoe
[email protected]
each of the schools to choose a student who has volunteered
with seniors within their community if at all possible.
District 10 will be hosting a Pre Senate meeting at the
Guelph Golf and Country Club on May 6th for Senators and
Observers attending Senate from May 11th to 13th, 2015 in
Toronto. Donna Henderson and Malcolm Beddoe will be
attending as our hosts and Senate representatives.
Unfortunately, I am unable to attend Spring Senate as my
stepson is getting married that week in the Dominican
Republic. I look forward to hearing all that I missed upon my
District 10 is hosting a Retirement and Pension Workshop
on April 18th at the Chesley Administration Centre. At this
point, we have had numerous online registrations from
educational personnel planning to retire from Bruce, Grey
and Dufferin. We anticipate an informative day of
presentations by Provincial RPW Committee and Johnson
Insurance representatives.
I look forward to seeing many of you at our Annual General
Meeting and luncheon on May 28th. In the meantime, enjoy
these longer days and the increasing sunshine.
If you are thinking of traveling out of province this summer these are things that Alliance Global Assistance suggests that you
should keep in mind.
1. Using the pre-trip assistance provided by Allianz can help in pre-planning: telephone numbers to access Allianz in
respective countries, required inoculations, travel advisories, and visa requirements.
2. A physician’s consent to travel does not establish your medical stability nor override the definition of “sudden and
3. This insurance is intended to cover you for a sudden and unforeseen medical emergency. The intent of the travel
plan is to stabilize members and return them to their home province for on-going care. It is important to emphasize
that members cannot remain on their trip for continued care if they are stable and can be safely transported to
their home province.
Stroke is the number three killer of Canadians and not enough Canadians recognize the signs of stroke. As a result the
Heart and Stroke Foundation has launched a new national campaign to raise awareness based on the acronym FAST.
FAST stands for:
- is it drooping?
Arms - can you raise both?
Speech - is it slurred or jumbled?
- to call 911 or your local emergency service right away
An article supplied by the Heart and Stroke Foundation will appear in the summer 2015 edition of Health Matters.
The provincial Health and Insurance Committee reports that RTO/ERO Group Benefits holds the market share for education
retirees: 8 in 10 for whom an OTPP pension deduction is made for their benefits premium payment continue to choose RTO/
I have been the District and Unit Health convenor for about the last 14 years and I feel that it is time I gave someone else the
chance to do this fulfilling work. I am willing to work with anyone who is interested in taking over this job. Please contact
me and I can send you a copy of the Roles and Responsibilities for the district or unit health rep.
Shirley Greenwood [email protected] or 519-369-3035
1) 2.23 Duties of the Secretary and Treasurer
b) The Treasurer shall: iii) allocate the funds when they are received from RTO/ERO according to the following procedures:
Amount to each unit is based on the proposed budget submitted annually by the units on or before April 30. Monies coming
back to the units will be based on the proposed budgets and 50% will be deposited to each unit by February 28 and June 30.
The proposed annual budget is not to exceed the amount distributed by the District Treasurer in the preceding year unless
agreed upon by the District Executive. The remaining balance from Provincial RTO/ERO remains with the District.
2) Duties of the District Executive
2.16 The following procedures will be used when an electronic vote is taken by the Executive between Executive meetings:
the President or designate shall propose a motion with rationale and email it to the Executive;
members of the Executive shall vote by return email via reply all within five days of receipt of the motion;
a quorum of the Executive must vote on the motion or it is deemed lost;
the President shall declare the motion passed or lost and inform the Executive;
the motion and its disposition shall be reported as information at the next Executive meeting and the minutes
shall include the report.
These two amendments to the Constitution shall be voted on by the District 10 RTO membership in attendance at the Annual
General Meeting to be held May 28th, 2015 at the AG Hall in Shelburne, Ontario commencing at 11:00 a.m.
Thursday, May 28, 2015
Ag Hall, Shelburne
10:00 Social
R.S.V.P. to Pat Lamb 519-323-3767 or
10:30 Meeting
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Speaker
[email protected] Send your cheques to:
Pat Lamb #103 - 440 Durham St. West,
Mt. Forest, ON N0G 2L1
Thank you to Sheila Mudge and Roberta Davidson, my
counterparts in Bruce/Grey for Membership and Goodwill,
and to all the captains in the communities who help with
Goodwill. In Dufferin, June Maycock, Nancy Noble and
Judy Smart look after Goodwill. Thank you all.
My reports to the membership are rather boring, I suspect,
but it is important that you be aware of the facts. Our rebate
to run the District 10 business is based on our numbers, as
are grants to the units. Unit 101 is Bruce/Grey; Unit 102 is
Dufferin. I have spent the last 2 years trying to encourage
members to update their Unit preference, address and
email changes with head office. Our newsletter address
labels come from there, so accuracy is vital to you
receiving communications. With our last newsletter, NO
mailings were returned!
Please contact [email protected] with any update.
Bruce/Grey Unit 101 has 1236 full members and 134
associate members. Since December, 2014, 11 members
have passed away. Dufferin Unit 102 has 255 full members
and 32 associate members. There were 2 deaths in the
same time period. So the District has 1481 full members
I am very pleased to bring this report to your attention,
especially when the future seems so uncertain at times.
"Ontario Teachers' Plan, [Teacher's] today, [March 31st
2015] announced a net rate of return on investments of
11.8% for the year 2014 resulting in net assets to a
record $154.5 billion from $140.8 at the end of 2013.
“These strong results were achieved in a turbulent
investment environment” said Ron Mock, President and
Chief Executive Officer. “We will continue to carefully
manage the plan's assets to provide retirement security
for our members for generations to come. ‘Teachers’
continues to be the leader in pension service among
global pension funds, according to CEM Benchmarking
Inc., an independent company that measures
and 166 associate members, for a total of 1657 members,
down 8 since last June..
I have the new retirement packages in hand, so please let
Sheila Mudge or me know of anyone retiring from
education and we’ll get a kit to them. They need to make
an informed choice for extended health and travel benefits
in retirement.
This is my last report as Membership chair. Feel free to
contact me with concerns and/or questions.
Respectfully submitted,
Pat Kalapaca
[email protected] 519-928-5396
We remember:
Mary Chatterton
Elsie R. Wilkins
E. Jean Wagner
Malcolm B. McLeod
Igor Sokur
Marie E. Morris
Vern E. Norman
Franklin W. Meredith
Robert S. Rourke
Dale Haldenby
Harold J. Henry
Douglas McKee
Kenneth R. Trumpour
performance of global pension funds. The plan's Quality
Service Index was 9.2 out of 10 in 2014. The OTPP is
the largest single-profession plan in Canada.
independent organization, it invests the pension fund's
assets and administers the pensions of 311,000 active
and retired teachers in Ontario.”
The Retirement Pension Workshop slated for April 18th
at the Bluewater Board of Education in Chesley has 44
participants as of April 7th. If you know of anyone who
wishes to be more informed about retirement choices in
the future over the next 5 years let them know that we
will be running another workshop next year. Anyone
who has questions may email me
at - [email protected] or call
Submitted by Malcolm Beddoe
Maybe winter is taking its cool self away to other
climes and we can get out our community hats
and make a difference to our municipalities. Get
involved with something as simple as clean ups
or something as strenuous as supporting a
Federal candidate.
These are just a few highlights that have come
from the Provincial Political Advocacy
Committee Liaison Report for our District that
might be of interest to you.
• O n t a r i o ’s p r o v i n c i a l h i g h s c h o o l
graduation rate has increased, with more
students gaining the skills and knowledge
they need to thrive and prosper.
• Ontario is kicking off the third year of an
innovative pilot that brings schools and
local farmers together to raise funds for
schools with healthy foods.
Ontario is supporting celebrations across the
province to connect residents and visitors with
the spirit and cultural diversity of the TORONTO
2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. On June 11,
torchbearers in the Pan Am Torch Relay will carry
the flame through Meaford and Owen Sound and
Larisa Yurkiew, our Olympic Skier, will be the
bearer. On June 12, torchbearers will carry it
through Markdale, and on to stops in Flesherton,
Shelburne, Mono, and Orangeville. On Saturday,
June 13, the torch will stop in Palgrave, Bolton,
Inglewood, Belfountain, Alton and Caledon East.
The equestrian events take place at Will O’ Wind
Farm in Mono and at the Caledon Pan Am
Equestrian Park in Palgrave. Plan on
volunteering or visiting some of the venues.
• Ontario birth certificates will now be more
durable and secure, thanks to a new
polymer material and innovative security
features that make them difficult to
counterfeit and easier to verify.
• Ontario is celebrating the 10th anniversary
of the largest permanently protected
greenbelt in the world and looking to the
future by reviewing the land use plans of
southern Ontario. The Greenbelt protects
farmland, green space and clean water.
I mentioned this grant in a previous newsletter
but want to once again remind you that if you are
volunteering for a community group, the
demographic of the group might work for this
grant. The grant is the Ontario Seniors
Community Grant Program. This grant can be
applied for by a not-for-profit group that
encourages greater social inclusion and
community engagement for seniors across the
Supporting these Games is part of the
government's economic plan for Ontario. The
four-part plan is building Ontario up by investing
in people's talents and skills, building new public
infrastructure like roads and transit, creating a
dynamic, supportive environment where business
thrives, and building a secure savings plan so
everyone can afford to retire.
We all know that there will be a Federal election
in the Fall. Volunteer in whatever way you can.
Sometimes it can be as simple as taking more
senior people to the polling stations to vote.
Organize questions for community debates or
when discussing your issues with family and
friends. Examine the issues that affect our
District and our lives. But above all VOTE.
* More Pension News *
For the second consecutive year the Ontario Teachers Plan
has shown a surplus. As reported in the 2014 report to
members, the Plan has a 6.8 billion dollar surplus and
represents 104% funding based on current benefit and
contribution levels.
In 2014 OTF and the Ontario government filed a funding
valuation with the regulators using a $5.1 billion preliminary
surplus to partially restore inflation protection for those
members with service after 2009 (including recent retirees).
Members will be notified should the sponsors decide to file
the latest funding report with the regulatory authorities.
Some interesting facts outlined in this report are:
Average age of teacher 42
Average age of pensioner 71
Number of pensioners age 100 years or more 135
Ratio of active teachers to pensioners in 1990 4 to 1
Ratio of active teachers to pensioners in 2014 1.4 to 1
Have a very healthy and enjoyable summer.
Submitted by Bill O'Sullivan
Arts & Crafts Legacy Show
During March, the Owen Sound Artists` Co-op hosted a secondary school art and
craft show. Grade 11 and grade 12 students enrolled in secondary schools
from both the Bluewater Board and the Separate School Board were invited to
enter their art work. The entries were excellent. Over 70 entries were received
and the judges had a difficult time selecting the students for the gallery show held
in the Legacy Gallery of the Co-op during March. The quality of the the students`
work indicates the creative talent of the young artists in our secondary schools.
The Artists` Co-op would like to recognize the financial support from the Bruce/Grey
Retired Teachers. Our Unit donated $200 for prizes.
The prize money went to the following categories:
a) 1st Prize-3D ($100) Olivia Conway - K.D.S.S. - Title - “Timid Creature”
b) Curator`s Choice ($75) Jessie Nusselder - S.D.S.S. - Title - “Within”
c) People`s Choice $75 ($25 from RTO) Bethany Boville - S.D.S.S. - Title - “Portrait”
The Wiarton and District Family Literacy Association could use your help!! If you are interested in tutoring or in supervising
young tutors and learners, or if you are technologically inclined and are interested in computer maintenance, we could use
your help! Please contact us at 519 534 4040, or email us at [email protected] website is www.wiartonfamilyliteracy.com
B-4 Spouse’s Allowance and Allowance for Survivor
The following may be particularly useful to you.
They are available (for RTO/ERO members only) at:
C-4 Mail Order Pharmacy Programs
C-1 Assistive Devices program and Home Oxygen
C-5 Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program
B-1 Canada Pension Plan
C-6 Special Drugs Program
B-2 Guaranteed Income Supplement
C-7 Telehealth Ontario
B-3 Old Age Security
C-8 Trillium Drug Program
Calling All New Retirees
If you or someone you know is retiring in the near future, we need you! Everyone in our unit benefits if we grow and
attract new members, so we all need to work together to see that potential members receive the facts they need. Our fees
are extremely reasonable, our social activities allow us to keep in touch with colleagues and friends, our optional insurance
plan is recognized as one of the best in the province, and our newsletter keeps us informed.
Please send the name and contact information of anyone who is retiring this year to me. It is especially helpful if you know
a home address, phone number or email address, since a school contact only allows me to be in touch before the end of
Sheila Mudge 519 363-5556 or [email protected]
A social afternoon planned by Bruce/Grey Unit RTO/ERO
Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 1:00 pm
Georgian Hills is located at 496350 Grey Road 2, The Blue Mountains,
A tour of the winery and its operation will be followed by a wine tasting with a cheese tray.
Cost of the tour, wine tasting and cheese tray is $18.00 -to be collected at the Winery.
We plan to car pool. Meet at Heritage Place parking lot behind Kelsey’s Restaurant at 12:00 noon.
Please contact Don Sankey to register and sign up for the car pool by May 25.
[email protected] or 519-376-1348
Monday, July 6, 2015 Shotgun Start 1 pm
Legacy Ridge Golf Club, Owen Sound, Ontario
Cost $125.00
Format: 4 Golfer Team Scramble
Registration includes: lunch, buffet dinner, 18 holes, golf cart, a prize and a bonus: a free round of golf at Legacy
Golf Club (Sunday afternoon) To register or for more details contact Don Sankey- [email protected]
or Larry Kreis- [email protected]
This tournament is being dedicated to the memory of Ted Hopper.
The Goodwill Committee Needs your Help!
We are searching for a Goodwill Captain in the Owen Sound area. If you could spare an hour or two per
month to help brighten the day of some of our most senior RTO/ERO members by recognizing a
birthday with a card, or sending a get well or thinking of you card, please contact;
Roberta Davidson, 519 534-2903, [email protected] or
Sheila Mudge, 519 363-5556, [email protected]
During the winter months in Florida, I direct a keyboard orchestra.
Yes, 25 keyboards playing at the same time !!!
It sounds like you might need a minor miracle to stay together but
we have developed a system where the lead keyboard plays the
bass guitar and drums through an amplifier and all the remaining
players must keep with the beat and add the melody and
We develop our songs with different backgrounds that are in the
keyboards. We decide which group of instruments play the lead or
harmony, etc. ( flute ,strings, brass, guitars,) We get quite
creative with what sounds best. I've developed a full orchestra
sound for the climax of many songs. We now have a repertoire
of 200 songs that we can play almost perfectly. We don't worry
about mistakes since we are all seniors and have our "moments".
We have been doing two programs a season for the last 14 years.
Who can do this? You need a leader with some musical
background and players with about grade three reading level in
music. Oh yes, we all have our own Yamaha keyboards so we can
help each other along. An investment of a few hundred dollars is
required unless you get some seed money to purchase a few
keyboards to share. These keyboards are like little computers .
We enjoy the process of producing beautiful music and the
creative process. We practise once per week. If you could find a
group of about four people to start rehearsing in a home or church
hall, choose three or four easy songs to start with and you will be
amazed at the results. This is a very enjoyable past time and
before long you can play for groups, churches or singsongs. For
more information about starting a group, email Vera at
[email protected]
Submitted by Vera Struthers
Drayton Theatre
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
This trip is full but you may contact
Laurie James, to be put on the waiting
list. [email protected] or
Medieval Times and
Casa Loma Day Trip
This trip is currently not scheduled.
Watch for a new schedule in 2016.
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Performed at the Avon Theatre in Stratford, the musical Carousel features music and
lyrics by Rodgers and Hammerstein.
"Against the backdrop of a sun-drenched New England summer, a pair of starcrossed lovers, carnival barker Billy Bigelow and millworker Julie Jordan, discover the
power of love to transcend turmoil and even time itself in a show graced by a luscious
score, filled with soaring melodies and unforgettable lyrics".
The coach will depart from Staples in OS at 8:30 a.m. with pickups along Highway 6.
After the matinee, dinner will be at the Crystal (formerly King's) Buffet restaurant in
Cost: - for coach and theatre $111.70 Make cheque out to Tourmasters
- for dinner, bus driver gratuity and taxes $28.60 Make cheque out
to District 10 RTO Travel
Please note: this is a new price and refunds will be given to those already paid
Cheques may be postdated to August 15, 2015
Waivers will be sent out to you when you register your seat with Kay Simpson.
[email protected] or 519-371-3990
Mail cheques and waivers as soon as possible to:
Kay Simpson 990 10th Ave. East, Owen Sound, ON N4K 3 H7
6 Day Gettysburg &
Philadelphia Excursion
6 Day Corning, Washington
& Baltimore Excursion
June 21 – June 26, 2015
September 28 – October 3, 2015
Tour includes: Gettysburg Battlefield, Independence Visitor
Centre, National Constitution Centre, Liberty Bell Centre,
Congress Hall, Independence Hall and the Welcome Park. A 24
hr pass on a Jump on, Jump off Trolley Tour where you can explore
a variety of historical and interest areas including: Betsy Ross
House, Chinatown, Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter & St. Paul,
Rodin Museum, Museum of Art, Rocky Steps, Penn’s Landing
and the Eastern State Penitentiary is part of the package. A visit to
the beautiful Longwood Gardens will complete our last day in
Tour includes: Corning Museum of Glass and the Glass Market
Café in Corning before travelling on to Washington. Arlington
Cemetery, Pentagon Memorial and George Washington’s
Mount Vernon, the home of the first president of the US are some
of the highlights we will see in Washington. Also on the itinerary
are the Torpedo Art Centre where 160 professional artisans work
and the historic homes and museums of Alexandria. A day to
explore the Smithsonian and dinner, an opportunity to eat at one
of the 100 places at Union Station and a Monuments by
Mooonlight Trolley Tour will end the day. The last day in the area
will include a Harbour Cruise in Baltimore and a visit to
Maryland’s 9/11 Memorial.
Price includes: Coach, Tour Guide, supplementary insurance, 5
breakfasts and 1 dinner, gratuities for guide and driver, and hotel. It
is based on a minimum of 35 participants.
Double Occupancy - $1290 Single Occupancy $ 1630
Please send a deposit of $500, immediately, made out to
MacDonald’s Tours, to Jan Chamberlain,
189 Somers St., RR 7, Owen Sound, N4K 6V5
Call (519-371-3559) or e-mail [email protected] for more
information and a full itinerary.
Price includes: Coach, Tour guide, supplementary insurance, 5
breakfasts and 1 dinner, gratuities for guide and driver, and hotel. It
is based on a minimum of 35 participants.
Double Occupancy - $1200 Single Occupancy - $1500
Please send a deposit of $500 immediately, made out to
MacDonald’s Tours to Jan Chamberlain, 189 Somers St., RR 7,
Owen Sound, N4K 6V5. Call (519-371-3559) or e-mail
[email protected] for more information,
April 18, 2015
April 28, 2015
May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015
May 28, 2015
June 3, 2015
June 21 - 26, 2015
June 30, 2015
July 6, 2015
July 28, 2015
Sept. 28 - Oct. 3, 2015
Oct. 3, 2015
Retirement & Pension Workshop
Monthly Recess Coffee Break
Legends of Rock & Roll
Monthly Recess Coffee Break
District 10 Annual General Meeting
Wine Tour & Tasting
Bus Tour
Monthly Recess Coffee Break
Fore Ted Golf Tournament
Monthly Recess Coffee Break
Bus Tour
Chesley Administration Centre
Local Coffee Establishments
Local Coffee Establishments
Ag Hall, Shelburne
Georgian Hills, Thornbury area
Gettysburg & Philadelphia
Local Coffee Establishments
Legacy Ridge, Owen Sound
Local Coffee Establishments
Corning, Washington & Baltimore
Changed your address or your email?
We encourage you to always inform head office of RTO/ERO if you
have changed your address or email.
Please contact Dianne Vezeau
at [email protected] or 1-800-361-9888 ext. 223
District 10 RTO
15 Bielby St.
Grand Valley, ON
L9W 5M3
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