Disability Employment Australia commends DES programme changes

Media Release – 20 March 2015
Disability Employment Australia commends DES programme changes
Disability Employment Australia is delighted with Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield, Assistant Minister
for Social Services’ announcement of a trial that will improve how ongoing support is delivered in the
Disability Employment Services (DES) programme.
Ongoing support is an essential element of best practice in delivering DES. Disability Employment
Australia (DEA) has been in discussion with the Department over how to reduce the unnecessarilyburdensome red tape and administration requirements that have hampered the delivery of quality
ongoing support.
The Minister and the Department have listened to the suggestions of DEA and other stakeholders
and have responded by introducing red tape reduction measures to ensure that people with
disability, DES providers, and employers will have the most effective and efficient service possible.
“Better and more flexible arrangements for DES providers will help improve employment outcomes
for people with disability,” Minister Fifield said.
The trial will allow for empowered decision-making to determine the best method of engagement,
as well as a relaxation of participant plan updates. These measures will help create a more efficient
service while also reducing the administrative burden.
From 1 April 2015 participants, employers and providers can enjoy a more flexible arrangement as
they strive together to achieve the same goal: sustainable employment.
The decision by the Minister demonstrates how a good working relationship between the Minister,
the Department and the sector can produce positive action for the betterment of participants and
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About Disability Employment Australia: Disability Employment Australia is the ‘go to’ peak body for disability
employment in Australia. One in five Australians of working age have disability, but only 53% participate in the
workforce compared with 81% for people without disability.
Disability Employment Australia represents Australia’s Disability Employment Services (DES) to government and
the broader community – nationally and internationally. Australia’s DES assists over 160,000 people with
disability and 40,000 employers.
There are more than 140 DES organisations with nearly 2,500 sites across Australia. DES providers are both
private and not-for-profit organisations focused on meaningful employment in the open labour market.