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Annual Report 2013-14
Disciples Christian Church
3663 Mayfield Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121
[email protected]
Disciples Christian Church
Serving together in Christ's name
All photo credit: Ron Werman
Page 1
Rev. Kristine Eggert
Reports from Leaders and Ministries
Before I wrote these words, I took the time and had the
privilege of reading each of these reports.
Creative Ministries
Young Disciples
Prime Time
Disciples Invest in Future
Dream Team
Green Team
God Before Guns
Property Committee
Community Meal
Outreach Committee
If you’re starting by reading my words, I’ll tell you that you
are in for a rich experience. Our leaders, both staff and
laypersons, have spoken of the best we have given this year
to the ministries of Disciples Christian Church. Some write
very eloquently, while others would rather be out there,
doing, but still completed the assignment!
Financial Reports
Balance Sheet June 2013
Balance Sheet June 2014
Income and Expense 13-14
2014-15 Deadlines & Dates
Some have created new ministries, and others have quite ably maintained existing
ones. Some pray at the Table on Sunday morning while others set the Table and still
others pray between worship services on Sunday and while knitting on a Tuesday
afternoon. Some are reading their first annual report since becoming Disciples, and
others have lost count of the number.
What this annual report represents is, in a word – remarkable.
Remarkable in its simplest and most literal meaning: things we want to remark
about. But also, things that get us thinking and talking. Synonyms are
extraordinary, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, wonderful, sensational,
incredible, momentous, etc. We are all that too.
For we have been called as Disciples, together through our diversity in age, race,
education, personal finances, family structure, sexual orientation, physical and
mental abilities, good health and not-so-good, and church experience to be this
church. To serve alongside each other. To welcome the stranger. To feed the
hungry – literally and spiritually. To sing and shout Amen. To pray for comfort for
the bereaved and grace for us all and for peace and justice to reign. To reach out
beyond ourselves into our neighborhood, city, country, and world. We are a place of
welcome to all, where all means ALL. We are people who believe that through
Christ, all things are possible (Philippians 4:13)
Where else does all this come together besides church? So, read these reports and
celebrate the remarkable work we’ve done this year. Read them and challenge
yourself to the remarkable for the year ahead.
On a personal note, I had the first time experience this year in all my years of
ministry of not being in church on a Sunday morning, with no advance notice or
planning. Just a year ago, I left immediately when I got the word my daughter was
in labor on a Saturday. Rev. Christina Kukuk through as much “pre-arranging” as
we could do ahead of time, agreed to preach on a moment’s notice. And on April 5
when I received word that my son had died, Rev. Russ Goldner and the elders of this
church were there for me, and for all of you. So many of you stepped up during my
bereavement absence during Holy Week and Easter. Thank you from the depths of
my heart.
My work as your pastor continues as we gear up for fall. It is my privilege to serve
you and to serve together with you. May this be the remarkable year when we truly
live out the gospel and into God’s peace.
Blessings and peace –
Rev. Kristine Eggert– Pastor 2013-14
Page 2
Kim McFarlin
2014-15 Board and Ministry
Moderator – Dan Nolen
Moderator Elect – Carol Reed
Personnel –
Secretary – Kit Ontko
Treasurer – Randy Wicks
Asst. Treasurers – Hazel Haffner, Todd
Campbell, Jodi Immler, Sally Yocum, Ron
Werman, Gail Ritchey, and Holly
Trustees - Bill Edwards, Todd Campbell,
Karen Walsh and Pat McNeilly
Endowment Trustees – Todd Campbell,
Bill Laurenson, and Marsha Werman
Elder Chairs – Lauren Wicks and Mary
Diaconate Appointments – Connie
Harris, Julie Beckles, Camille Newlon,
Claudia Vondriska, Marsha Werman, and
Deb Humbert
Youth Diaconate Appointments – Soile’
Tallmadge and Paige Campbell
Disciples Invest in the Future – David
Facility – Tom Haverdill, Dj Dohanyos
and Marsha Werman
Memorials – Pat McNeilly
Prime Time – Janice Ziegler
Visitor and New Member
Assimilation—Yolanda McWilliams and
Robin Phillips
Coffee Fellowship – Elaine Mates
Event Planning – Amy Campbell
Young Disciples Ministry Team – Carol
Reed, Yolanda McWilliams, Dave
Sanctuary Decorating – Gail Haverdill
and Thon Burlingame
Sanctuary Upkeep –
Tech Team – Dave Reed
Deacons – Rebecca Ehrlich
Traditional Outreach – Bonnie Goldner
and Sue Ford
Communication – Ron Werman
No Strings Attached – Gail and Mark
Community Meal – Carol Reed
Honoring the Past: Challenged by the Future. I recently
came across this tag line in an old publication by Disciples
Christian Church (formerly known as Euclid Avenue
Christian Church at the time). The document highlighted
150 years of existence as a church serving the community.
The boldness with which leaders nurtured the church during
the early years, leading up to our current cadre of ministry
teams, reminded me of the importance of Christ’s calling for
each of us, “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the
upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14).
The ministry of Disciples Christian Church continues to cultivate the lives of many
individuals and families. We are blessed to have staff members who work tirelessly
to provide vibrant outlets through which God’s grace and loving mercy shine for all
to see.
Pastor Kris offers compassionate, gracious care to the congregation as the shepherd
of our church and servant leader in community organizations. Under the direction of
Adam Kukuk, the church’s music program has flourished even beyond the walls of
our building. Praise God for the gift of music in our lives! Amy Campbell is always
cultivating innovative avenues to develop Disciples and connect our church to the
community. Kathy Smith recognizes children are the lasting impression we leave on
the world long after we are gone, as she nurtures these precious souls for Christ.
Judy Griffith, along with Treasurer Randy Wicks, is a diligent steward of the
church’s financial matters. Adrian von der Lippe, Issac Glover and the Breakfast
Club (comprised of several men in the church) keep the property ready for Sunday
worship and weekly activities. Kaylyn Eshesimua connects all these vital pieces of
ministry to ensure the church office runs efficiently and effectively.
Spiritual gifting remains an essential component of church life. Countless
individuals united to further God’s kingdom here on earth last year. We often forget
to thank everyone who gives of their time, talent and treasure. While each of these
groups is highlighted in the annual report, I wish to personally thank the following
leaders and their ministry teams for outstanding service in 2013-2014 listed on the
Disciples Christian Church is a congregation committed to transformation. Last year
was no exception. There were several initiatives launched at our church in 20132014: The Green Chalice Team spearheaded the process for Disciples Christian
Church to connect Christian faith, spiritual practice and creation consciousness in
order to demonstrate the fullness of God’s shalom. The movement focuses on
becoming better stewards of God’s creation. Our local church was actively involved
in the 2014 Gay Games, which took place in Cleveland. Some of the personnel
policies including volunteer and staff background checks were also revised this year,
further protecting the safety of our church community. Although the decision was a
difficult one for the church Board, Journey to Bethlehem took a year hiatus until
specific plans for the future could be determined. The newly formed Dream Team
initiated the early planning stage of a capital campaign at Disciples Christian
Church. Members of our church helped form the organization, God Before Guns and
participated in several national, regional and local activities geared toward
decreasing gun violence. One of our youth, Josh Ritchey, presented his creative
proposal to complete his Eagle Scout project of building rain barrels to benefit
Disciples Christian Church.
Page 3
Kim McFarlin (continued)
Thank you to everyone who stepped in to assist during some key periods of time this
past year. Bill Laurenson served as Moderator during the birth of our second son,
Jason. I appreciated his assistance while I was with family on maternity leave. I am
also thankful for the way our church rallied around Pastor Kris and her family after
the death of her eldest son. The supportive outpouring of love and grace from our
faith family astounded me. We call ourselves Disciples. As I reflect on these words,
I recall my opening of this message -- Honoring the Past: Challenged by the Future.
May we remember Paul’s words in Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this
world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is
that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” For through the renewing of
ourselves, we are better equipped to practice our faith daily. It was an honor and
privilege to serve as your Moderator. My prayers are with the newly elected team,
led by Moderator Dan Nolen. May God continue to bless Disciples Christian
Kim McFarlin – Moderator 2013-14
Personnel Committee
Pat McNeilly
The 2013-14 church year has been quiet for the Personnel Committee at Disciples
Christian Church. We have had no one leave this past year and therefore are blessed
because our present staff is doing remarkable work for our congregation. At the
Congregational Meeting held on June 22, the Board voted to approve cost of living
increases for staff members.
In early November, it was brought to our attention by Kathy Smith that we needed to
have a program in place that coincides with Safe Church procedures. This involves
strategies having to do with background checks for our staff and volunteers who
work with our children and young adults. We need to be in compliance with Safe
Conduct policies and procedures through the Insurance Board. Kathy was named
administrator for the staff.
It was decided that the Personnel Committee would review the background checks as
they were completed and that this information would be locked in a cabinet in the
office. It was also decided that the costs for the above procedures should be included
in our annual church budget.
Pat McNeilly – Personnel Committee Chairperson 2013-14
Page 4
Kaylyn Eshesimua
We had over 64 people who identified themselves as first-time visitors during the
2013-14 year according to the attendance sheet records. Several of these first-timers
became frequent visitors, and we welcomed 11 people into membership to date.
Rich Horton – March 30
Julie, Garth and Sydney Beckles – May 11
Barbara McCormick – August 11
Andrea, Dana, Mariyah, Shamar and Adrianna Dempsey – September 7
In other good news, The 2014 Disciples Pictorial Directory is now available for both
Android and iPhone/iPad users.
Rich Horton
The directory is also available on our website. The directory is password protected
and is made available to church members. To access the password, please contact the
church office. For iPhone/iPad, please download “instant church directory” from the
App Store and search “Disciples Christian Church”. For Android users, please
download “instant church directory” from Google Play store. If you haven't
submitted a family photo, or you wish to update any info we have, send all such info
to [email protected]
Kaylyn Eshesimua – Membership 2013-14
Pat McNeilly
Garth, Julie and Sydney Beckles
The members of Disciples Christian Church family mourned the deaths of the
following members and family this past year.
Calvin Phillips—Father of Robin Phillips 9/11/13
Lois Valentine 10/6/13
Dr. Richard Burlingame 1/13/14
Clark Hungerford 1/28/14
Mary Ellen Ritchey—Stepmother of Mark Ritchey 2/22/14
Richard Bowen Jr—son of Robin Herrington Bowen 2/27/14
Leif Wratten—son of Pastor Kris 4/5/14
Bill Ritchey—father of Mark Ritchey 6/1/14
Sally Hosey – Aunt of Pat Hartmann
Kathy Orr – Stepsister of Pat Hartmann
Sally Phillips – Stepmother of Robin Phillips
Our prayers are with these families of these dear people. May God Continue to bless
the contributions made to the Memorial Fund and guide us to use these gifts for the
best interests of the church.
Andrea, Dana, Mariyah, Shamar
and Adrianna Dempsey
Pat McNeilly – Memorial Funds Chair 2013-14
Page 5
Music Ministry
Adam Kukuk
Last spring we said goodbye to Matt Klevorn on guitar and said hello to Brent
Hamker. Brent originally came as a short term sub, but enjoyed playing with us so
much, I convinced him to stay. Brent then moved to bass guitar and we added Marty
Kraig to our lineup. Marty’s a local musician with much rock/pop experience. In a
bittersweet way, we celebrate Brent leaving us this August to pursue graduate studies
in Valencia, Spain. Jessica Yanafarro will be taking up bass this Fall (2014).
Adam Kukuk holding 1st place trophy
from winning the 2014 WCLV
FM/104.9 Jubilation! Choir Festival
Also this year we began to hear Angela Lynard as our soloist twice a month. Angela
brings a wealth of African-American church experience to our worship. She’s a
joyful person of faith and she can bring the house down! This year we’ve covered:
Keb Mo / Mumford and Sons / Van Morrison / Rosanne Cash / Richard Smallwood /
and many others. Always keeping firmly rooted in our traditions we try to push the
boundaries of worship music.
Our choir continues to shine. Our former alto - Jen Woda - has dubbed us the T.A.C.
(tiny awesome choir). From Coland to Sacred Harp, Robert Shaw spirituals and
Messiaen, with a smattering Vaughan Williams and Holst, the choir continues to
amaze with it’s quality and quantity of sound. Our choir prepares and sings the heart
out of some of the most diverse and challenging repertoire found in Cleveland.
Adam Kukuk, Jessica Yanafarro,
Marty Kraig and Dylan Moffitt of the
Connections worship band.
We had a chance to prove this when we entered WCLV’s Jubilation! Choir Festival
2014. We submitted a recording and application in March and were asked to sing on
the Finals concert. The evening of May 8th we joined two other choirs at the
Cathedral of St John’s and we sang to win. We were able to combine our desires of
making Spirit-filled music and singing to the best of our ability. It was broadcast live
on WCLV and provided excellent (free) advertising for Disciples. Most important to
note here is that this was an all-choir accomplishment, not just a product of our
soloists. Every voice was completely on their game, and had to be. Our soloists truly
fulfilled their function as section leaders, kudos to them.
Last spring we said goodbye to Cy McFarlin as our bass soloist. The birth of their
second child this year, and their 50+ minute drive to the church was making regular
singing too difficult. We wished Cy well and a lovely cake reception as well as a
love offering was given. Next fall, I Sheng Huang - bass baritone - will be joining us
as bass soloist. A native of Taiwan, and a member of CIM’s Artist Diploma Program
(Post-Masters), we look forward to welcoming him.
Looking Forward:
The choir is beginning the year with a retreat August 29th, we will sing, eat and
brainstorm ways to attract more singers from outside the church. The Connections
Band is researching recording an EP this Winter/Spring. Using the recording process
as a networking opportunity to include more people in the life of Disciples.
Chancel Choir in front of their 1st
place trophy from winning the 2014
WCLV FM/104.9 Jubilation! Choir
Festival Adam Kukuk – Director of Music 2013-14
Page 6
Creative Ministry
Amy Campbell
During the 2013-2014 church year I worked as part of a staff team at Disciples
Christian Church where I am employed part time. Below are some of the projects
that I worked on in the past year. In addition to the items listed below, I also help
my co-workers and church members in a number of their projects, just as the staff
team helps me with my projects.
Offering and Giving Thanks during
Connections worship service.
Coordinated the worship participants for Connections and Traditions.
Organized various meals and cookouts for the congregation throughout the year.
Worked with Kathy Smith on an electronics fundraiser.
Was the initial contact person for weddings
The Garden of Blessings was taken over by various people/families, this spring
and summer. I helped organize the project and made garden markers for the
Worked with Janice Ziegler and Pastor Kris on the organization, scheduling and
implementation of Disciples Dream summer programming.
Helped to coordinate the Lenten bible/book studies as well as the documentary
movies that were shown, and had my own book study on Sunday mornings
during Prime Time in the Gathering Room.
Staff representative on the Nominating committee.
Recruited and scheduled the Deacon and Tech teams (with the help of Rebecca
Ehrlich and Dave Reed) for Connections and Traditions worship.
Disciples during an outdoor worship 
lunch. 
Started a program that encourages folks to donate communion for worship.
Organized and ran Deacon School with the Deacon Ministry Team Leader,
Rebecca Ehrlich.
Coordinated with Soccer Shots to start pre-school aged soccer practices on
Tuesday evenings in our yard. They will be continuing in the fall, but moving to
Saturday mornings.
Worked with Kathy Smith on an Advent event where we decorated the church
for Advent and Christmas and shared a meal together.
Coordinated with Nadyah Freeman who help aerobics classes on Saturdays
throughout the spring.
Six of our youth went to the National Convocation in Columbus, OH in
July. Yolanda McWilliams and I chaperoned the event.
Garden of Blessings
Worked with Adam Kukuk to find and install a sound system to use in the
sanctuary to help our members who have trouble hearing worship.’
Finally, I pitch in where ever I am needed.
Amy Campbell – Creative Ministries Director 2013-14
Page 7
Young Disciples Ministry
Kathy Smith
There were many special worship events last year, starting with Advent. The
Sunday before Christmas has become a family worship Sunday lead by our Young
Disciples. This year the Young Disciples performed a couple of skits, read liturgy
and scripture. The Young Disciples also participated in the Maundy Thursday
service. We followed this up with our annual Young Disciples Sunday where kids of
all ages told stories about when they felt blessed and when they have blessed others
or “blessed to be a blessing”. Then we put this together in video form. As always,
the first Sunday of the month is when our youth are deacons.
Jason Tallmadge and Devin Campbell
volunteering at the Cleveland Food
Once again the Young Disciples put together gift bags for our members at home.
However, this year the youth also became personal shoppers for the secret angels.
Some members want to be a secret angel but hate to shop. Well, let me say that
teenagers love to shop, making this a perfect match.
Twice this year the youth have given their time to help at the Cleveland Food Bank.
After a couple of hours packing lunches for those who are in need, we then gather
for pizza and fellowship at the Reed’s home. A huge THANK YOU goes out to the
Reeds for opening their home.
The Young Disciples also do mission in our own back yard. Many of the kids get
involved in the Community Meal, Garden of Blessings and our annual church
Fun and Fellowship
Emily Reed and Miss Kathy picking up
trash during Spa Day. As always, we began our fall season with our annual trip to Chautauqua. Many of
our youth were in attendance as we gather as a church family. What a special time
and space to experience God’s love.
Later in the summer, we ventured out to Cedar Point for their annual Point Fest
which in addition to the regular Cedar Point attractions, the park sponsors various
Christian bands. A great time was had by all.
The first weekend in December is lock-in time. We had a surprise visit by our old
friend and go to chaperone, Kyle Anthony. The night was full of our usual games,
food and fun.
Dionna Sorrell, Paige Campbell,
Emily Reed and Courtney Ritchey at
Young Disciples Dessert Raffle.
Our annual Bunny Lunch was greeted with the usual success. The Young Disciples
got to experience face painting, dessert raffle, egg hunt, good food and great fun.
The Young Disciples participated in a scavenger hunt in order to win their dozen
This year we had our first annual family picnic in late June. A beautiful summer
evening was the background to our festivities. We had hot dogs, burgers with lots of
side dishes. No picnic would be complete without water balloons. So wet families
went home with full tummies!
Page 8
Young Disciples Ministry
Kathy Smith (continued)
We also had another first in our fellowship together. We decided to have an
intergenerational gathering at a Lake Erie Captains’ Baseball game. Disciples
Christian was well represented as we ate dollar dogs and cheered the Captains on to
Young Disciples and families at Faith
Night Captains Game.
We continue with our “Gather Round” curriculum which includes Old and New
Testament studies. I have also added some online studies in hopes of using a variety
of ways to make our faith relatable to todays’ world. We continue with our Sunday
youth services in our youth sanctuary. I am discovering that this is a wonderful way
to come together as a group to express our joys and concerns, explore the lesson’s
faith focus even further and to worship God. A special shout out goes to all of the
adults who volunteer to help with our kids. THANKS!
Summer Fun
Many of our Young Disciples had summer fun at various church camps throughout
Ohio. I know that all of the kids who had the opportunity of going, had experiences
that they will never forget.
Some of our youth attended the annual Alive Festival held in Atwood Park. There
the kids enjoyed live music, testimonies and other festival fun. Even the rain did not
stop them from enjoying the event.
Six of our youth participated in the National Convocation that was held in Columbus
this year. Some of the activities included going and helping in a homeless shelter as
well as evening worships. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Amy Campbell and
Yolanda McWilliams for being the chaperones for this event.
Young Disciples, Miss Kathy and
Robin Phillips at the Cleveland
Christian Home 5k Walk and Run
Thank you to CWF and all who purchased gift cards to make Disciples of Christ
summer events from Camp Christian to National Convocation possible.
Fund Raisers
We had some profitable fund raisers this year. We had our annual Super Bowl Sub
Sunday. We also had a dessert raffles. Big thanks to all of those who supported
these fund raising activities. The proceeds helped Chautauqua, Cedar Point and
other various Young Disciple activities.
Bottom line – Disciples Christian’s Young Disciples rock!
Kathy Smith – Young Disciples Director 2013-14
Young Disciples Moment during
Connections worship.
Page 9
Prime Time Ministry
Janice Ziegler
Prime Time is the interval between the Contemporary and Traditional services. It is
Prime (meaning of central importance) because it is Time for all partakers of the
hospitality of our church, of Christ’s invitation, and of the Great Commission of the
disciples, to come together for learning and for the exchange of ideas.
During the past year, Prime Time has been the platform for sessions of Bible Study,
history, theology, current church events and church communications. By remaining
flexible and open to the needs of the congregants, the Prime Time sessions of 40
Dan Nolen speaking during Prime minutes have served multiple purposes.
Time: Disciples Dream about his
work at Cleveland Crops. The sessions described as Disciples Learn are a shared responsibility of Janice
Ziegler and Russ Goldner. Sessions described as Disciples Dream focus on
presentations and discussions concerning the possible paths to the future for our
Attendance varies from 12 to over 20 depending on the Sunday. Janice and Russ
plan to continue the Disciples Learn sessions for the coming year. There will always
be flexibility for others from the church or guests to make use of Prime Time.
Janice Ziegler – Prime Time: Disciples Learn Chairperson 2013-14
Fellowship Ministry
Elaine Mates
Debbie Osgood speaking during
Prime Time: Disciples Dream about
being a Green Chalice congregation.
This past year has gone very smoothly. The variety of things that I offer seems to
keep everyone happy. There has been a definite increase of younger people who
come to fellowship after Connections service, but it seems that there has been
enough for them to eat and drink without having to go over my current budget.
Donations can vary quite a bit and are down right now. But, in the past when this has
been brought to the attention of our membership people have stepped up and we
have gotten back on track.
I really am grateful to be part of this fellowship because I know that everyone
appreciates and enjoys the opportunity to be together. I look forward to the coming
year and always welcome suggestions and comments on how to improve this time of
Elaine Mates – Fellowship Chairperson 2013-14
Tom Pike speaking during Prime
Time: Disciples Dream about his
work at the Gay Games.
Page 10
Elder Ministry
Lauren Wicks and Kim Ehrlich
The Elders kicked off the year with a study on Evangelism that was centered on the
book Unbinding the Gospel by Martha Grace Reese. We read and discussed several
chapters at a time over the course of the church year. As a result of this study, Elder
Robin Phillips was moved to start an open prayer time in the gathering room
between services, and the body of Elders as a whole increased their focus on prayer
in both their personal lives and in the work that they undertook for the church.
Pastor Kris and Paul McElroy Giving
Thanks for Communion during
Traditions worship.
In addition, the Elders agreed to serve as leaders for the annual Stewardship
campaign. Elders wrote letters and items for the bulletin and many of them took
turns giving a “Stewardship Moment” during worship services.
The Elders continued their other work as spiritual leaders of the church, serving
during communion, writing cards and letters and visiting homebound members.
Lauren Wicks and Kim Ehrlich – Elder Co-Chairs 2013-14
Deacon Ministry
Rebecca Ehrlich and Amy Campbell
Dj Dohanyos, Pastor Kris, David
Eggert and Derrick Hall Giving
Thanks during Connections worship.
We are continuing with the current schedule once each month. This permits ease of
travel to see family out of town, allows parents with children with weekend
commitments to be less affected by serving, and ensures that the Deacons are seen
more frequently in services.
2014-15 Diaconate
"Deacon School" was arranged by Rebeca Ehrlich and Amy Campbell for new and
returning members of the committee. It was held on June 26th, 2012 and involved
introductions, training, scheduling, and dinner at the Community Meal. It is with our
hope that this will start the 2013-2014 year off on solid ground.
Connie Harris
Julie Beckles
Camille Newlon
Claudia Vondriska
Marsha Werman
Communion was almost always served by intinction at Connections, requiring 2
deacons, and in the traditional manner at 11am worship, requiring 4 deacons. Over
the last year, communion was served by intinction during Traditions worship as
We have had conversation with the congregation and determined to continue with 4
deacons to collect offering and 2 deacons to serve communion by intinction. People
may choose to be served in their seats, and a time of reflection has been added to the
end of communion time.
Debbie Humbert
Soile Tallmadge
Finally, going forward into the 2013-2014 church year, Rebecca Ehrlich will
continue on as Deacon Chair.
Paige Campbell
Rebecca Ehrlich and Amy Campbell – Diaconate Co-Chairs 2013-14
Page 11
Disciples Invest in the Future Ministry
David Eggert
Since this committee began its work in 2011 our goal has been to take the mystery
and controversy out of our endowment funds and to renew the commitment of
current church members to support those funds through planned giving.
Along the way our church renamed these funds as the Legacy Funds and divided the
funds into a Ministry Fund and a Permanent Fund. The Board adopted a Legacy
Funds Policy that clarifies how the funds are structured and how they may be
used. We produced a pamphlet explaining the funds and encouraging all members to
add Disciples Christian Church to their list of priorities for planned giving.
Finally we introduced the Legacy Funds Society, a ministry of support for Disciples
Christian Church through giving to the Legacy Funds. A plaque in the Sanctuary
now honors givers - past, present, and future - by listing the names of those who
have given substantial gifts as well as those who have pledged future gifts.
For more information on the ways that you can support the Legacy Funds, please
contact the Disciples Invest in the Future Committee.
Legacy Society donors plaque.
David Eggert –Disciples Invest Chairperson 2013-14
Dream Team Ministry
Holly Coughlin
The Dream Team initiative was undertaken to identify the congregation’s dreams
and vision for the future. We want to take our ministries to the next level in the next
year and years to come. Getting input from the members of the church was the first
step. Through the Dream Team sessions we have identified priorities for:
A table of Disciples discussing future
visions during a Disciples Dream
Building access and sustainability,
Mission and outreach,
Children and youth and,
Worship space.
The result will be to develop a plan in support of a Capitol Campaign. We will pay
off the church’s debt and to undertake projects that will enhance our worship and
Holly Coughlin – The Dream Team Chairperson 2013-14
Page 12
Green Team Ministry
Debbie Humbert
In October 2013 a group of Disciples members attended a presentation at Franklin
Circle Christian made by Debbie Osgood and Rev. Roger Osgood about the
Disciples of Christ Green Chalice program. Afterwards we invited those who were
interested in environmental concerns to join together to create our own Green Team.
Pastor Kris suggested that I take lead and so Disciples Green Team was formed in
November 2013. In our Inaugural meeting, I introduced the Green Chalice program
to Disciples Christian Church and we began the effort to become a Green Chalice
Disciples Green Chalice chairperson
Debbie Humbert and Debbie Osgood
from Heights Christian Church.
This process required three steps:
1. Form a Green Team
2. 2. Sign the Alverna Covenant
3. Select three “green” actions to promote in the church and congregation
Our three actions are:
1. To use less paper
2. To expand recycling efforts to include plastic and glass
3. Use earth friendly cleaning solutions
These actions are on-going.
I submitted this information to Rev. Carol Devine, Minister of Green Chalice at
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and we received our Green Chalice certificate
this past Spring.
For our first Green Sunday in March 2014, we invited Debbie Osgood to introduce
the Green Chalice program during Prime Time. The Young Disciples created two
trees and leaves upon which congregants could write ideas of how to become more
Thank you Rev. Carol Devine, green at church and at home.
Minister of Green Chalice at Christian
Church (Disciples of Christ) for On August 1, I presented the Green Team’s progress during Prime Time. We heard
awarding us this certificate for Josh Ritchey talk about the rain barrels he worked on for his Boy Scouts project that
becoming a Green Chalice Ministry! are currently stationed around the church.
In order to pursue the next level, that of the Green Chalice Certified congregation,
we will present the requirements to the Board and congregation.
Thank you Green Team for your support and accomplishments during our first year.
Deborah Humbert – Green Team Chairperson 2013-14
Page 13
God Before Guns Ministry
David Eggert
In the year since July 1, 2013 God Before Guns has been very busy. In October,
2013 we held our first event, the Community Summit to Reduce Gun Violence at St.
Paul's Episcopal Church. About 100 persons attended and listened to two speakers
and three panels including many of the leading voices in NE Ohio on gun violence.
Walk to Reduce Gun Violence at
Cleveland Hope Memorial Bridge
In December we held a Service of Commemoration at Church of the Covenant to
remember all those lost to gun violence in the previous year, and especially the
victims at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk gave
the keynote address in this multi-faith service. In March we participated in an
Advocacy Day at the state capitol in Columbus to push for Child Access Prevention
legislation in Ohio. Our group was one of several organizations involved, and we
brought a busload of supporters from the Cleveland area.
In May we were Walking and Working to End Gun Violence at a march and rally in
downtown Cleveland. The rally included several speakers and attracted an audience
of about 120. Our most recent project was a collaboration with Fairmount
Presbyterian Church to show the film Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun
Violence at Cedar Lee Theater in August. The film was followed by a panel
discussion and attendance was about 200.
All of these activities have spotlighted the plague of gun violence on our
communities, our state, and our nation. On behalf of the Steering Committee that
guides God Before Guns, I thank everyone at Disciples Christian Church for the
strong support you have given to our organization and our events.
David Eggert – God Before Guns Chairperson 2013-14
Property Committee Ministry
Tom Haverdill and Dj Dohanyos
Pastor Kris reading the names of gun
violence victims
since the Newtown shootings from
Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun “No
More Names” Tour Stop in Ohio
This past year we continued to upgrade our H.V.A.C. System and did some major
preventative maintenance that was overdue.
We had Mr. Valentine go over the building exterior and paint and seal places that
were weathered. This will save a lot of money on painting and keep the building
looking good.
The Breakfast Club did a lot of landscaping and mulching as well as splitting wood
for the winter in the Fireside Room fireplace. We took care of a few small roof leaks
and we’re getting a roof evaluation in August along with a parking lot evaluation and
There is a new door on the tool shed to replace the one that was broken into. The
new one is more secure than the old one. Our insurance has helped to replace the
door and equipment stolen.
The year came in right at our budget and we had hoped to keep it the same this year.
We also welcomed Marsha Werman as Co-Chair of our Property Committee.
Disciples Breakfast Club guys getting
dirty for Jesus!
Tom Haverdill, Marsha Werman and Dj Dohanyos – Property Co-Chairs 2013-14
Page 14
Community Meal Ministry
Carol Reed
This August will mark our sixth year anniversary for the Community Meal. It
continues to be an important outreach ministry for our church, and for the people we
serve. The Community Meal is provided the last Thursday of each month, and we
have not missed one meal since its inception in 2008.
Our Community Meal, since the beginning, has always been about more than just
food. We invite people into our church to share food and fellowship. The tables are
beautifully decorated; we serve delicious homemade meals to people at their tables,
and if possible provide a take home meal.
Happy Community Meal volunteers
We also take the time to sit down and visit with people to see how they are doing.
Sometimes, I think they appreciate that the most. Because of the generosity of
people who donate food, money, and time, we have provided over 8000 meals in the
past six years. Thank you to everyone for the continued support of this ministry, and
I look forward to another year of food, fellowship and fun at our Community Meal.
Carol Reed – Community Meal Chairperson 2013-14
Communications Committee Ministry
Ron Werman
During the past year, the Communications Committee has worked to communicate
church events and services to the community.
Happy Community Meal volunteers
The Community meal information was printed in the Calendar column of the Sun
papers during the year.
In October, 2013, the congregational photo taken at our Hats On! Celebration was
placed in the Heights Observer. It mentioned that the celebration was in honor of all
who have been touched by cancer, specifically Gail Haverdill. An ad was published
in the April, 2014 Heights Observer issue regarding services for Palm Sunday,
Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. With an extra cost if the Heights Observer
designed the ad, Ron Werman designed the ad and included the chalice logo as well
as the photo with the steeple through the dogwood blossoms.
Gail Haverdill honored during Hats
On! Celebration worship service.
Amy Campbell suggested a poster of the same ad as above with QR codes for the
church website as well as a YouTube video of a Praise Ensemble musical selection.
This was created and distributed to coffee houses in the area by Amy. An article was
submitted to the Heights Observer for the May, 2014 issue about DCC’s efforts
toward being a Green Chalice congregation. While four photos were submitted, a
photo was published showing Debbie Osgood speaking during Prime Time on Green
Chalice Sunday on March 16th.
The information about the Chancel Choir’s winning of the WCLV FM/104.9
Elizabeth Stuart Church Choir Festival at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in
downtown Cleveland was submitted to the Sun papers. It was published on June 5th
within Joan Rusek’s column.
Ronald Werman – Communications Chairperson 2013-14
Page 15
Outreach Ministry
Bonnie Goldner
Thank you for responding in so many generous ways with
your time, talent and treasure. $14,400 each calendar year is
given to Disciples Mission Fund to support the many
ministries provided on our behalf by The Christian Church
Disciples of Christ (Budget Line Item $1,200 each month).
Visit the web site to learn firsthand how our gifts make a
Calvin Moore, Christian Taddeo and
Tracy Taddeo holding up Christmas
$255 Rice Cookers for new Bhutanese families in July and August
$500 Embody: A Community of Faith being led by Rev. Christina Kukuk as
gathering pastor
Christina sends special thanks for use of Chapel Space and Nursery as
Disciples proudly serves Equal Exchange Fairly Traded Coffee in Partnership
with Week of Compassion - each cup makes a difference to a participating
family farm
$500 UPCaM (United Protestant Campus Ministry) presented to Rev Barbara
Essex new Executive director when preaching at DCC Oct. 13
The 'Gail Force Striders' at the annual
Purple Stride 5K walk to raise
awareness and support for the fight
against pancreatic cancer.
$500 Bread for The World Membership
$125 Conference for Ohio Benefits Bank (Richard Ziegler attended) Outreach
Team recommended to Board that DCC Host “community Summit to Reduce
Gun Violence” to help on October 27
$120 was given to the Reconciliation Offering DCC hosted Family Promise at
Heights Christian providing dinner and support on Oct 1 & 2, 20 Disciples
participated Supported Cleveland Christian Home Homecoming Luncheon
$1000 Heights Emergency Food Center (HEFC) to provide a turkey or chicken
for each family in November and December from Outreach Budget
$ 45 was given to the Thanksgiving Offering
60 Holiday Angel gifts at $25 each were given to children (ages 12 and under)
whose families are clients of HEFC
Young Disciples volunteering at Hope
Memorial Gardens.
Beautiful Alternative Giving flier was created by Sue Ford to promote
Christmas Gifts that make a difference
$220 Greeting Card Tree to benefit HEFC
$1066 was given to the Christmas Offering for Cleveland Christian Home
$50 ink for Ohio Benefits Bank printer
Page 16
Outreach Ministry
Bonnie Goldner (continued)
$500 Christmas Gift to Christian Church in Ohio
DCC Provided 20 warm coats, 7 pairs of new boots (purchased with
cash donations), hats, gloves, scarves and bags of Hygiene items for
Homeless Stand Down
$590 plus school supply donations provided 35 colorful bags of school supplies.
They were delivered to Noble elementary School to be distributed to
Bhutanese children for home use by school social worker on Jan 27,
2014. Many thanks to Debbie Humbert for leading this effort and Thon
Burlingame for fantastic fliers and posters.
Disciples at the Gay Games Parade
$967 was given to Week of Compassion Offering
DCC has been awarded a grant from United Healthcare for 2 laptop computers to
be used be used to help clients of Benefits Bank and others.
Thank you Janice Ziegler for writing the grant.
$207 for printers to use with computers DCC supported Cleveland Christian
Home Walk for Kids at the Zoo. Thank you
$ 273 was given to Easter Offering Outreach Team recommended that DCC
become a community partner for Gay Games
$1000 for Cleveland Christian Home
$6115.38 was given to Heights Emergency Food Center from special gifts
received in Heart Offering Envelopes and over and above giving for the year
$766.62 was given to Community Meal
Donations for the 2013 Homeless
Stand Down
Sue Ford will be providing articles for Church Life to increase our
Outreach knowledge DCC participated in Cleveland Christian Home
Golf Outing
$500 UPCaM (United Protestant Campus Ministries)
$100 Fair Trade Marketplace Sponsor for Ohio Fair Trade Expo 2014 in Oct
$400 to Week of Compassion in designated gifts for Colorado Flood, Typhoon
in Philippines and tornado in Tupelo, MS
Huge thank you to Richard Ziegler who continues to provide help to
families through the Ohio Benefits Bank
Bonnie Goldner – Outreach Committee Chairperson 2013-14
Pat McNeilly and Karen Walsh
making Christmas decorations
2014-15 Board Meeting dates
Board meetings are at 7PM in the Chapel. If you plan to make a report at the Board meeting,
please let Dan Nolen or the Church office know and email any motions that you plan to make. All are welcome.
November 10th, 2014
January 12th, 2015
March 9th, 2015
June 8, 2015 (Budget vote)
Congregational Meeting date
Between worship services on Sunday, June 1rth, 2015, plan to attend the annual congregational meeting to elect
officers, ministry leaders, elders and deacons for 2015-16.
June 14th, 2015 at 10:15am
2014 Church Life deadlines
Newsletter submissions are needed by these dates by noon. You can bring them to the office or send them via email
to [email protected]
October 27th, 2014
November 17th, 2014
January 5th, 2015
January 26th, 2015
February 23rd, 2015
March 23rd, 2015
April 27th, 2015
May 26th, 2015
June 22nd, 2015
Disciples Directory now available in the back of the Sanctuary and for iPhone/iPad and
Android phone users!
The directory is password protected and is made available to church members. To access the password, please contact the
church office. For iPhone/iPad, please download “instant church directory” from the App Store and search “Disciples
Christian Church”. For Android users, please download “instant church directory” from Google Play store.
Disciples Constitution and By-Laws
If you would like a copy of the Disciples constitution or by-laws via hard copy or sent to you via email please contact the
church office.
June 14th, 2015 at 10:15am
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