True Recipe (Trio) Mashd Potato

True Recipe (Trio) Mashd Potato
True Recipe - Dry Mash Complete 6/5.44#
Precooked dried, selected russet potatoes, whey solids, and less than 1% of calcium
stearoyl lactylate, corn syrup solids, soy protein isolate, partially hydrogetnated vegetable
oils (palm kernel, soybean and cottonseed), with soy lecithin, calcium and sodium
caseinate, mono and diglyerides, preservatices, (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium
bisulfite, bht), dipotassium phosphate, artificial flavor, datem.
Storage/Shelf Life
720 days @ 32° to 80° F
Packaging Qty
6, 10 lb
Piece Count
Approximately 870 servings per container.
Product Benefits
Trio Complete Instant Mashed Potatoes are processed from select quality Russet
Burbank Potatoes. They are "complete" in that only water is required to make
mashed potatoes with a fresh flavor, pure white color, and a smooth light texture.
-Holds in the steam table for over 5 hours.
-Ready when you are. Convenience means excellent portion and cost control. Flavor - Good potato taste-light and fluffy texture.
-Highest quality for best value.
- Place boiling water and salt in mixer bowl.
- Slowly add Trio Instant Potatoes ot the salted water while blending at low speed
until water is absorbed 30 seconds to 1 minute.
- Scrape down mixer bowl.
- Add butter or margarine. Mix at high speed 5 minutes.
- Transfer mached potatoes to a warmed stam table insert.
Dilgard Item #
Vendor Item #
Seasoned with minced garlic
or celery seeds or use lemon
juice, chopped onions and
seasoned black pepper or
finely chopped green peppers
and pimentos. Serve with a
variety of Trio Gravies and
Sauces. Use as a topping for
shepherd's pie or creamed
chicken casserole.