Miracle Dancer Newsletter - Diane Moore Dance Academy

Miracle Dancer Newsletter
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March 9th—12th
March 15th
Thursday, March 26th
Costumes will be passed out
All studio balances must be up to date in order to take
costumes home.
Competition fee due
Fee is $43.00 per dancer; See below for more info
Special Dance Performance for Anchorage School
Every student at Anchorage School has had 2 weeks to either 1) accomplish a difficult goal, or 2) do
something for someone else that will positively affect their life. They were asked to get a sponsor, and if they
met their goal, the sponsor would make a donation to the Miracle Dancer Scholarship Foundation in their
honor. The money they collected will be presented before the dance performance. This is expected to be a
large sum of money that may become a huge, yearly fundraiser.
Anchorage School • 11400 Ridge Road • Anchorage, KY 40223
March 26, 2015
Arrive at 5:30pm dressed and ready to rehearse and perform. All Senior Miracle Dancers will return to
DMDA immediately following the performance. Please do not change clothes.
• Miracle Revolution – 7:30PM – 8:15PM
• Miracle Motion – 8:00PM – 8:45PM
• Senior Miracle Company (Motion and Revolution)— 2015 jazz costume; black jazz shoes
• Junior Action (Gold and Silver)—black jazz pants; new DMDA t-shirt; black jazz shoes
• *Action group will not be performing their dance, but will be a part of the show.
April 6th—9th
Studio Closed for Spring Break
Thursday, April 30th
Studio Closed for Derby Parade
Friday, May 8th
Robert E. Lee Show – 6:30
201 East Elm St.
New Albany, IN 47150
Senior Miracle Dancers (Motion & Revolution)
Arrive at 5:45 in Crusade Soar Ballet costume. You will
be at the beginning of the show. You will perform Soar & your
jazz dance in the Soar costume. No costume changes.
*Bring Ballet Shoes
Saturday, May 9th
Mike Linnig’s Show – 2:00
Miracles in Motion Only
Wear new DMDA t-shirt, black pants, and old tennis shoes.
You will perform your jazz dance. This is a Crusade fundraiser.
Saturday, May 9th
Sat/Sun May 16th & 17th
Belmont Village Senior Living Show 6:30
4600 Bowling Blvd (next to Baptist Milestone Gym)
Louisville, KY
Miracle in Action (Silver and Gold)& Showstoppers
Arrive at 5:45 and you will be in the beginning of the show.
Wear new Over The Rainbow Costume. You will perform
jazz and crusade dances in the Over The Rainbow costume
with ballet shoes. No costume changes.
Monday, May 25
Studio Closed for Memorial Day
*Bring Ballet Shoes
Creation Competition
The Brown Theatre
315 West Broadway
Louisville, KY
All Miracle Dancers
Day and Time will be announced 1-2 weeks prior to
competition. Miracle in Action and Showstoppers will compete
Over the Rainbow. Senior Miracles will compete their jazz dances.
June 8th-10th
Trophies will be given out the last 10 minutes of class
for students years 1-5.
Monday, June 1st
No Miracle Showstoppers
Wednesday, June 3rd
Miracle Showstoppers and Action 6:30-7:30
Thursday, June 4th
All Senior Miracles 7:15-8:45
Friday, June 5
Mandatory Crusade Rehearsal
• KY Center for the Arts
• Arrive at 5:30 in costume – no makeup
Saturday, June 6
Crusade—KY Center for the Arts
• Arrive in costume ready for pictures at 5:00PM
o Including hair & makeup
Tentative Air Times as follows:
• Over the Rainbow – between 7:30 & 8:30PM
• Soar – between 8:30 & 10:00PM
Thursday, June 11
Dress Rehearsal for Recital—KY Center for the Arts
Saturday, June 13
Recital—KY Center for the Arts
Students with 6 or more years will get their trophy
between shows.
Wednesday, August 5
Fall Registration
Tuesday, August 11
Fair Show Rehearsal—dance studio -7:15-8:00 - Junior &
Senior Miracles only
Saturday, August 15 & 22
Fair Shows—Fairgrounds, South Wing – Junior & Senior
Miracles only