Towards and beyond Paris – Roadmap to 100% renewable energy
Companies as drivers of solutions
Martina Krüger
Nordic Programme Director
Paris and expectations
Changes in narrative
Case study ICT (Internet and Computer Technology) sector: How we work
strategically to guide companies in the right direction
Expectations for Paris
 Expectations for a FAB (Fair, Ambitious, Binding) Deal yet again?
Long term goal of net zero emissions by mid century
Five year commitment periods
Real (policy) change in countries is needed
China may have peaked coal use and emissions
2014 emissions global reduction
Tesla battery storage system
The renewable energy revolution is unstoppable.. Or is it?
keep fossils in the ground/100%RE
ICT sector and the clean energy revolution
Will 21st century technology continue
running on 19th century power
Or will these companies help driving
the clean energy revolution?
Did Facebook care what powered their servers? Not in the
20 month of campaigning
800 000 FB users engaged directly
with FB over use of power
make Facebook ”UNFRIEND COAL”
 With the energy demand of the internet set to triple by 2020 it is vital the cloud
infrastructure is built now on clean energy
Cool IT Leaderboard
 GHG Saving Solutions
 Climate Advocacy & CEO Speech on emissions targets
 IT Energy Impact – reducing own emissions and renewables use
Telefonica, Vodafone, Softbank, AT&T, NTT, NEC, Alcatel Lucent added for
the 2012 edition
Power of information
 Without much greater transparency on energy sources and complete
emissions from companies its is very hard to differentiate between the green
claims made by companies.
 Even for Greenpeace procurement of ICT services this is a challenge!
Best practice on Renewable Energy procurement
 Energy efficiency and avoided emissions;
 Direct installation or direct investment in renewable energy supply
 Renewable energy credits should not be used as the primary strategy for
increasing renewable energy consumption
Best practice examples
 Google has invested over US$900 million in renewable energy projects
 KPN in the Netherlands has a 100% RE target and purchases from power
utility that only invests in RE capacity in the Netherlands.
 BT investment in large scale wind projects in the UK.
 Apples investment in solar powered command center in Arizona and
130MW solar project in California announced in February this year
Facebook commitment to site new datacenters with a preference for RE
and advocacy for greater RE supply
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