Adult Outdoor What to do when positioning Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment:

What to do when positioning Adult
Outdoor Fitness Equipment:
•Undertake a rigorous Risk:Benefit assessment. Some
items pose a higher risk than others e.g. those with
moving parts
•Assess the proximity of unsupervised children’s play
•Assess the age range suitability of other facilities or
equipment close by
•Assess the suitability of the surface onto which the
products will be installed
•Assess the need for screening or other separation to
reduce inducement to children
•Clearly and permanently mark equipment as not suitable
for children’s play and with instructions for use.
The API is the voice of the play industry and campaigns at the
highest levels for investment in play. Its members are the UK’s
leading play companies and many are also actively involved in
providing Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment.
There are clear benefits to choosing a member
when specifying a play or outdoor fitness project.
For more information about standards and the
benefits of choosing an API member, contact:
Association of Play Industries
Federation House, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2RF
024 7641 4999
[email protected]
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Planning to install
Adult Outdoor Fitness
Confused about what it
is, who it’s for or which
standards apply?
Here, the Association of Play
Industries (API) provides practical
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What is Adult Outdoor
Fitness Equipment?
Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment
offers many benefits to the local
communities in which it is installed.
It is designed to provide a free
access facility offering the benefits
of Cardio Vascular and repetitive
exercise patterns.
It helps promote healthy living and
provides a gateway for wider fitness
activities. The equipment is intended
for people aged 14+ with an overall
height of 1.4m and over.
Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment is NOT:
• D
esigned, intentioned or proportioned for children
• Covered by the BS EN 1176 Playground Equipment
• Covered by the BS EN 957 Stationary Training
Equipment standard
The solution: EN 16630
To cut through the confusion, the good news is that excellent progress is
being made on the development of EN 16630, a new European standard
for general safety requirements for the manufacture, installation,
inspection and maintenance of permanently installed, freely accessible
outdoor fitness equipment. Until EN 16630 is available, the API advises
those planning to install Outdoor Adult Gym Equipment to use the existing
German or French national standards.
Why use the existing German or
French national standards?
Confusion about standards
•They clearly distinguish Outdoor Fitness
Equipment from Children’s Play Equipment
When it comes to installation, clients and suppliers are
currently using widely-different and sometimes inappropriate
standards and specifications. This is causing confusion in the
•They provide a clear route towards both
compliance with a recognised safety
standard and the forthcoming European
While some are using the German (DIN 79000) or French
national standards (XP S 52-904), others are using the UK BS
EN1176 Playground Equipment standard which relates only to
children’s play equipment or the BS EN957 Stationary Training
Equipment standard which relates to indoor gym equipment.
•They allow greater alignment with the new
European standard once published
To add to the confusion, the PAS888 Publicly accessible
outdoor exercise equipment specification was published in
May 2013. This has been commercially sponsored and is not
a national standard.
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•They are already used by the RPII for
inspection purposes
•They provide clear distinction in scope on
recommended adult age and height range
•They address health and user hazards.
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