Brief Program With Synopsis - DisOrient Asian American Film Festival

Shorts Program:
Authentically Me
Saturday, 4/18 @ 10:30AM
Admission: $5
*GUAM: The Ocean Oasis
- Short Doc - 28 min
The ALI film team explores Guam’s
culture that lives on despite
colonialism, devastation from war,
and the influences of the modern
global economy.
of the Past,
Ancestors of
the Future
- Narrative - 16 min
To ease his anxiety about impending
fatherhood, Andrew wants to understand
how his mother Ellen and her father could
have lived apart for most of their lives.
Opening Night Films
Friday, 4/17 @ 8:00PM
Admission: $12 | Ticket includes access to
Opening Reception at Sam Bond’s Brewing
Company [21+ Only]
Rangoon - 7 min
Music video by Asian
American rock duo
“Slanty Eyed Mama” uses Rangoon/Burma
as a backdrop to explore powerlessness
when confronted with media images of
social injustice.
*Cicada - Feature Narrative - 100 min
Much like the cicada, Jumpei, a mild
mannered schoolteacher, is similarly
sheltered. While Jumpei’s prospect of
having a family life for his own seems
to be non-existent, he is forced into his
sister’s dysfunctional family life and what
transpires is a series of, at times, comical
and heartbreaking events. Ultimately,
Jumpei is forced to leave his comfort zone,
all the while, he still clings to the hope of
having children of his own.
The Flip - Narrative - 22 min
Eddie, a young Chinese-American boy,
wants nothing more than for his mother to
attend his school’s talent show and watch
him perform “the flip.”
*Kimchi Fried
Dumplings Narr. - 14 min
An AsianCanadian
man comes
home with a new boyfriend for Christmas
to find his younger brother resentful for
being the one left behind to care for their
aging parents and having to sacrifice his
relationship for his family duties.
Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted
- Narrative - 20min
Based on the BEYOND TIME comic book,
Los Santos’ defender of justice—THE
BLACK TIGER—Angela Fong works with
private detective Salem Chow to uncover
the truth behind her father ‘s (Robin Shou)
*Turn It Up
Music Vid. - 4 min
Music is from
the “Strength in
Numbers” album
Leaving Vietnam
Saturday, 4/18 @ 12:50 PM
Admission: $6
Master Hoa’s
- Short Doc
17 min
Master Hoa
currently the
highest ranking Master of Vovinam Martial
Arts in the US, looks for the gravesites
of his loved ones who died during their
traumatic voyage to escape Vietnam in
*Stateless - Feat. Doc. - 56 min
This documentary focuses on one aspect
of immigration--the asylum seekers
from Vietnam who withstood time and
bureaucracy to gain the right to be called a
citizen of a country.
Labor Reform
Saturday, 4/18 @ 2:40 PM
Admission: $6
*The Delano Manongs - Short Doc. - 28 min
The Delano Manongs are the Filipino Farm
Workers in 1965 who spurred the Great
Grape Strike in California and convinced
other ethnic field workers to create the
United Farm Workers Union.
*One Generation’s Time - Doc - 60 min
This documentary tells the story of Silme
Domingo and Gene Viernes, two Filipino
American activists.
Saturday, 4/18 @ 4:50 PM
Admission: $8
*Elevator- Feature
Narrative - 60min
Elevator is a story
hovering between
circumstances and
twisted fate. The film forcefully brings
together two strangers with troubled lives:
Naomi, a headstrong woman from Japan
and Vito, a fast-talking New Yorker with no
tolerance for tears.
*Indicates Q&A w/ Filmmakers
Centerpiece Film
Saturday, 4/18 @ 7:05PM | Admission: $10
*Under the Blood-Red Sun
Feature Narrative - 98 min
Based on the award winning youth novel
of the same name; Under the Blood Red
Sun tells the story of a young Japanese boy
named Tomi and his best friend Billy living
in Hawaii and how their lives are forever
changed when Japan launches a surprise
attack on the US at Pearl Harbor.
Saturday, 4/18 @ 9:23 PM
Admission: $10
*Eat With Me - Feat.
Narrative - 95 min
Invisible in her
marriage, Emma
moves in with her
son, Elliot, in his
downtown LA Loft.
Elliot is a chef in a
failing Chinese restaurant and he is gay-making mother and son strangers over
her distaste and denial of the situation.
Emma and Elliot slowly mature emotionally
with the help of others and find ways to
communicate with food when words fail.
Comedy Hour
Saturday, 4/18 @
11:30 PM
Admission: $10
*White Fetish
Short Narr. - 4 min
An Asian girl with a
white fetish hits on
a white guy at a bar.
Awesome Asian
Bad Guys
Narrative - 52 min
A motley crew of washed up Asian “bad
guy” actors work to take down Los Angeles’
most nefarious mob boss.
Shorts Program:
The Power of Choice
Sunday, 4/19 @ 11:00AM
Admission: FREE
Assasination of a
- Short Narrative 20 min
Though weary
from decades
under Mao Zedong’s Communist rule
and the conformist pressure of the
Cultural Revolution, the blind, retired
mathematician, Shen, is tasked by his
former student to crack a Russian code.
America by the
Numbers: Island
of Warriors - Short
Doc - 27 min
veterans are
given a voice to
share their stories of patriotism, courage,
suffering, effects of war, and what the US
government is doing or not doing for these
wounded warriors.
*Room 731 Narrative - 18 min
Wei (Yoo Jung
Kim), a 15-year-old
Chinese girl, has no
memory of who she is. Upon waking in a
barred room, she encounters Dr. Ken (Tim
Kang) and a young woman (Nikki Soohoo)
who seem to want to help her. Wei soon
realizes she was a victim of the infamous
Unit 731, the Japanese torture camp of
Jaded - Narrative. - 20 min
Jaded is a film about a twisted love triangle
revolving around characters living within
deep-rooted lies.
Vimana - Narrative - 17 min
In the distant future, two astronauts in
India’s space program encounter conflict
after the death of their captain.
*the good boy - Short Narrative - 15 min
A young boxer Cal and his manager Ray
puts out the challenge in dive bars that Cal
will beat any challenger foolish enough to
take him on.
Double Feature
Sunday, 4/19 @ 1:30 PM
Admission: $6
*The Empty Chair - Feat. Doc - 70 min
The Empty Chair illustrates how a small
Alaskan community stood in quiet defiance
against the injustice of internment of
American citizens.
*Tadaima - Short
Narrative - 15 min
Meaning “I’m
Home” in Japanese,
Tadaima is about a
family who returns
to their house in the summer of 1945
after WWII and the closure of the Japanese
American Internment camps.
Sunday, 4/19 @ 3:30 PM
Admission: $6
Sayaw - Feat Doc. - 80 min
This film follows the journey of Jay Loyola,
a Filipino American choreographer, who
pursued his American dream of opening a
Filipino dance school and assembling his
own dance company in the goal of being
able to participate in the San Francisco
Ethnic Dance Festival.
Closing Night Film
Sunday, 4/19 @ 7:50PM
Admission: $12 | Ticket includes access to
Closing Night Awards Gala at Jordan Schnitzer
Museum of Art on UofO Campus
*To Be Takei - Feature Doc - 93 min
George Takei doesn’t shy away from
digging into his remarkable career and
personal life. This film begins with
George’s early life and how racism affected
him as a child and continued on in his
career as an actor, and today, as an activist
with husband, Brad. Now, at 76, Takei
proves that his presence in popular culture
remains as fresh and necessary as ever
through his activism delivering his message
full of class and humor.
Hula Hula Hula
Sunday, 4/19 @ 5:25 PM
Admission: $8
*Live, Breathe, Hula - Short Doc - 26 min
Known for his self-described “punchy”
aggressive type of hula, Mark Keali’i
Ho’omalu is adamant that hula can and
should continue to evolve.
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the credits and applaud when
appropriate to honor the
filmmakers and artists who may
be in attendance.
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Kumu Hina
Feat Doc - 74 min
In Hawaiian
culture, MAHU-those who
embrace both
the masculine
and feminine traits--are valued and
respected. Kumu Hina brings this ancient
tradition alive through the emotional
story of Hina Wong-Kalu, a transgender
Native Hawaiian teacher as she navigates
marriage with her Tongan husband,
empowers her students and advocates for
her Hawaiian roots and values.
Pre-Festival Event
Thursday, 4/16 @ 4:00PM
Admission: Suggested Donation of $3-$5
Follow the journey of UNDER THE BLOODRED SUN from young-adult novel to screen!
Join Director Tim Savage, Producer Dana
Hankins, and Author/Screenwriter Graham
Salisbury to discuss screenplay adaptation,
fundraising, casting, location scouting, a
director’s daily planning and set protocol,
editorial, visual effects, music score... all
the way through movie release, marketing
and distribution. Basically everything you
would need to know about filmmaking!
You can purchase tickets
ahead of time online at:
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