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May 2015
Phila, PA
Permit No. 5634
with Steve Lloyd
Housing Discrimination –
Are You Guilty?
Email Etiquette –
8 Tips To Make Your
Emails Shine!
Philly Future Looking
To Grads To “Stick Around”!
Street Smarts | Liberty has it
eeping insurance policies current on a schedule of tenant-occupied
housing can be a problem. Especially if a problem comes up at one
of your locations when coverage has lapsed. That’s why so many of
Philadelphia’s most successful investors in residential real estate rely on Liberty
Insurance Brokers.
The proprietary software program we’ve developed keeps track of every
location, every new purchase, every deleted property. Plus coverages for all
locations are on the same policy. Simply fax or e-mail changes in your schedule
and they’ll be prorated on an annual basis. With Liberty’s program in place, no
insurance policy can ever lapse.
All our carriers are rated “excellent,” and we solicit a number of quotes. If
your building is well maintained and has a favorable loss record, our quote will
be extremely competitive. If it has had claim frequency or severity, we’ll find
you coverage when others can’t.
Flat roofs ... vacant locations ... properties in rehab. With over 20 years in
the Philadelphia habitation market, we know the neighborhoods, we know the
blocks, we know the housing.
Insuring Philadelphia’s tenant-occupied housing since 1982
Scott Z. Engel
HAPCO Board Member
Member of AAGP, DIG and
Manayunk Development Corp.
In the heart of Manayunk
10 Shurs Lane, Suite 104
P.O. Box 4684
Philadelphia, PA 19127
FAX: 215-509 BELL (2355)
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Steve Lloyd
20|The Market
11|Upcoming Events
13|DIG Subgroups
17|The New Marketplace
21|Winter Cruise 2016
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Association Directors
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Diversified Real Estate
Investor Group is the leading
regional association for
Real Estate Investors in the
Metropolitan Philadelphia/
Delaware Valley Area. DIG is a
National REIA Chapter whose
area includes the PA counties
of Berks, Bucks, Chester,
Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery,
Philadelphia and surrounding
counties in South Jersey and
We have been serving this area
since 1978.
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Diversified Investor Group recognizes that many opportunities are presented to its members and guests. As an individual,
it is your responsibility to investigate, and verify, the validity of these opportunities, and consult with a professional,
such as your Attorney or Accountant, before investing, as it is possible to lose money investing in real estate.
DIG neither sponsors nor recommends any offering made to or by its membership or vendors. Diversified Investor
Group is not responsible or liable for the performance or offering or the accuracy of any information presented.
Monthly Meeting >>
What Happens at a DIG Meeting?
General Meeting: 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Orientation: 6:00pm
Are you new to DIG and the real estate investing world? Are you looking for some direction on what
you need to do to get started? Do you want to learn all about what DIG has to offer and get your
investing career on the right track? This is the place for you! Orientation will start at 6:00 pm, and at
20 minute intervals until 7pm. At your orientation, you will receive a brief overview of DIG and all it
has to offer, and an opportunity to ask questions from some of DIG’s Investors!
Roundgroups: 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Real Estate Law, Getting Started, and various other topics, such as Landlording, Foreclosures,
Rehabs, Shore Rentals, Note Buying, and many other real estate topics in a Q & A format moderated
by a DIG member expert.
This months Roundgroups:
Real Estate Law;
What Are You Waiting For? / Getting Started
Mortgage Money Magic / Paper
DIG Marketplace
The DIG Marketplace is an opportunity for DIG members who have real estate to sell. Listings can
be written up at the meetings and will be printed in the next several DIG newsletters. Even if your
property is currently listed with a real estate broker, the exposure to over 1100 serious investors
each month can be a better sales opportunity.
Open Forum: 7:00 – 7:30 PM
Enables DIG members to bring deals to the meeting and have them presented in front of the entire
DIG membership! Visit the Buy-Sell-Trade page on the website (, for more information
and to download the Buy-Sell-Trade form which you can submit to: [email protected]
Speaker: Steve Lloyd – “So You Want To Be a Private Lender” 7:30 – 9:00 PM
May 28, 2015
Williamson’s Banquet
And Event Center
500 Blair Mill Road
Horsham, PA 19044
6pm Discussion Groups
7pm Open Session
7:30 - 9pm Speaker
Diversified Investor 5
Financial, Inc.
Novak Financial, Inc. is a private money lender specializing
in Investor Renovation and Construction projects as well as
development and commercial purposes. We provide
financing up to 65% of the after repair value.
Novak Financial, Inc. provides financing for both seasoned
investors as well as first time investors. We have over 20 years
of experience and pride ourselves in being up-front and honest
with all borrowers so they may maximize their profit margins.
Michael D. Novak
[email protected]
office 443-738-1614
mobile 410-979-1014
Novak Financial, Inc. looks forward to working with you!
About How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing?
Our firm is founded on the principle that the highest quality legal
services can be delivered more cost effectively by a smaller firm, with
greater personal attention to our clients goals.
Help is just a
Phone: (215) 348-3500
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1. Affordable & Convenient
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Partner & Funding for Your Rehab
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Rehab Design & Consultation
4. Listing and Staging Services for Your Flips
5. Business Consultation & Coaching for your
personal life or business
Call Kathy Gilmore today to schedule your
FREE 30 Min. Phone Consultation!
WHO Can Help
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Kathy is an Experienced Rehabber, Designer, Certified
Business & Life Coach, Realtor & 12 yr. DIG Member
267-385-7248 ~ [email protected]
Biography >>
Steve Lloyd
Steve is well-known for his abilities to identify real
estate market opportunities, and he is recognized
as an expert in raising and investing private capital
for his own company’s use. Steve knows the value
of using leverage and creating passive residual
income, which he builds primarily through
purchasing distressed real estate funded through
private capital. At the end of 2013, Steve’s portfolio
was valued at about $25 million in real estate and
mortgage assets.
Current Activities
Through his company Stone Bay Holdings LLC,
Steve purchases residential second mortgages/
deeds of trusts. He purchases nationally on
industry recognized trade platforms and directly
within the banking community. He acquires second
lien residential mortgage notes at a discount,
shares the discount with the borrower and creates
unique workout plans with clear exit strategies.
Mr. Lloyd is a Founder and Managing Partner of
several real estate development companies. He is
responsible for investor relations, specifically
securing capital from private sources for placement
into acquisition, rehab, and development activities.
Steve directs corporate accounting systems and
represents these companies at local and regional
real estate events.
In 2006, Steve was a co-founder of Partners for
Payment Relief LLC (PPR), a non-performing note
company. This company specializes in buying nonperforming second position mortgages throughout
the United States. PPR buys distressed mortgages
in bulk and then works them back to re-performing
or performing status by working closely with the
homeowner in a respectful, compassionate way.
Their business philosophy is simple: work with the
homeowner to develop a strategy
that enables them to keep their
home while satisfying their
obligations. Also, in 2006, Steve founded and
became the managing partner of an integrated
real estate development company engaged in the
strategic acquisition and development of residential
properties. Their company has multiple capabilities,
including general contracting, real estate sourcing,
financing, development, leasing, and disposition.
Steve and his partners have created an organization
dedicated to adding quality and value to student
housing in the communities surrounding Temple
University. They create equity through innovative
rehabilitation and management practices, while
delivering superior consistent results to its clients
and investors.
In 2003, Steve created Aurora Marketing, a firm
that specialized in mortgage industry advertising
and sales. While with Aurora, Steve discovered his
passion for educating potential real estate investors
and began a series of public speaking engagements.
In 2004, he co-founded the Real Estate Networking
Group (“RING”). He spoke monthly at the
Montgomery County Investment Group (“MCIG”)
which he co-founded in 2005. In addition to RING
and MCIG, he is a member of the South Jersey
Investment Group (“SJI”) and the Diversified
Investment Group (“DIG”). Currently he can be
found speaking in various venues on the topic of
raising private money, and he often speaks at CAMA
Plan, a self-directed IRA company.
Steve continues to build and develop real estate
and his note portfolio through a growing network
of private investors. He regularly shares his real
estate and private lending experiences. He enjoys
teaching others how to recognize and achieve their
dreams through building a passive residual life.
Diversified Investor 7
Legislative News >>
Housing Discrimination Prohibited by
Federal Laws
by: Marcia Stewart
With the Spring market in full swing many of us are
looking to fill vacancies in our rental units. Here is a
reminder of the federal Fair housing laws to keep you
out of trouble!
Federal law prohibits discrimination based on
many factors, including race, religion, national
origin, familial status, disability, and sex.
The federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the
federal Fair Housing Act Amendments Act of 1988
prohibit discrimination on the basis of the following
criteria (called “protected categories”): race or
color; religion; national origin; familial status or
age—includes families with children under the age
of 18 and pregnant women; disability or handicap,
or sex.
The federal Fair Housing Acts apply to all aspects
of the landlord-tenant relationship. A landlord may
• advertise or make any statement that indicates a
limitation or preference based on race, religion,
or any other protected category
• falsely deny that a rental unit is available
•set more restrictive standards for selecting
tenants or refuse to rent to members of certain
just as much as the one who announces that none
need apply. And an apartment ad that says “safe
Christian community” violates federal law, since
applicants might reasonably conclude that
Christians are preferred as tenants.
National Origin
Discrimination based on national origin is illegal,
whether it’s deliberate or carried out indirectly. For
instance, an ad that offers special discounts to
members of the Italian-American Club would be a
likely candidate for a discrimination charge. And
landlords cannot require proof of citizenship or
immigration papers from applicants of one
ethnicity but not from others, since doing so places
a burden on one group that is not imposed on
everyone else. And in California, it’s illegal to ask
any applicant or tenant about immigration or
citizenship status.
Familial Status or Age
Landlords are not allowed to explicitly or indirectly
turn you away based on your family status or your
Discrimination Against Families
Race or Religion
While some landlords don’t like renting to tenants
with children, fearing the noise and wear and tear
that kids might cause, the federal Fair Housing
Acts prohibit discriminating on this basis. A
landlord may not legally turn away or evict a tenant
because he or she has children or because an
applicant or tenant is pregnant. Even if the landlord
has a worthy motive, such as believing that children
won’t be safe in the building or the neighborhood,
it is illegal to deny the tenancy on that basis or to
make other discriminatory moves such as steering
families to certain parts of the property (usually
the back).
Overt discrimination against persons of a certain
race or religion (“No blacks allowed”) is unusual
but, incredibly, does still occur. Far more common
is subtle discrimination that is accomplished by
indirect methods. For example, the landlord who
turns away every black appli­cant is discriminating
Some landlords try to get around the laws
prohibiting discrimination against families by
setting unreasonably low occupancy limits, such as
only two people for a two-bedroom unit. This too is
illegal, as it has the effect of excluding families.
Federal law (in this case, an opinion letter written
• before or during the tenancy, set different terms,
conditions, or privileges for rental of a dwelling
unit, such as requiring larger deposits of some
tenants or adopting an inconsistent policy of
responding to late rent payments
• terminate a tenancy for a discriminatory reason.
Federal antidiscrimination laws are admininstered
by the Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD).
(Continued on next page)
8 Diversified Investor
Legislative News >>
Housing Discrimination Prohibited cont.
by the Department of Housing and Urban
Development) has established minimum occupancy
standards that regulate how low an occupancy can
go and still be legal. In general, landlords must
allow at least two persons per bedroom. Landlords
can be more restrictive only in rare instances, when
they can show that legitimate business reasons
justify a more restrictive standard. For example, a
policy of only three persons in a two-bedroom unit
might pass muster if the landlord can prove it is
truly based on the limitations of the plumbing
system or some other aspect of the building’s
• have a history or record of such a disability, or
Age Discrimination
Discriminatory Questions and
The federal Fair Housing Acts do not expressly ban
discrimination based on age. Nevertheless, it is
definitely forbidden under the broader prohibition
against discrimination on the basis of familial
A landlord cannot refuse to rent to an older person
or impose special terms and conditions on the
tenancy unless these same standards are applied
to everyone else. If you have excellent references
and credit history, a landlord has no legal basis for
refusing you, even if you are 85 and rely to some
degree on the regular assistance of a nearby adult
child or friend. (Of course, a landlord could legally
give the rental to someone else with equal or better
references or financial stability.) However, if your
current landlord reveals that you suffer from
advanced senility to the point that you often wander
into the wrong apartment, frequently forget to pay
the rent, or are unable to undertake basic
housekeeping chores, the prospective landlord can
refuse to rent to you based on this age-neutral
evidence that you are not likely to be a stable,
reliable tenant.
Federal law prohibits discrimination against people
have a physical or mental disability that
substantially limits one or more major life
activities—including, but not limited to, hearing,
mobility and visual impairments; chronic
alcoholism (but only if it is being addressed
through a recovery program); mental illness;
mental retardation; being HIV-positive, having
AIDS or AIDS-Related Complex
• are regarded by others to have such a disability.
Mental or Emotional Impairments
If you had, have, or appear to have mental or
emotional impairments, you must be evaluated
and treated by the landlord on the basis of your
financial stability and history as a tenant, not on
the basis of your mental health. If you cannot meet
the good-tenant criteria that the landlord applies to
all applicants (such as a minimum rent-to-income
ratio), you may be rejected on that basis.
Landlords are not allowed to ask you whether you
have a disability or illness, or ask to see medical
records. And no matter how well intentioned, the
landlord cannot make decisions about where and
how you will live on the property that he would not
make were you not disabled. For example, if there
are two units for rent—one on the ground floor and
one three stories up—the landlord must show both
units to a wheelchair-bound applicant unless the
applicant asks to see only one.
The Rights of Disabled Tenants to
Live in an Accessible Place
Federal law protects disabled tenants after they
have moved into a rental unit as well as during the
application process. Landlords must reasonably
accommodate the needs of disabled tenants, at
the landlord’s own expense. This means that a
disabled tenant can expect the landlord to adjust
rules, procedures, or services to a reasonable
degree in order to provide an equal opportunity to
use and enjoy her dwelling unit or a common space.
Examples include providing a parking space for a
movement-impaired tenant and accepting a guide
or service animal in an otherwise “no pets” building.
However, landlords need not undertake changes
that would seriously impair their ability to run their
business, such as installing an elevator to the third
floor to accommodate a wheelchair-bound tenant’s
wish to live there.
Fortunately, where a landlord’s legal duty to
reasonably accommodate the needs of a disabled
tenant ends, his obligation to allow the tenant to
(Continued on page 19)
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Meets the 3rd Wednesday at 9:00am at Michael’s Restaurant,
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Lower Bucks Sub-Group
Meets the 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm at Kenny’s Eatery, 1134
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Contact Robin Laufer at [email protected]
No meeting in August
Central Bucks Subgroup
Meets the 1st Monday at 6:30pm at Bertucci’s Restaurant,
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Contact Mardi Harrison at [email protected]
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Ron LeGrand Focus Group
Meets the 1st Wednesday at 9:00am at Dublin Diner, Route
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Contact Tom & Cyndy at [email protected]
Flipping Properties Through Paper
Meets the 2nd Tuesday at 6:30 at Arnold’s Entertainment
Center, V2200 West Drive, 422 Business Center, Oaks, PA
19456. Contact Bob Stillman, [email protected]
Delaware County
Delaware County Sub-Group
Meets the 1st Wednesday at 6:30pm at Casey’s Pub, 3529 W.
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Contact Deb Nye at [email protected]
No meeting in July and August
Chester & Lehigh County
Chester County Sub-Group
Meets the 1st Thursday at 7pm, W Chester Diner, 1147 W
Chester Pike, W.Chester 19382.
Contact Bill Kratz at [email protected]
No meeting in July and August
Chester/Montgomery Subgroup
Meets the 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm at Champps, 51 Town
Center Dr, Collegeville, PA 19426.
Contact Anil Dham at [email protected] There may
be an $8 charge per attendee.
No meeting in July and August
Lehigh Valley Sub Group
Group meets the second Thursday of every month. 6:30-8:00
PM. Please contact Jon Emery at [email protected]
or Charlie Hunsicker at [email protected] to
RSVP to be sure there is space and to find out if there are
any charges to attend this meeting. Superior Restaurant, 102
Main Street, Emmaus, PA 18049
No meeting in July and August
Philadelphia Sub Group
Meets the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm at Gearo’s 1913 Welsh Rd,
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Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA.
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No meeting in July and August
Phila Breakfast Sub-Group
Meets every Friday at 8:00am at Darlings Diner, 1033N 2nd
St, Philadelphia, PA 19123.
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Meets the 3rd Wednesday at 6:00pm at Johnny Utah’s, 461 N
3rd St,, Phila, PA 19123
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South Philly Sub-group
Meets the 4th Monday at 6:30 PM at Famous Dave’s 1936 S.
Christopher Columbus Blvd, Phila, PA 19148
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University City Subgroup
Meets the 3rd Monday* of the Month at 6:30 PM at Harvest
Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, 200 S. 40th Street, 2nd Floor,
Philadelphia, PA 10104. Contact Joe Scorese [email protected]
DIG Women’s Subgroup
Meets the 2nd Monday at 6:30 PM at the London Grill,
2301 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130.
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Delaware State
Delaware Subgroup
Meets the 3rd Thursday at Big Fish Grill, Baltimore Pike, Glen
Mills, PA 19342
Contact Nadia Sherif at [email protected]
Want a great way to network? Join a subgroup near
you! This is a great way to meet new people and talk
about issues that pertain to your area of investing.
No group in your area? Why not start one! If you are
interested in starting a new group send an email to
[email protected]
Diversified Investor 13
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Professional Home Staging & Interior Redesign
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Cell: 267-221-1569
Professional Home Staging & Interior Redesign
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R.I.P. To “The Real Estate Soldier”…Gone But Not Forgotten!
Bill Kratz aka “The Real Estate Soldier” Reporting Live
From An Underground Bunker In An Undisclosed
2008 - 2015
It saddens me to be the bearer of bad news; but, the Real
Estate Soldier is being put to rest! Good news is Bill Kratz is
still alive and well!! After much careful thought and
consideration I felt that it was time to refocus, rebrand,
rename, rethink, and reinvent the way consumers transact
business with a Real Estate Brokerage. The real estate
industry has changed tremendously with the introduction of
technologies such as the internet, smart phones, tablets,
apps, and digital photography to name a few. Buyers, sellers,
and brokers alike now have tools at their disposal like never
before to assist in the buying and selling process. The one
thing that has not changed however, is the way traditional,
“one trick pony” Real Estate Brokerages conduct business and
the fees they charge for services. A change is coming and I
am leading the way into the future…
The archaic 6% model will soon be like travel agencies who failed to innovate. Think about what Netflix did to Blockbuster.
Think about what the Uber app is doing to the cab industry. Think about how social media is changing the news industry.
To paint the picture for you real estate investors, the current industry is outdated like wood paneling is. What flipper in
their right mind would hang wood paneling in 2015!? For better or worse, technology has changed tons of industries and
the ones who fail to innovate will forever rest in peace. The Real Estate Industry as we know it will suffer the same fate if
the industry leaders and professionals in it don’t come clean and face the facts: technology has decreased the agent
workload and has empowered the consumer with information but the savings have NOT been shared.
I am starting a revolution…From this underground bunker, I have spent countless hours on innovative thinking, researching,
developing, and now currently test driving an entirely new business model for DIG members and the general public to buy
and sell houses. Many of you know that I have been offering flat fee limited service listings, buyer rebates, and discounted
full service listings. I will continue to do so from a greater platform. My new model debunks the myth that if you pay less
than 6% to sell a house you are entering into a “Get What You Pay For” scenario. The label of “Discount Broker” will be
replaced with “Innovative, Forward Thinking, much needed full service Broker that caters to the individual needs of the
customer and shares the savings instead of greedily hoarding it”. Investors, you work entirely too hard, invest too much
money, and take too much risk, to continue drinking the Kool-Aid that is costing you THOUSANDS on each and every
transaction. You are way too intelligent to let this self-serving industry continue to pull the wool over your eyes. You
investor guys and gals out of every other consumer, should be the first to recognize and gravitate to the revolution that I
am heading. You can get the same results for a lot less!!
My new company is consumer friendly, NOT industry friendly. My new company will utilize technology, work smart to keep
overhead low, be very profitable, and at the same time be able to share the savings with our customers. What I am asking
for is your help. It all starts with mindset. You must be willing to adapt and try new things. You must stop drinking the KoolAid that you will “Get What You Pay For”. You must replace cynical skepticism with an open minded willingness to explore.
Winston Churchill said it best: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Walk with me in this pursuit of
perfection. I am asking for your patronage and support. I am asking you to pay it forward and spread the word once you
witness the results and money you save. Every revolution needs believers and supporters. Give us a try. I will GUARANTEE
you savings without sacrificing SUPERIOR SERVICE. –Bill Kratz 610.574.7224
Stay tuned for the next newsletter for a VERY SPECIAL & INSANE OFFER…The Revolution WILL be televised!
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1754 N. Taney Street
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571 S. 15 ½ Street
523 S. 18 ½ Street
47 Wexford Drive
1XXX Pheasant Road
3XXX Pulaski Avenue
6241 Callowhill Street
113 Fulmer Road
14532 St. Georges Hill Dr.
8XXX Bennett Street
Multi Unit Temple U. area
1519 W. Westmoreland Street
263 Pinewood Drive
225 E. Wildwood Street
311 S. 4th Street
Duplex – Fritztown Road
213 E. Jacoby Street Duplex
517 S. 17 ½ Street
928 N. 11th Street
1731 Thorn Street
711 Ferry Street
341 N. 14th Street
503 Vernon Road
8216 Fayette Street
4730 Marple Street
36 Runnemede Avenue
45 Runnemede Avenue
47 Runnemede Avenue
109 W. 5th Street
1051 Ferry Street, 3 unit
Brewerytown, Phila. $ 23,500
$ 38,500
$ 59,900
$ 75,000
$ 49,000
$ 49,000
$ 44,900
$ 75,000
North Wales
$ 99,000obo
$ 25,000
$ 65,000
Orlando, FL
Wilmington, DE
Wildwood, NJ
$ 49,000
$ 47,000
Sinking Spring
$ 40,000
$ 56,000
$ 50,000
$ 26,000
$ 41,000
Mt. Airy
Mt. Airy
$ 65,000
3 Bedroom wholesale215-939-5149
Large wholesale for rehab or rent215-939-5149
3BR/2.5BA; new heat & CA; $1400 rent215-887-1109
3BR/1BA; walkout bsmt; cosmetics needed215-820-9451
Duplex, 2/1 each; $1626 rent610-705-5836
Just rehabbed; not rented yet610-705-5836
5BR/1BA investor special646-207-7958
2BR/1BA & 1BR/1BA Duplex; $1200 rent215-896-6054
3BR/1BA completely rehabbed; $803 last rent215-896-6054
6BR/1BA Victorian single; fenced yard, $876 rent215-896-6054
1/1 Condo; SAVE $$ NOW before I go retail215-421-3654
7BR/6BA; needs +$100K rehab; ARV $600-700K215-971-9353
3BR/1.5BA; needs rehab; $800-900 avg. rent215-971-9353
3BR/1BA; last rented $750.00215-477-1906
Quadriplex; $2700./ month income215-527-1503
Gated golf community; rented for $1450.215-527-1503
8 condos; 5 occupied; $10K rehab to finish215-833-5083
Student occupied; $42K gross rent215-440-8345
10 CAP Triplex; next to TU Hospital; 100% occup215-518-6906
1K SF Levittowner; 3/1; needs rehab; ARV $208K267-560-2978
CondoTel Type A Efficiency215-896-6054
5BR/1.5BA; Needs rehab215-219-4284
Two 3 BR units, sep. utilities; 2 car gar., $1820/mo610-662-6116
Two 4BR/1BA units; +$2K/mo.; rehab 10 yrs. ago 610-425-8660
3BR/1BA rent ready; prev. rent $650.; Managed610-574-4609
5BR/1BA rent ready; prev. rent $750.; Managed610-574-4609
5BR/1BA rented @ $775./mo; Managed610-574-4609
3/2; 1600 SF; needs inside remodel; $80K ARV484-241-8583
3/1; good cond; minor updating; $70K ARV484-241-8583
3BR/1.5BA; updated kitchen & bath; move-in 267-408-3868
3BR/1.5BA; rented @ $1078/mo.267-408-3868
No money down; Owner finance $15K first215-579-2231
Solid 3 unit turnkey, MLS #5853519610-656-7087
Solid 3 unit turnkey, MLS #5853524610-656-7087
Solid 3 unit turnkey, MLS #5853527610-656-7087
3BR/1BA brick twin, 203K renov. loan approved484-535-0066
3BR/2BR/1BR, nice cond., $24K gr., fully occupd.610-570-4125
Sarasota, FL
$ 695-795/wk.
Relax on #1 beach in US; 2BR+; see it at
Bonita Springs, FL
Call for rates
2BR/2BA condo, beach, pool, views, WIFI
Ocean City, NJ
New 4BR/2BA condo w/ elevator, #227402
N. Wildwood, NJ
$ 450-1700/wk., 3BR/3BA beachblock, sleeps 8, pool, view
Ocean City, NJ
$850-3250/wk.; 4BR/3BA beachblock; sleeps 10; 9th St
Orlando/Kissimmee, Fl
3BR/2BA home close to Disney, pool & WIFI (call for others)
Margate, NJ
1BR/1BA oceanfront complex condo, sleeps 4, WIFI, pool, parking
Lake Wallenpaupak, Poconos $ 625/wk. - $350/we.3BR/1.5BA, sleeps 8, 20 min. from Tanglewood Ski Resort
Ocean City, NJ
$ 800-$1750/wk.
3BR, 2nd fl., beach blk., weeks avail August & September
Gatlinburg, TN
Studio w/ loft overlooks Smokey Mtns., sleeps 4-6 (call for others)
Wildwood, NJ
4BR/3BA condo w/pool, 1.5 blks. to beach (call for others)
N. Wildwood, NJ
$1800-4200/wk.; 4BR/3BA fabulous ocean front; pool
Ocean City, NJ
$ 550-850/wk.
1BR luxury condo, 1 blk from beach and boardwalk (call for others)
Ventnor, NJ
Call for rates
Ocean front/boardwalk/ocean, sleeps 4
Cape May, NJ
1 blk from beach, very large homes, sleeps 17
Key West, FL
3BR/2BA tropical paradise home, pool, sleeps 8
Ocean Club, Atlantic City, NJ $22K/season
2BR plus den, 2.1 BA, front view of ocean, 18th floor
Wildwood Crest, NJ
Call for rates
Condo w/pool, sleeps up to 6, on the beach (call for others)
215-344-1100 Jeremy
614-975-6428 Jen
215-237-1977 Keith
610-388-2757 Dave
610-473-9981 Susan
610-570-4125 Sandy
610-570-4125 Sandy
267-242-2712 Olga
215-364-1970 Lynn
800-967-4567 X.6307 Kathy
267-254-3507 Bill
610-473-9981 Susan
215-672-7150 John
732-619-6594 Raymond
[email protected]
215-249-3870 Ron
215-237-3147 Morris
215-589-8665 Elaine
The New Marketplace is a fine opportunity for DIG members who have real
estate to sell. DIG does not charge a commission or fee. You deal directly
with the buyer. Fax listings to the DIG office at 215-933-6933. You can also
email listings to [email protected]
Even if your property is currently listed with a real estate broker, the
exposure to over 1100 serious investors each month can be a better sales
Ads updated once per month.
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cial Group
will be here to help when you need us!
o assisting real estate
hase, improvements
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terest rates
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real estate
for access to uncomplicated capital lending and expertise.
Call Joe at 610.687.1079 or for faster response text / call 610.246.7246
.221.6347 – [email protected]
Visit us at
treet, Suite 200, Columbus, Ohio 43215
Legislative News >>
Housing Discrimination Prohibited cont.
modify the living space may begin. A disabled
tenant has the right to modify his living space, at
the tenant’s expense, to the extent necessary to
make the space safe and comfortable. There are
two caveats to this rule: First, the landlord is not
required to allow you to make major structural
alterations. Second, if the modifications will make
the unit unacceptable to the next tenant, the
disabled tenant must agree to undo the modifi­
cation when moving out. The landlord has the right
to insist that the tenant put money in an escrow
account to cover the eventual cost of returning the
unit to its original condition. Examples of
modifications undertaken by a disabled tenant
include the lowering of countertops, installation of
a ramp, or repositioning the light switches.
Landlords are entitled to ask for proof that the
accommodation or modification you have requested
will address your situation—without it, your landlord
has no way of knowing whether your request is
legitimate or a ruse to obtain special treatment.
Ask your physician, therapist, counselor, or any
other third-party professional who knows you and
understands your situation for a letter attesting
that what you are asking for will meet your needs.
To protect your privacy, explain to the physician or
other writer that there’s no need to explain the
disability. The writer need only certify that you are
under his or her care and that the changes you
would like are appropriate to your situation.
Limited Protection for Alcoholics
and Drug Users
Federal fair housing law extends limited protection
to two carefully defined groups:
•recovering alcoholics—those who actively and
regularly partici­
pate in a medically based
treatment or AA program
•former drug addicts—including those who have
prior convictions for illegal drug use (but not for
drug dealing or manufacture).
It is important to remember that, despite these
protections, other aspects of a recovering
alcoholic’s (or a former drug addict’s) past might
legally serve as the basis for a denial of housing.
For example, if you are a recovering alcoholic who
has bad credit, a spotty employment history, or
negative references from your previous landlords, a
landlord may reject you for these reasons just as
readily as any other applicant with these flaws.
What a landlord cannot do is reject a prospective
tenant solely on the basis of his status as a former
addict or recovering alcoholic.
Sex and Sexual Harassment
You cannot be denied a place to live (or have special
rules imposed on you) solely because you’re female
or male. Even well-intentioned policies are offlimits—for example, fearful that single women are
more likely to be burglarized and assaulted than
male tenants, a landlord cannot require single
females to live in upper-story apartments, even if,
in fact, those units are less prone to break-ins.
Sexual harassment is another form of unlawful
sexual discrimination. For example, it’s illegal to
refuse to rent to a person who resists the landlord’s
sexual advances or to make life difficult for a tenant
who has resisted such advances.
Property Exempt from Federal
Antidiscrimination Laws
Unfortunately, not every rental is covered by the
federal fair housing laws. The following types of
property are exempt:
• owner-occupied buildings with four or fewer rental
•single-family housing rented without the use of
advertising or without a real estate broker, as
long as the landlord owns no more than three
such homes at any one time
•certain types of housing operated by religious
organizations and private clubs that limit
occupancy to their own members, and
•with respect to age discrimination only, housing
reserved exclusively for senior citizens. There are
two kinds of senior citizen housing exempted:
communities where every tenant is 62 years of
age or older, or “55 and older” communities in
which at least 80% of the occupied units must be
occupied by at least one person 55 years or older.
Fortunately for some tenants, however, many state
fair housing laws cover properties or situations that
are exempt under federal law. For example, owneroccupied buildings with four or fewer rental units
are exempt under federal law but are protected
under California law.
Diversified Investor 19
The Market News >>
Philly Housing Lifted By Grads
Who Stick Around
By Stephanie Dhue
Real estate in the City of Brotherly Love is on the
mend. The last year brought more jobs and more
home sales. From Comcast’s expanded headquarters
(parent of CNBC) to Tastykake’s bakery, to new
entrepreneurs, business is expanding in the city.
Unemployment in Philadelphia is down to 5.8
percent in February, according to the U.S. Bureau
of Labor Statistics. All of these factors have led to
a boon in housing. Home sales increased 13 percent
in the last year, reports Berkshire Hathaway
mortgage that the
home is worth. At the end of the fourth quarter,
just 7 percent of homes were underwater, down
from close to 10 percent the prior year.
The city is looking to millennials for the future. The
Philadelphia region is home to more than 300,000
students and many colleges and universities,
including University of Pennsylvania, Drexel and
Temple. The city has made a concerted effort to
keep graduates in town.
“People want to be in the downtown area near
restaurants, shopping, museums, the theaters,
waterfront—from the millennials to the 55-to-75year-old empty nesters,” said Mike McCann, a real
estate agent at Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach.
According to a Campus Philly 2014 survey, 51
percent of out-of-towners chose to stay in
Philadelphia after graduation, although the number
is lower than the 59 percent who stayed in 2010.
The survey’s authors say the Great Recession may
have dampened student mobility.
Home prices have struggled, down 0.3 percent for
all sales in the last year. If you exclude sales of
distressed properties by short sales or after
foreclosure, prices were up 5.5 percent, according
to CoreLogic. Fewer Philadelphians owe more on a
Still, Philly touts its growing foodie reputation,
walkability and relatively low prices. “We’re still an
affordable city for a millennial, where they can buy
something for $200,000 to $450,000 said
Communications >>
Email Etiquette
By Kelly Leighton
By now, you know that email is the way most people
in the business communicate.
But how you communicate via email is just as
important. In the past, you probably wouldn’t send
someone a fax without a cover sheet, and today,
you should be aware of what you’re really
communicating by your emails.
SpareFoot creator John
Egan collected eight tips
from experts for making sure your emails are the
most effective and efficient.
1. Communicate carefully.
Think about what an email says before you hit “send.”
(Continued on page 25)
20 Diversified Investor
Join us as we depart on Royal Carribean’s Oasis of the Seas from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and visit an array of exotic
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It’s a vacation with an education.
Register today at
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Novak Financial,
Inc. is a private money lender specializing
SALES and Construction projects as well as
in Investor
and commercial purposes. We provide
up to 65% of the after repair value.
Novak Financial,
Inc. provides financing for both seasoned
as well as first time investors. We have over 20 years
of experience
pride ourselves
MATTERSin being up-front and honest
with all borrowers so they may maximize their profit margins.
Michael D. Novak
office 443-738-1614
[email protected]
mobile 410-979-1014
Novak Financial, Inc. looks forward to working with you!
This is not a misprint!
Avoid incomplete internet formations!
We offer a complete LLC formation and all documents including:
Certificate of Formation
Operating Agreement
Certificate Book
Initial and Annual Minutes Records
All forms completed
for •your
EIN registration
One hour office conference – instructions for using your LLC
*$499.00 initial payment and you receive (2) - $200 fee rebate coupons for your first two
LLC real estate transactions with our firm. Good for one year, $100,000 minimum
Our firm is founded on the principle that the highest quality legal
services can be delivered more cost effectively by a smaller firm, with
greater personal attention to our clients goals.
Law offices of Bruce Shaw
215 657
Phone: (215) 348-3500
Facsimile: (215) 345-1014
[email protected]
37 North Hamilton Street
Doylestown, PA 18901-3616
1600 Market Street, Suite 2500
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7225
Our firm is founded on the principle that the highest quality legal
services can be delivered more cost effectively by a smaller firm, with
greater personal attention to our clients goals.
Phone: (215) 348-3500
Facsimile: (215) 345-1014
[email protected]
37 North Hamilton Street
Doylestown, PA 18901-3616
1600 Market Street, Suite 2500
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7225
Staying Up to Date >>
Home Depot Rewards
Member Resources
Want to save money on paint and materials?
Missed a meeting and want to find out what the Speaker
talked about? Looked and your notes, and you just know
you missed an important point?
DIG has the solution.
DIG has negotiated a deal with Home Depot that will
give you 20% off an array of high quality paints.
All Behr, Glidden and Kilz paint, primer, stain and
waterproofer purchases are eligible.
Every DIG meeting is recorded.
Meeting recordings are available for
download on the DIG website at the
DIG Store in the Member Links tab.
You need to use the DIG phone number, which will be
printed on the card, to get the 20% discount. Its a volume
discount, which all members will contribute towards.
The Home Depot Pro Rewards also includes
Volume pricing minimum reduced to $1000
Time Out For
Real Estate investing can be stressful at times, whether
you’re an agent, buyer or seller so enjoy these fun facts,
figures and interesting anecdotes to keep it light.
Pick up your Home Depot Pro Rewards Card at the next
Online Marketplace
DIG has a “Marketplace forum hosted on it’s new Forum for exchanging information about
deals, selling leftover rehab materials, finding tenants,
promoting properites, publicizing your rehabs for sale,
The Marketplace allows participants to send/recieve
non-commercial marketing-related messages to those
who are intersted. The DIG Marketplace is realtime, and
the updates are manages by the individual seller. This
allows very quick responses to the opportunities that
are posted.
Sign up by going to:
Once you are registered, submit your properties, ect.,
on the Marketplace forum. You can also post by emailing
your ad to [email protected]
We hope to see you there!
Diversified Investor 23
The Alternative Financing Source for Real Estate Investors.
The Alternative Financing Source for Real Estate Investors.
Offering: * Rehab Financing *Purchase Financing *3-6 Mos. No Payments
Offering: * Rehab Financing *Purchase Financing *3-6 Mos. No Payments
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*Fast Approvals
*Rapid Funding
*Up to 100% Cost+Fix-Up
* No Underwriters *Loans Based on ARV * 23 + Years Experience
* No Underwriters *Loans Based on ARV * 23 + Years Experience
*No Brokering
*Loans to LLC’s *Local Market Expertise
*No Brokering
*Loans to LLC’s *Local Market Expertise
We are direct lenders specializing exclusively in investor purchase and rehab financing.
We are direct lenders specializing exclusively in investor purchase and rehab financing.
Call Linda Tosto or Jim Bennett at (610) 873-6022
Call Linda Tosto or Jim Bennett at (610) 873-6022
At Stonehedge Funding, We Lend ConFidenCe!!!!
At Stonehedge Funding, We Lend ConFidenCe!!!!
and w
We a
Communications >>
Email Etiquette cont.
“If you are delivering bad news, this should be done
in person. It is hard to communicate with empathy
and compassion via email,” said Sherri Mitchell,
co-founder of staffing and recruiting company All
About People.
“As more and more of our daily work occurs over
the Internet, more of us will experience professional
relationships that exist only over the web,” etiquette
consultant Jodi RR Smith said. “Strive to make
every interaction a pleasant one.”
Along those lines, keep personal messages and
even fantasy football info out of work emails,
business consultant Walt Meyer recommended.
Specific content to avoid includes jokes, political
remarks and religious views, unless they’re actually
welcome and allowed, according to HR consultant
Laura Gmeinder.
4. Get to the point.
2. Check your temperature.
If you’re even slightly hacked off, avoid blasting off
an angry email. Your foul mood will come across in
the tone of your message.
“Instead, pick up the phone. Hearing the other
person’s voice will force you to be nicer and calmer,” HR expert Mary Ellen Slayter said.
“Plus, if you do wind up being a jerk, you can
immediately apologize without a paper trail.”
Another option: Save the email as a draft and review
it once you’ve cooled down.
“Firing off an emotionally-charged note without
first counting to 10 is kind of like eating a doughnut.
It may feel great for a moment, but the regret often
lingers long after,” said Sean Smith, president of
marketing and advertising agency Third Street.
3. Mind your manners.
Be cordial and polite, just as you’d be with your
grandmother. Of course, steer clear of profanity.
Also, remember to begin your email with a friendly
greeting, such as “Good afternoon, Julie.” This
perks up what can be an impersonal communication
method, financial planner Michael Clark said.
Your emails should be clear and concise, experts say.
“If you have a bunch of items to discuss, you may
want to consider sending several emails. This
makes your message clear and allows the recipient
to reply to one topic at a time,” said Mitchell, the
All About People co-founder.
She added: “Rambling emails are dreadful. How
your emails are written is a reflection of you.”
Don’t overlook the subject line, added Pete Sena,
founder of marketing agency Digital Surgeons.
“People nowadays are primarily consuming their
email on the go and from mobile devices. A
descriptive subject line helps to improve the
likelihood someone will open it,” Sena said.
5. Keep it simple.
If you’re going to cover several matters in an email,
divide the information into small, organized blocks
to make it easier to read, Mitchell recommended.
Also, incorporate bullet points, but don’t overdo it.
“If it doesn’t fit on one screen, edit the message or
turn it into a Word document that can be attached
to a short email cover note,” said Ron Culp, director
of the graduate PR and advertising program at
DePaul University. “Brevity is especially important,
since more than a third of email messages are
being read on mobile devices.”
6. Erase the errors.
Before pressing “send,” be sure to run your email
(Continued on next page)
Diversified Investor 25
Communications >>
Email Etiquette cont.
program’s spelling and grammar checker, said
Parker Geiger, CEO of Chuva Group, a branding
agency. Then, he said, print the email and read it
backward, word-by-word. No one wants to read
sloppily constructed emails, including those with
lots of words in all caps.
7. Cut the cuteness.
Want to be treated seriously? Then don’t pepper
your emails with childish smiley faces and similar
“If you’re adding a smiley face to show you’re
kidding about something or to make bad news
seem better, take it out,”’s Slayter
In the absence of a smiley face, reword your email
to clarify its meaning, according to Slayter, or
simply relay the information in person or over the
8. Don’t be a copy machine.
Resist the urge to CC everybody in your office.
Rather, CC only those people who need to be kept
in the loop. Excessive CC’ing drains productivity,
said Dave Scarola, vice president of The Alternate
Board, a peer advisory network for business
“I have seen too many people widely copy recipients
who get no benefit,” Scarola said. “The sender’s
motivation is often ‘Hey, look at me. I am doing
How quickly are you responding to
After a busy morning, you finally sit down to eat
your lunch when you receive an email from a client
requesting some new information on a home they
have looked at.
26 Diversified Investor
Do you reply to them before you leave for the day?
Or do you wait a few days because, in the meantime,
you are still replying to emails from last week?
By no means do you have to reply to emails
immediately, but your response time could be
helping–or hurting–your business.
According to a recent national survey, 19 percent
of people expect you to respond to a business
email in 12 hours, with 52 percent of people
expecting you to respond in at least 24 hours.
Waiting a week to reply? Only three percent of
responders thought that response time was
If you struggle with replying to emails in a
reasonable time, a new and free app may be the
answer for you.MailTime makes emails on your
smart phone more convenient to read and respond
to. The app reformats and summarizes your email
in a similar view to a text message. It omits all
unnecessary information that is attached to the
email, such as copies, signatures and meta data.
“You can lose your deal if you don’t reply promptly
to an email,” said MailTime Co-Founder Charlie
Sheng. “As a Realtor®, you are always on the go,
and constantly getting new emails that you should
be replying to in a timely fashion.”
The app also warns you if your response is too
wordy in your replies.
“The new polite is being efficient. In the past,
writing long emails was seen as being polite, but
now being polite is being specific and to the point.
It saves the time of writer and the sender,” added
Kelly Leighton is the Multimedia Content Manager
at the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors®.