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Slow West
Hello! Enclosed is the hard drive for Slow West. Please ingest the contents as soon as possible. On
average, it could take up to 24 hours to replace any faulty or damaged hardware, so we ask that you
schedule a QC Screening as soon as possible after the keys unlock the feature. Once you have completed
your QC, please email us at [email protected]
File Name: SLOW-WEST_FTR-1_F_EN-XX_US_51_2K_A24_20150222_DLA_IOP_OV
CPL: 144c2da9-5f0c-4ffd-9823-eb3d38b6e1da
File Name: Amy_TLR-1_F_EN-XX_US-NR_51_2K_A24_20150410_PHP_IOP_OV
CPL: 90dde5f2-7168-4455-bf53-faf95c62815f
Studio name: A24
Feature Run Time: 01:23:54
End Credit Offset: 01:19:11
File Size: 117 GB
Image Format : 2K FLAT 1998x1080
Audio Format: 5.1
Rated: R
Drive Return Information
We have included a FedEx label for you to return the drive to Deluxe. Please pack the drive and cables into the
box you received. Apply the return FedEx shipping label over the old label on the outside. Verify that the label
now indicates SHIPPING DEPARTMENT, 29125 Avenue Paine Valencia, CA 91355
When FedEx arrives for deliveries, hand the package to the driver. Record the tracking number for proof of
If your hard drive has not been picked up by the Friday after your completion week, please contact Deluxe
Content Returns at 1-877-99-RTRNS (1-877-997-8767).
Please visit or call 1-877-272-3870 for additional information.