BB Cream

BB Cream
The success of BB Cream in Korea and Asia creates a legendary in beauty
industries in Asia. It successfully capture all the attention from consumer
and the magic of BB Cream gives a significant sign that there’s lot of
potential in the beauty industries in Asia and this market is Growing…
What is BB Cream?
BB Cream is “Blemish Balm”, is not skin care brand, skin care treatment
products nor cosmetics products…It’s just merely a concealer or foundation
creates to protect, calm and soothe the skin.
It appears that BB Cream was formulated as an after treatment cream for
those who underwent laser surgery and soon became popular among Korea
celebrities…This is because this natural care cream for delicate sensitive
skin has the ability the cover the irregularities on the skin as well as soften
skin texture.
Our Proposal:
BB Cream
All in 1 Functions
Make Up Base + Sun Protects + Skin Cover + Skin treatment
(Oil Control & Soothing & Hydration & Skin Repair & Brightening)
Make Up Base:
Plurol Diisostearique: An exceptional mild, gentle and
PEG-Free W/O emulsifier that;
are totally compatible with the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film,
and have a great affinity to the stratum corneum
protect from transepidermal water loss without being occlusive,
therefore contributing to the skin moisturization
stabilize the excretion of sebum
have excellent covering properties, for an improvement of
cutaneous protection
are naturally resist water providing longer of sun protection and
makeup products
Sun Protects:
CM3K40T4: A silicone dispersion of TiO2 coated with
Alumina and Methicone to gives:
High transparency and UV protection
Dry and good skin feel (thanks to the present of Methicone)
Easy handling during production (no need to wet the
Skin Covers:
Plurol Diisostearique: provides excellent covering properties
without leaving the skin feel heavy and tacky. It’s even suitable
for the most sensitive skin.
WE70U, WE55Y, WE70R and WE70B: Pigment
dispersion in esters to gives the skin it’s natural skin color. It is
most suitable for use in the purposes of naked make up.
SP-500 (Nylon-12) and EA-209 (Ethylene/Acylic Acid
Copolymer): The combination of characteristic (particle size,
distribution, chemical composition, morphology & texture) gives
each Microspheres a unique feel and creating optical blurring for
skin. The look of lines is diminished.
Microspheres offer a “ball-bearing” effect which will impart
finished products with an elegant silky feel, increase payoff and
enhanced slip.
Skin Treatment:
Oil Control:
MSS-500/3H: It is use as sebum control thanks to its porosity
which is able to absorbed 9X of its own weight of oil.
Cytobiol Burdock: The Burdock is well-known especially for its
anti-seborrheic and bacteriocidal properties mainly due to the
polyphenols it contains.
Vegetol Witch Hazel MCF2032 Hydro: It is astringent
(thanks to the hamamelitannin), healing, decongestionnant,
vulnerary, emollient, calming and soothing for the skin.
Allantoin: Is healing, moisturizing, soothing and antiirritating.
Vegetol Roman Chamomile LC 276 Hydro: Chamomile
flowerheads is a anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, healing, skin
tonic, soothing and aromatizing qualities.
Cn-PS2: Corneospheres which is able to retain 20X its
own weight of water. It is used for moisturizing and restructuring
Skin Repair :
Vitamin E Acetate: Act as anti-oxidant, reduces scar and
promotes healing.
Allantoin: It is a valuable cell-proliferating healing agent
which stimulates healthy tissue formation.
Vegetol Licorice GR456 Hydro: Has a strong anti-oxidant
effect and thus used in cosmetics as skin lightener agent.
Gs-PPY: Enzyme Papain is used to exfoliate dead skin cell
and thus leaving the skin look radiant and bright for all the time.
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