Sample Schedule • Email Marketing

JUNE 16-17, 2015
Sample Schedule • Email Marketing
Are you passionate about content, automation, conversion funnels, and other core
components of Email Marketing? There’s a lot of content on the Digital Summit Denver
program to sharpen your skills. We’ve mapped out one possible two-day sample
schedule, just for you.
Day One • Tuesday, June 16
Pre-Conference Workshop - Dive deep and pick your favorite from these choices:
• Content Marketing Strategies • Arnie Kuenn (Vertical Measures)
• Advanced Search & SEO • Michael King (iPullRank)
• Human Experience Design • Michael Salamon (Lousy)
1:20pm Opening Keynote • Rohit Bhargava (Influential Marketing Group)
2:40pm Welcome to the Inbound Revolution • Dan Tyre (Hubspot)
3:25pm Optimize Your Digital Campaigns by Integrating Customer Journey • Rob Bean (Burns Marketing)
4:10pm Creating Content Sales People Will Share • Rob Humphrey (LinkedIn)
4:55pm Consumer First – From Digital Advertising through Sales and Back Again • Arnold Sandoval and
Michael Behrens (Revana)
Day Two • Wednesday, June 17
8:30am Customers Trump Analytics: Why Your Email Marketing Is About People Not Metrics • Michael Barber
9:15am Refinining or Creating the Right Mobile Strategy • Cathy Farr (CNN)
10:00am Strategy & Campaign Assessment: Re-upping Your Marketing Game • Jodi Wearn (Silverpop)
11:00am Choose Your Own Adventure: Pick Your Favorite Session Here!
11:45am The Sixth Sense of Marketing: How Our Brains Rule When & Why We Click • Christopher Lester (Emma)
12:35pm Keynote • Chris Brogan (Author, Journalist, CEO - Owner Media Group)
1:55pm Building Multi-channel Demand Generation From the Ground Up: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly • Leela
Srinivisan (Open Table)
2:40pm Roundtable: The Future of Content Marketing • Dan Tyre (Hubspot), Rebecca Lieb (Altimeter Group),
Lauri Baker (The Huffington Post)
3:25pm Satisfy Mobile Demands with Smart Marketing Automation Technology • Bill Magnuson (Appboy)
4:05pm Measuring the Success of Content Marketing • Melissa Joy Kong (Eventbrite)
4:45pm Closing Keynote • Matt Wallaert (Microsoft)