Notice of Sale Lot #2 Dispatch Wrightline/Eaton Furniture

Notice of Sale
Lot #2 Dispatch Wrightline/Eaton Furniture
The Vernon, CT police department is offering for sale used Wrightline/Eaton Dispatch
Furniture through a competitive bidding process. This furniture was part of a dispatch center that
was recently upgraded. All items were functioning in a public safety dispatch center at the time
of removal (December 2013). The items for sale are listed in exhibit 2. Photos shown of the
furniture are representative only and not intended to imply or warrant the condition, location or
operability of the units. These items (exhibit 2) are being sold as a complete lot, and offers will
only be accepted to purchase the entire lot.
All items are sold on an "AS-IS/WHERE-IS" basis and with all faults and defects therein.
Any person interested in purchasing the equipment is solely responsible for inspecting and
verifying all information. The Town of Vernon offers no warranty, express or implied, for this
equipment. The Town of Vernon hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, associated
with said equipment offered for sale. A limited lifetime warranty through Wrightline/Eaton may
be available to purchaser at no additional cost. Any inquiries about this warranty should be
directed to Wrightline/Eaton.
Purchaser is responsible for removal of all equipment from the Vernon Police Department.
Vernon Police will make reasonable efforts to assist with freight or shipping of equipment,
however, the buyer assumes all responsibility for any associated costs. Equipment must be
removed from site within 30 calendar days of offer of acceptance from Town (final removal date).
Removal shall only be during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. - 4:00 pm.
Merchandise becomes the full responsibility of Purchaser at time of PAYMENT and purchaser
assumes all risk of loss and damage to property until removed from sale premises. After the final
removal date, there will be a $25.00 per day storage fee charged to the purchaser. If merchandise
is not removed within ten working days after the final removal date, the ownership of the
merchandise will revert back to the Town of Vernon that may then dispose of or resale the
individual items or total lot at the Town’s sole discretion.
Terms of sale will be a check drawn on a government account, CERTIFIED CHECK or
MONEY ORDER ONLY. Payment must be made in full prior to transfer of any equipment. Full
payment must be made within 30 calendar days of offer acceptance from Town.
The sale is final, and no returns are permitted.
The Town of Vernon reserves the right to reject any bid, for any reason.
Potential buyers may arrange to inspect equipment. Contact Lt Meier to arrange for an
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Offers for purchase of this equipment must be received by April 4, 2014 at 2:00 pm. Please send
written offers in a sealed envelope to:
Lt William Meier III
Vernon Police Department
725 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon, CT 06066
**Note: Offers must specify “lot #1 dispatch radio equipment,” “lot #2 dispatch furniture” or
“lot #3 Tait Console Gateway” on the front of envelope and on the bid sheet. Each lot must have
a separate offer.
Questions should be directed to Lt William Meier at 860-872-9126 x221 or
[email protected]
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Exhibit 2
List of Equipment (Lot #2 Dispatch Wrightline/Eaton Furniture)
Wrightline/Eaton Dispatch Furniture
Three (3) Wrightline/Eaton modular work stations for dispatch center/911 center,
approximately 67”x67” (46” tall) (one desk is slightly smaller than the others)
Includes 3 end cap tables approximate dimension 36”x37” (44” tall) that have CPU storage
lockers at each position
Desks are height adjustable workstations to accommodate sitting or standing dispatcher using
motorized lifts
Color of workstations/surfaces is slate gray with black trim
Removable skins and panels on desks. Electrical wiring can be run and mounted in desks.
6 Computer monitor mounts per station
Rack-mount shelving for end caps, appx 19” (9RU) high, and 6RU phone mount at each position
User controlled ventilation and lighting system
Original purchase date 2004
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