The Clergy Times - Diocese of Pittsburgh

May 2015
The Clergy Times
“Our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven;
let our hearts ascend with him.”
Saint Augustine
Clergy Day
Soon Bishop Zubik will send a letter inviting each of us to our
annual Clergy Day, a day when we celebrate the anniversary of
ordination of our Jubilarians.
This year we congratulate the following priests:
70 years
Fr. Matthew Elanjileth
65 years
Fr. Mike Vecchio
50 years
15 Catholic Charities Dinner
Priest Retreat
19 Priests in Transition (Group 2)
20 Priests in Transition (Group 3)
Fr. John Ayoob
Fr. Francis Graff
Clergy Day
Manifesting the Kingdom Awards
Fr. Jack O’Malley
Fr. Ernie Strzelinski
13 Deacon Ordinations
Fr. Richard Terdine
27 Priesthood Ordinations
60 years
Priest Retreat
Fr. Brian Connolly
Fr. Phil DeCarlo
25 years
Fr. Pat Barkey
Fr. Bill Kohler
Fr. Henry Szarnicki
Fr. Jack Batykefer
Fr. Paul Merkovsky
30 Vicariate 2 Meeting
Fr. Ed Trzeciakowski
Bishop William Winter
Fr. John Skirtich
Vicariate 3 Meeting
Vicariate 4 Meeting
This year’s celebration will be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 in
O’Connor Hall, which as you know is located on the property of
Saint Paul Seminary. We will begin at 4:00 p.m. with the
celebration of the Eucharist in the Bishop John Bernard McDowell
Auditorium. Preprandials and dinner will follow in the Cardinals’
Great Hall.
Fall Clergy Convocation
Chimbote Dinner
For planning purposes, please indicate your response by
responding to the Clergy Office at 412-456-3060 or email at:
[email protected] by Wednesday, May 27, 2015.
21 Vicariate 1 Meeting
Deacon Retreat
Priest Retreat
13 Priests in Transition (Group 4)
Advent Vesper Service
The Light is On For You
May 2015
As we begin the month of May, it is a good time to clean off our desks and make room for new messes!
Please check and see if you have given the following proper attention:
Burial Cards. One of the responsibilities of the Vicar for Clergy Personnel is to coordinate funeral
arrangements for a deceased priest. A great deal of the information needed to make the funeral
arrangements is found on the burial card that is to be kept on file in the Clergy Office. A copy of the form
is available in the new Priest Personnel Policy (Part VI, Appendix H, page 19.) Additionally, each priest
should have on file a Will and both a Durable Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney for
Healthcare and Advance Medical Directives. The Department for Canon and Civil Law Services will assist
any priest in preparing these documents free of charge. You can contact them at 412-456-3135.
Testimonials. Both priests and deacons who are traveling in the USA (outside the Diocese of
Pittsburgh) need a Testimonial of Suitability/Letter of Good Standing. To obtain a Testimonial of
Suitability, priests are encouraged to use the form on the diocesan web page
webforms/request-letter-good-standing-testimonial-suitability-ministry-form and deacons are to call the
Diaconate Office (412-456-3124). For priests, if you are navigating to the page yourself, you can find it by
scrolling over “The Diocese” tab, selecting “Secretariats” and selecting “Secretariat for Clergy and
Consecrated Life”. It is under “Important Forms”. Of course you can always call the Clergy Office (412456-3060), but it does help to complete the form online.
SLI Connect. All priests and deacons are welcome to sign up to either participate in a live webinar
or to view the webinars that are available from the St. Luke Institute. The webinars are designed for
Catholic clergy, religious and lay leadership by experts in psychological and spiritual health.
To access the webinars you need to set up an account:
Go to and enter this Group Access Code: 4960-1456
Create your account (a valid email address and phone number are required)
Login to My Account with your username and password
Assignments. If you would like to be considered for a transfer from your current assignment or
are planning to retire, I ask that you write a letter to Bishop Zubik indicating your desire for a change.
Parishes that will be open will be announced by email. Your letter to the Bishop will help the Clergy
Personnel Board make recommendations to Bishop Zubik for assignment placements.
Retreats. Space is still available for the upcoming priest retreats sponsored by the diocese at St.
Paul Seminary. If you would like to register for either of these retreats, please contact the Department
for Post-Ordination Formation at [email protected] or 412-456-3052.
May 17 –22: Father James Flavin
June 14-18: Father Thomas Hurst
May 2015
In your charity, please pray for the deceased clergy of our diocese.
Rev. Anthony Siwiec (1932)
Rev. John A. Breen (1935)
Rev. Patrick Diskin (1938)
Rev. Robert M. Murphy (1996)
Rev. Joseph C. Fitzpatrick (1959)
Rev. E. Charles Patterson (1990)
Rev. John H. Fennell (1949)
Msgr. Edward J. Misklow (1964)
Rev. Cornelius E. Gildea (1994)
Rev. Herman Killmeyer (1950)
Rev. John J. Lukasik (1981)
Rev. James L. Armstrong (2012)
Rev. Joseph E. Fronek (1974)
Rev. Augustus A. Wertenbach (1902)
Rev. Francis I. Kuczynski (2002)
Msgr. James A. Davin (1980)
Deacon Gerard J. Wolf (1990)
Rev. Leo Chrzanowski (1944)
Rev. William Vogt (1957)
Rev. Thomas A. Lakomy (1992)
Rev. Joseph G. Malinak (1997)
Rev. Francis Pikulski (1917)
Rev. Joseph T. Byrne (1951)
Rev. Daniel J. O’Connell (1916)
Msgr. Patrick W. Rice (1971)
Rev. Francis J. Coyle (1912)
Rev. Ettore J. DeNapoli (1997)
Rev. George A. Benton (1987)
Rev. Charles J. Steppling (1930)
Rev. Patrick J. Quilter (1951)
Rev. Nicola A. DeMita (1956)
Rev. Philip J. Dougherty (1984)
Rev. John B. Barry (1962)
Rev. Walter A. Mahler (1989)
Rev. George T. Leech (2006)
Rev. Robert L. Mellot (2008)
Msgr. William J. Maher (1991)
Rev. Raymond P. Froehlich (1997)
Rev. Joseph Galewski (1904)
Rev. Anthony Vogel (1930)
Rev. John C. Angel (1951)
Rev. Francis P. King (1956)
Rev. Harry E. Parsons (2011)
Rev. Patrick Hesson (1914)
Rev. Joseph F. Bauer (1951)
Msgr. Robert J. Gray (1968)
Rev. Andrew J. Turlik (2003)
May 2015
Rev. Raymond Doherty (1984)
Rev. Patrick A. Dooley (1912)
Rev. Peter Gottschall (1953)
Rev. Frederick J. Mansmann (1972)
Rev. George Allmann (1901)
Rev. Harry R. Thieret (1961)
Rev. John T. Burns (1922)
Msgr. Michael A. McGarey (1978)
Rev. George W. Zirwas (2001)
Rev. Joseph V. Sharp (1931)
Rev. Anthony P. Scholz (1949)
Deacon J. Kenneth Munhall (1981)
Rev. George P. Seubert (1927)
Rev. Ercole Dominicis (1959)
Rev. Anthony J. Muszynski (1962)
Msgr. Paul E. Campbell (1969)
Rev. Henry C. Riley (1951)
Rev. Edward A. Egler (1955)
Rev. John Marsalek (1937)
Rev. Joseph L. Lonergan (1959)
Rev. Regis M. Hudock (1983)
Rev. Henry P. Gavigan (1972)
Rev. Jose Mattam (1995)
Rev. Dominic J. Olivieri (1995)
Rev. Roger J. Doherty (1918)
Rev. Stanley C. Piekarski (1977)
Rev. John A. Bober (1958)
Rev. John F. Price (1986)
Rev. Michael T. Gubanich (2001)
Rev. John Mertel (1939)
Rev. Peter M. Schirra (2003)
Rev. Robert D. A. Wilkey (1949)
Rev. Daniel S. Rankin (1972)
Rev. Albin F. Moder (1937)
Rev. Herman C. Baumann (1990)
Rev. Leo M. Coleman (1938)
Deacon Louis Gayso (1996)
Rev. Peter J. McKenna (1939)
Rev. Joseph Vrhunec (1952)
Rev. Albert J. Marconyak (2001)
O Jesus, our great High Priest, hear my humble prayers on behalf of your
priests. Give them a deep faith, a bright and firm hope and a burning love which will
ever increase in the course of their priestly life.
In their loneliness, comfort them. In their sorrows, strengthen them. In their
frustrations, point out to them that it is through suffering that the soul is purified, and
show them that they are needed by the Church; they are needed by souls; they are
needed for the work of redemption.