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Professional Development Skills-Based Classes
Suit Camp for the Job Search
For students who are graduating
or the need for an internship may
have snuck up. This is a “bootcamp” style, skills-based class
focused on the basics needed for
finding full-time employment or
an internship. Any sophomore,
junior, or senior looking for an
internship or for full-time job who
needs a crash course in the basics.
In an online, skills-based
environment, learn about:
• Basic needs for finding
full-time employment;
• creating and polishing a
• techniques for interviewing and networking,
• developing a personal job search plan.
Course is intended for students
thinking about graduation and
wanting to get serious about a job
Time: Oct 26, 2015 - Dec 07, 2015
Start and end times: 3:30P - 5:35P
M WWW/Plus Meeting
Graduate Admissions 101
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors
interested in applying to professional
or PhD programs. Better to take the
course their junior year if they want
to apply during their senior year.
In an online, skills-based
environment, learn about:
• Preparation for graduate school application and the graduate admissions process;
• Graduate entrance examinations,
• How to select a graduate
• Graduate school applications and personal statements,
• Securing a graduate assistantship,
and graduate school interviews.
Time: Aug 25, 2015 - Oct 27, 2015
Start and end times: 5:00P - 6:15P T
WWW/Plus Meeting
Social Media for the Job Search:
Junior or seniors who are
interesting in developing a
positive social media presence while
job searching. We learn how to use
various social media sites and
integrate those tools into the
searching process for
internships/full-time work.
In an online, skills-based environment, learn about:
• Effective use of social media for networking as part of preparing for a job search
• Efficient identification and
utilization of online tools (e.g., Linkedin, Twitter)
• Building a professional online presence
• Creating a plan for utilizing social networks for an entry-
level job search
Course is intended for students
thinking about graduation and
wanting to get serious about a
job search.
Time: Aug 24, 2015 - Oct 02, 2015
Arranged Time World Wide Web
Global Leadership Initiative
Career Leadership Academy Part 1
Students who are planning on
traveling abroad, or are engaged in a
cross cultural experience and want to
have a better understanding of how
leadership varies across cultures and
how they can develop the skill set to
be effective across that difference.
Open to all students who are interested in expanding their leadership
knowledge and gaining the skills
employer’s desire.
In an online environment students
Articulate the complex and
interdependent world issues, events and historical forces that shaped the current culture in their country of
study/cross-cultural experience;
Examine effective universal
leadership attributes;
Research personal cultural value orientations and the similarities and differences in those
orientations across cultures;
Demonstrate the ability to deal with ambiguity and unfamiliarity;
Apply critical thinking and
comparative skills to integrate
knowledge into strategic
planning in cross cultural
In an online environment students
will participate in the first in a two
course series focusing on leadership
and employee readiness. Course
provides opportunities for students
• Increase their understanding of themselves, leadership concepts and the skills employers’ seek while also increasing their
understanding of others.
• Students will learn to work and lead effectively in teams.
• Course will also explore the career development components of resume writing, LinkedIn profile construction and
Time: Full Semester
Arranged Time World Wide Web
Course is designed for students
who are currently enrolled in study
abroad, an international internship,
completing an international component of current employment OR
looking to study or work abroad in
the future.
Academic Internship (CCP:1201:0EXV &
In an online environment students
Secured internship, cumulative g.p.a.
of at least 2.00, and completion of
24 s.h. of UI course work (12 s.h. for
transfer students)
Time: Full semester
Arranged Time World Wide Web
Academic Internship (CCP:1201:0EXV &
For students looking for an 11 week
course that will familiarize them
with the skills necessary to conduct a
successful job search.
In an online, skills based environment, learn about;
Time: Full Semester
Arranged Time World Wide Web
Have the opportunity to expand on internship experiences,
Develop learning objectives and
Reflect on experience, how
internship experience relates
to academic course work and future career goals
How to conduct successful job search,
Résumé development,
Interviewing, networking,
Job search strategies, and
Develop a career management plan.
Time: Aug 24, 2015 - Nov 13, 2015
Arranged Time World Wide Web
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