As North America’s 1st distilled drink made from Mexico’s blue agave plant, the word tequila
was said to originally mean “ The place of harvesting plants” and its creation dates back to the Aztecs. Today, there are over 500 brands, some
delicious and some of lesser quality that can lead to those “That’s the last time I drank tequila” stories. At Diegos, we only serve 100% Agave
tequilas and encourage you to ask your server what types we are currently offering and try something new! Whether you
prefer a Blanco, Anejo, Reposado...neat, on the rocks , or in a cocktail...we promise to help you find the perfect match.
DIEGO’S POISON APPLE Casanoble Anejo Tequila and Del Magueys Mezcal Vida with our caramelized apple puree,
Bar Keep apple bitters, Newhall farms maple syrup, citrus and juices served up. 11
THE SILVER FOX Lunazul Silver Tequila, St. Germain, Blood orange puree and housemade sour shaken and served down. 9.50 glass
OUR STANDARD MARGARITA Camarena Silver Tequila, Triple Sec & house-made sour shaken,served on the rocks
with a salt & lime zest rim. 7.50 glass/27 pitcher –* add blood orange, mango, peach, pomegranate, raspberry or strawberry +.75
THE UPGRADE MARGARITA Our skinny margarita with Lunazul Silver Tequila, agave nectar, fresh lime & a splash of OJ served on the
rocks with a salt & lime zest rim. 8.50 glass/30 pitcher * add blood orange, mango, peach, pomegranate, raspberry or strawberry +.75
SANTA BAYA St. Germain liquor, Milagro Silver Tequila, house made cinnamon simple & fresh lime. 9.5 glass/32 pitcher
THE OVERBOARD MARGARITA Don Julio Silver Tequila, Cointreau, mango puree & fresh lime juice shaken,
served on the rocks with a rosemary & salt rim. 12 glass/42 pitcher
THE SPICY PALOMA Habanero infused Agavales Blanco Tequila, ruby red grapefruit juice, fresh lime & soda water on the rocks
with a chipotle salt rim (AVAILABLE SPICY OR MEDIUM HEAT). 8 glass/26 pitcher
THE JALISCO ROSE Corralejo Reposado, Fernet Branca, St. Germain, Benedictine, raspberry puree,
fresh lime and fresca over ice. 10 glass
THE GINGER SNAP Cazadores Blanco tequila, fresh lime, Ginger Beer, house-made star anise simple with a dash of Rhubarb Bitters
served shaken & on the rocks. 8.5 glass/30 pitcher
DIEGO’S SHOT DEL DIA A fresh fruit infused 100% agave Blanco Tequila shot served chilled. 4
Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from fermented agave plants, mainly from Oaxaca, Mexico...think the smoky sister of Tequila,
great for sipping or in one of our specialty cocktails. Ask your server about all the types we carry. As the saying goes in Oaxaca,
“For all things bad, Mezcal, for all things good, also Mezcal!”
THE INGLORIOUS BASTARD Del Magueys Chichicapa Mezcal, Christian Brothers Brandy, fresh citrus, simple and peychaud’s bitters
served over ice and with a rosemary salt rim. 13 glass
LAST WORD IN OAXACA Del Magueys Mezcal Vida, Luxardo Maraschino, Green Chartreuse, fresh lime and
Scrappy’s lime bitters served down. 10 glass
ILLEGAL NEGRONI Illegal Mezcal Joven, Aperol, Punt e Mas, lemon and Aztec chocolate bitters stirred
with ice and served down. 12 glass
THE PASSION OF SPICE Xicaru Silver Mezcal, fresh passion fruit puree, habanero infused tequila, house made
sour & pineapple juice served on the rocks. 9 glass
THE SMOKEY ELDER Del Magueys Mezcal Vida, St. Germain liquor, Punt E Mes & house made sour on the rocks. 9.75 glass
MEZCAL SWIZZLE Pierde Almas LaPeritita Mezcal, fresh lime, sugar cane & Absinthe on the rocks. 12 glass
THE KENTUCKY TEA Berentzen Bush & Barrel apple bourbon, iced tea, bud light lime, cinnamon
and Woodford’s spiced cherry bitters. 8.5 glass
SMOKIN HOPS Fresh jalapeno, agave nectar, Wild Shot Mezcal and lemon muddled, topped with ice and Lagunitas IPA. 10 glass
THE MAZATLAN GINGER BEER Domaine De Canton ginger liquor, fresh ginger& fresh squeezed lemon juice
served on ice with Pacifico on draft. 8 glass/27 pitcher
SWEET HOME DIEGO Seagrams sweet tea vodka, luxardo lemoncello, fresh lemon & bud light lime on the rocks. 8 glass/28 pitcher
WHITE PEACH SANGRIA Terranoble Sauvignon Blanc with white peach puree, Orchard Peach Liquor, marinated fresh fruit
& our juice blend on the rocks. 8 glass/28 pitcher
SPICED RED SANGRIA Monte Oton Spanish Garnacha with Orchard Pear Liquor, Spice Infused Agavales Blanco Tequila, marinated fresh
fruit & our juice blend on the rocks. 8.50 glass/29 pitcher
At Diego’s we pride ourselves in our cocktails and treat our bar like a kitchen with a variety of house made ingredients and intricate recipe’s.
Our cocktails take more time to prepare than a rum and coke, but we hope you will appreciate the end result.
If speed is your main concern, order a beer or glass of wine and we promise not to take offense.
DEATH IN FRIULI Death’s Door Gin, Amaro Nonino, organic orange jam, fresh lemon, grapefruit bitters and honey simple shaken and served down $10
OUR ROSEMARY PIMMS CLASSIC Pimm’s liquor and our house made rosemary mint lemonade on the rocks. 8.5 glass
EAST MEETS WEST Green tea infused Tito’s Texas Vodka, Cranberry, Orange flower water, fresh lemon and Simple served down or on the rocks $8
THE FRANKLIN BOG Fresh cranberries muddled with lemon, fresh ginger & apple liquor,
topped with ice, Triple 8 Cranberry Vodka & a splash of ginger ale. 8.5 glass
THE CUCUMBER COLLINS Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka, fresh squeezed lemon, our ginger simple topped
with soda water on the rocks. 8.75 glass/31 pitcher
GRAPES OF WRATH Our winter Pisco Sour with pisco, farm fresh egg white, lime, Newhall Farms Maple syrup, allspice dram,
angostura and Aztec chocolate bitters shaken and served up. $8.50
NANTUCKET'S BEES KNEES Nantucket’s own Gale Force Gin, fresh lemon & honey simple served shaken, straight UP. 9 glass
BULLY BOY'S HOT TUB Bully Boy Vodka with Creme Yvette, Prosecco, house-made sour & cranberry juice served on the rocks. 9 glass
CORPSE REVIVER Lillet Blanc, Plymouth Gin, Cointreau, fresh lemon & absinthe served chilled, down. 9 glass
THE DIRTY DIRTY Olive Marinated Double Cross Vodka, shaken with olive juice & a dash of Tabasco,
served chilled with a truffled blue cheese stuffed olive. 10 glass
THE WHARF MOJITO Don Q. Crystal Rum muddled with fresh pineapple, ginger, mint demarara & limes topped
with rocks & Pellegrino lemon soda water on the rocks. 8.50 glass
Although calling Newport an island may sound like a stretch to some, many of us consider Aquidneck Island a summer escape and we hope one
of our handcrafted tiki cocktails in our little Diego’s hideaway will help create this feeling for you anytime of the year. Using fresh juices and fruit,
premium spirits and the love that any great tiki drink requires, we hope you enjoy our take on some great island classics and leave with the smile
only a great tiki cocktail can bring.
JERRY’S INK We salute tattoo legend Sailor Jerry with this rum punch featuring Sailor Jerry spiced rum, house made strawberry mint shrub,
batavia arrack, pierre ferrand dry curacao, fresh lime and ginger beer served on the rocks 9.5
FERNET HEAD Sure to cure the worst Fernet hangover, this Colada cocktail heals all. Fernet Branca & Menta with 10 Cane Rum,
mint bitters, creme de menthe, pineapple, cream of coconut and fresh lime served on the rocks 9 glass
THE DIEGO ZOMBIE Smith & Cross Jamaican Pot Still Rum, 10 Cane Rum, Fresh Lime, Don’s Mix, pineapple, absinthe,
house made Falernum and Grenadine served over smashed ice with a 151 float. 12 glass (Limit 1 per guest)
THE PAINKILLER Zaya Rum and Rum Barbacourt with pineapple, fresh OJ, cream of coconut and nutmeg. 9 glass
THE LOCAL MAI TAI Newport’s own Thomas Tew Pot-Still Rum, Bully Boy White Rum, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, Orgeat, fresh lime
& roasted coconut juice shaken on the rocks. 9 glass
TRADER VIC’S SCORPION BOWL FOR TWO Bully Boy White Rum, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Orgeat, 151, pineapple,
fresh lemon and OJ and Christian Brothers Brandy with marinated fruit over ice. 18
HEMINGWAY DAIQUIRI Zaya rum, fresh lime, ruby red grapefruit, simple and Luxardo Maraschino served chilled. 10 glass
THE HAITIAN SWIZZLE Jalapeño infused Haitian Rum Barbacourt, house made Falernum, Tiki bitters and fresh lime stirred on the rocks. 8.5 glass
THE STORMY ZACAPA Ron Zacapa Gran Reserva rum on the rocks with a squeeze of lime & splash of ginger beer. 10 glass
G.G. ALLEN’S REVENGE Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, Campari, Burnt Orange Peel Infused Cocchi di Torino Vermouth
and Mole bitters over a jumbo coffee ice cube 10
THE BROOKLYN SOUR Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, Cocchi Americano Vermouth, Luxardo Marachino liquor, fresh RI farm egg,
citrus and Meletti Amaro shaken and served down. 10
BLACK TEA COLLINS 4 Roses Bourbon, black tea simple, fresh lemon & soda water served shaken on the rocks. 8.5 glass
JACKS ROSE Applejack brandy, fresh lemon, house made grenadine & orange bitters served chilled. 8.5 glass
THE DIEGO FRISCO Old Overholt rye whiskey, Benedictine herbal liquor, a splash of Domaine de Canton ginger liquor
& fresh citrus shaken & served down. 8.5 glass
MENTA & MONKS Branca Menta, Green Chartreuse, Ginger Simple & fresh lemon on the rocks and topped with soda. 9 glass
WARD 8 Bulleit American Rye Whiskey, fresh lemon, house made grenadine & OJ on the rocks. 9.75 glass
VANILLA TODDY (HOT) Four Roses vanilla bean infused bourbon, apple liquor, honey simple, cinnamon and local hot cider with lemon. 8.5
OLD FAITHFUL A Miller Highlife bottle served with a shot of oak barrel aged Fernet Branca. 7.50
THE DANNY TREJO A Tecate can served with a chilled house fruit infused Blanco Tequila shot. 7
THE NUCKY THOMPSON A Lagunitas IPA draft with a shot of our Old Overholt Rye Manhattan. 9.5
BEERS ON DRAFT (16oz PINTS OR 64oz PITCHERS) Dos Equis Amber $5.50 glass/$19 Pitcher, Lagunitas IPA $6 glass/$21 Pitcher,
Wachusett Blueberry $6 glass/$21 Pitcher, Bud Light $5 glass/$17 Pitcher, Pacifico $5.50 glass/$19 Pitcher, Hoegaarden $6
Harpoon Rotating $6.50 glass/$22 Pitcher, Newport Storm Rotating $5.50 glass/$19 Pitcher, Rotating Seasonal $Mkt glass, $Mkt pitcher
BOTTLED BEER Stella 5, Negra Modelo 5.5, Sol 4.5, Miller Highlife 4, Adnams Explorer English Bitter 9
Clown Shoes “Seasonal” 6, Amstel Light 5, Heineken 5, Corona 5, Omission Pale Ale 5.5
CANS Cisco Grey Lady 5, Tecate 4, Bud Light Lime 4.5, Dos Equis Lager 4.5, Modelo Especial 4.5, Rotating Craft Hard Cider $mkt
THE CHELA BUCKET A Dos Equis Lager, Tecate, Negra Modelo, Corona and Sol all on ice for 16.00
16OZ TALL BOYS Narragansett Lager 4.5, Narragansett “Seasonal” 5, Guinness 5.75, Bud 4.5, PBR 4, Yuengling Lager 5