List of books received for review

Books Available for Review
Updated 3 July 2015
Ahmed, Arif. Evidence, Decision and Causality. Cambridge University Press, 2014. 250
pp. $99.95 (hardback).
Al-Ghazali. Yaqub, Aladdin M., trans. Moderation in Belief. University of Chigago Press,
2013. vii + 311 pp. $50.00 (cloth).
Allen, Barry. Vanishing Into Things. Knowledge in Chinese Tradition. Harvard University
Press, 2015. 304 pp. $45.00 (hardcover).
Arrington, Lauren, and Zoë Leinhardt, Philip Dawid, eds. Beauty. Cambridge University
Press, 2013. vii + 195 pp. $20.95 (paper).
Audi, Robert. Reasons, Rights, and Values. Cambridge University Press, 2015. 301 pp.
$93.95 (hardback).
Audi, Robert (General Editor). The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy. Third Edition.
Cambridge University Press, 2015. 1161 pp. $108.95 (hardback).
Banks, Erik C. The Realistic Empiricism of Mach, James, and Russell. Neutral Monism
Reconceived. Cambridge University Press, 2014. 217 pp. $99.95 (hardback).
Bauer, Nancy. How to Do Things with Pornography. Harvard University Press, 2015.
232 pp. $35.00 (hardcover).
Bencivenga, Ermanno. Return from Exile. Lexington Books, 2013. v + 99 pp.
Boersema, David (ed.). Dimensions of Moral Agency. Cambridge Scholars Publishing,
2014. 205 pp. (hardback).
Bortolotti, Lisa. Irrationality. Polity Press, 2015. 183 pp. (paper).
Burgess, Alexis, and Brett Sherman (eds.). Metasemantics. New Essays on the
Foundations of Meaning. Oxford University Press, 2014. 367 pp. £40.00 (hardback).
Callahan, Laura Frances, and Timothy O’Connor. Religious Faith and Intellectual Virtue.
Oxford University Press, 2014. x + 333 pp. £45.00 (hardback).
Carney, J.J. Rwanda Before the Genocide. Catholic Politics and Ethnic Discourse in the
Late Colonial Era. Oxford University Press, 2013. vii + 343 pp. £47.99 (hardback).
Cassam, Quassim. Self-knowledge for humans. Oxford University Press, 2014. 189 pp.
£30.00 (hardback).
Chimakonam, Jonathan O. (Ed.). Atuolu Omalu: Some Unanswered Questions in
Contemporary African Philosophy. University Press of America, 2015. 315 pp.
Chirimuuta, M. Outside Color. Perceptual Science and the Puzzle of Color in
Philosophy. MIT Press, 2015. 257 pp. $40.00 (cloth).
Cohen, Alix (ed.). Kant’s Lectures on Anthropology. A Critical Guide. Cambridge
University Press, 2015. 270 pp. $103.95 (hardback).
Colyvan, Mark. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics. Cambridge University
Press, 2012. v + 188 pp. $29.95 paper.
Cottingham, John. Philosophy of Religion. Towards a More Humane Approach.
Cambridge University Press, 2014. 192 pp. $28.95 (paper).
Dearden, Ian. Do Philosophers Talk Nonsense? And Inquiry into the Possibility of
Illusions of Meaning. Revised edition. Rellet Press, 2013. 136 pp.
Decety, Jean, and Thalia Wheatley. The Moral Brain. A Multidisciplinary Perspective.
MIT Press, 2015. 328 pp. $35.00 (cloth).
Denis, Lara, and Oliver Sensen, eds. Kant’s Lectures on Ethics. A Critical Guide.
Cambridge University Press, 2015. 289 pp. $108.95 (hardback).
Detmer, David. Phenomenology Explained. From Experience to Insight. Open Court
Publishing, 2013. v + 212 pp. $24.95 (paper).
Deutsch, Max. The Myth of the Intuitive. Experimental Philosophy and Philosophical
Method. MIT Press, 2015. 240 pp. $35.00 (cloth).
Dobbs-Weinstein, Idit. Spinoza’s Critique of Religion and Its Heirs. Marx, Benjamin,
Adorno. Cambridge University Press, 2015. 275 pp. $109.95 (hardback).
Donaldson, Jeffery. Missing Link. The Evolution of Metaphor and the Metaphor of
Evolution. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2015. 494 pp. (paper).
Ebbesen, Sten, and John Marenbon, and Paul Thom, eds. Aristotle’s Categories in the
Byzantine, Arabic and Latin Traditions. Publications of the Centre for the Aristotelian
Tradition, vol. 2, 2013, 340 pp. (hardback).
Eggleston, Ben, and Dale E. Miller, eds. The Cambridge Companion to Utilitarianism.
Cambridge University Press, 2014. 387 pp. $30.95 (paper).
Flage, Daniel E. Berkeley. Polity Press, 2014. 202 pp. (paper).
Flusser, Vilém. On Doubt. Zielinski, Siegried, ed. Novaes, Rodrigo Maltez, trans.
University of Minnesota Press, 2014. 100 pp. $22.95 (paper).
Forst, Rainer. Justification and Critique. Polity Press, 2014. v + 216 pp. (paper).
Frisch, Mathias. Causal Reasoning in Physics. Cambridge University Press, 2014. 256
pp. $99.95 (hardback).
Garavaso, Pieranna, and Nicla Vassallo. Frege on Thinking and Its Epistemic
Significance. Lexington Books, 2015. 128 pp. (hardback).
Gentry, Caron E. Offering Hospitality. Questioning Christian Approaches to War.
University of Notre Dame Press, 2013. 200 pp. $29.00 (paper).
Glover, Jonathan. Alien Landscapes? Interpreting Disordered Minds. Harvard University
Press, 2014. 448 pp. $35.00 (hardcover).
Govier, Trudy. Victims and Victimhood. Broadview Press, 2015. vii + 232 pp. (paper).
Gray, Christopher Berry. Human Works, Absent Words. Law, Man, and God in Some
Classical Philosophers. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014. v + 122 pp. $55.00 (hardback).
Gregory, Dominic. Showing, Sensing, & Seeming. Distinctively Sensory
Representations and their Contents. Oxford University Press, 2013. vii + 230 pp. £35.00
Guattari, Félix. Gary Genosko and Jay Hetrick, eds. Machinic Eros: Writings on Japan.
Univocal Publishing, 2015. 154 pp. $24.95 (paper).
Gunnell, John G. Social Inquiry After Wittgenstein and Kuhn. Leaving Everything As It
Is. Columbia University Press, 2014. 280 pp. $50.00 (cloth).
Hansen, Hans V., ed. Riel’s Defence. Perspectives on His Speeches. McGill-Queen’s
University Press, 2014. 331 pp. $35.00 (paper).
Hendry, John . Ethics and Finance. An Introduction. Cambridge University Press, 2013.
v + 309 pp. $30.95 (paper).
Hoffman, Tobias, and Jörn Müller, and Matthias Perkams. Aquinas and the
Nicomachean Ethics. Cambridge University Press, 2013. v + 281 pp. $96.95
Holowchak, M. Andrew. Thomas Jefferson. Uncovering His Unique Philosophy and
Vision. Prometheus Books, 2014. 355 pp. $26.00 USD (hardback).
Hösle, Vittorio, ed. Forms of Truth and the Unity of Knowledge. University of Notre
Dame Press, 2014. 368 pp. $39.00 (paper).
Ingold, Tim, and Gisli Palsson, eds. Biosocial Becomings. Integrating Social and
Biological Anthropology. Cambridge University Press, 2013. v + 281 pp. $86.95
Janiak, Andrew, ed. Newton. Philosophical Writings. Cambridge Texts in the History of
Philosophy, Revised Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2014. 198 pp. $30.95
Janssen, Michel, and Christoph Lehner, eds. The Cambridge Companion to Einstein.
Cambridge University Press, 2014. 562 pp. $38.95 (paper).
Jeffers, Chike, ed. Listening to Ourselves. A Multilingual Anthology of African
Philosophy. SUNY Press, 2013. vii + 194 pp. $80.00 (hardback).
Johnston, James Scott. John Dewey’s Earlier Logical Theory. SUNY Press, 2014. 266
pp. (hardback).
Kant, Immanuel. Mary Gregor, trans. Critique of Practical Reason. Cambridge Texts in
the History of Philosophy. Revised Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2015. 141 pp.
$26.95 (paper).
Kaukua, Jari. Self-Awareness in Islamic Philosophy. Avicenna and Beyond. Cambridge
University Press, 2015. 257 pp. $99.95 (hardback).
Kisner, Matthew J., and Andrew Youpa, eds. Essays on Spinoza’s Ethical Theory.
Oxford University Press, 2014. vii + 284 pp. (hardback).
Kitcher, Philip. Deaths in Venice. The Cases of Gustav von Aschenbach. Columbia
University Press, 2013. 280 pp. $30.00 (cloth).
Kleinig, John, Simon Keller, and Igor Primoratz. The Ethics of Patriotism. A Debate.
Wiley Blackwell, 2015. v + 189 pp. (paper).
Koivukoski, Toivo and David Edward Tabachnick, eds. The Question of Peace in
Modern Political Thought. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2015. 326 pp. $48.99
Kremer, Elmar J. Analysis of Existing. Barry Miller’s Approach to God. Bloomsbury
Publishing, 2014. ix +143 pp. $110.00 (hardback).
Kurtz, Paul. The Transcendental Temptation. Prometheus Books, 2013. 604 pp. $21.95
Layne, Danielle A., and Harold Tarrant, eds. The Neoplatonic Socrates. University of
Pennsylvania Press, 2014. 264 pp. $75.00 (cloth).
Leach, Stephen, and James Tartaglia, eds. Richard Rorty. Mind, Language, and
Metaphilosophy. Early Philosophical Papers. Cambridge University Press, 2014. 318
pp. $30.95 (paper).
Lee, Kevin Alan. Ethical Motivations. LeTTers Press, 2014. Self-published manuscript.
431 pp. (pdf).
Li, Chenyang and Franklin Perkins, eds. Chinese Metaphysics and its Problems.
Cambridge University Press, 2015. 242 pp. $104.95 (hardback).
Lloyd, G.E.R. The Ideals of Inquiry. And Ancient History. Oxford University Press, 2014.
163 pp. (hardback).
Long, A.A. Greek Models of Mind and Self. Harvard University Press, 2015. 231 pp.
$25.95 (cloth).
Long, Christopher P. Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy. Practicing a Politics of
Reading. Cambridge University Press, 2014. 205 pp. $94.95 (hardback).
Ludlow, Peter. Living Words. Meaning Underdetermination and the Dynamic Lexicon.
Oxford University Press, 2014. 189 pp. (hardback).
Macagno, Fabrizio and Douglas Walton. Emotive Language in Argumentation.
Cambridge University Press, 2014. vii + 292 pp. $34.95 (paper).
Maliks, Reidar. Kant’s Politics in Context. Oxford University Press, 2014. 195 pp.
Mandle, Jon and David A. Reidy, eds. The Cambridge Rawls Lexicon. Cambridge
University Press, 2015. 897 pp. $192.95 (hardback).
Marder, Michael. The Philosopher’s Plant. An Intellectual Herbarium. Columbia
University Press, 2014. 208 pp. $24.95 (paper).
Margolis, Eric and Stephen Laurence, eds. The Conceptual Mind. New Directions in the
Study of Concepts. MIT Press, 2015. 712 pp. $58.00 (cloth).
Marlin, Randal. Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion, 2 nd Edition. Broadview Press,
2013. vii + 368 pp. $32.95 (paper).
Marshall, Richard. Philosophy at 3:AM. Questions and Answers with 25 Top
Philosophers. Oxford University Press, 2014. 296 pp. £20 (hardback).
McGilvray, James. Chomsky. 2nd Edition. Key Contemporary Thinkers Series. Polity
Press, 2014. v + 262 pp. (hardback).
McGinn, Colin. Philosophy of Language. The Classics Explained. MIT Press, 2015. 225
pp. (hardback).
McLeish, Tom. Faith & Wisdom in Science. Oxford University Press, 2014. 284 pp.
£18.99 (hardback).
McNay, Lois. The Misguided Search for the Political. Polity Press, 2014. 250 pp.
Miller, David Marshall. Representing Space in the Scientific Revolution. Cambridge
University Press, 2014. 235 pp. $94.95 (hardback).
Musolino, Julien. The Soul Fallacy. What Science Shows We Gain from Letting Go of
Our Soul Beliefs. Prometheus Books, 2015. 287 pp. $18.00 (paper).
Nadler, Steven, ed. Spinoza and Medieval Jewish Philosophy. Cambridge University
Press, 2014. 239 pp. $105.95 (hardback).
Nilsson, Nils J. Understanding Beliefs. MIT Press, 2014. 151 pp. $12.95 (paper).
Ogien, Ruwen. Martin Thom, trans. Human Kindness and the Smell of warm
Croissants. An Introduction to Ethics. Columbia University Press, 2015. 256 pp. $30.00
O’Malley, Maureen A. Philosophy of Microbiology. Cambridge University Press, 2014.
269 pp. $33.95 (paper).
Owen, J. Judd. Making Religion Safe for Democracy. Transformation from Hobbes to
Tocqueville. Cambridge University Press, 2015. 164 pp. $104.95 (hardback).
Parsons, Charles. Philosophy of Mathematics in the Twentieth Century. Selected
Essays. Harvard University Press, 2014. vii + 350 pp. $55.00 (cloth).
Parsons, Terence. Articulating Medieval Logic. Oxford University Press, 2014. vii + 331
pp. (hardback).
Pasnau, Robert, ed. Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosohpy, Volume 1. Oxford
University Press, 2013. 233 pp. £22.00 (paper).
Patten, Alan. Equal Recognition. The Moral Foundation of Minority Rights. Princeton
Univeristy Press, 2014. 327 pp. (hardback).
Peddle, David. The Religious Origins of American Freedom and Equality. A Response
to John Rawls. Lexington Books, 2014. 136 pp. (hardback).
Politis, Vasilis. The Structure of Enquiry in Plato’s Early Dialogues. Cambridge
University Press, 2015. 255 pp. $109.95 (hardback).
Powe, B.W. Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye. Apocalypse and Alchemy. University
of Toronto Press, 2014. ix + 354 pp. $32.95 (paper).
Reid, Jeffrey. The Anti-Romantic. Hegel Against Ironic Romanticism. Bloomsbury, 2014.
208 pp. $112.00 (hardback).
Rescher, Nicholas. A Journey through Philosophy in 101 Anecdotes. University of
Pittsburgh Press, 2015. 304 pp. $19.94 (paper).
Rubini, Rocco. The Other Renaissance. Italian Humanism between Hegel & Heidegger.
The University of Chicago Press, 2015. 386 pp. $45.00 (paper).
Rush, Penelope (ed.). The Metaphysics of Logic. Cambridge University Press, 2014.
267 pp. $103.95 (hardback).
Russell, Luke. Evil. A Philophical Investigation. Oxford University Press, 2014. v + 236
pp. (hardback).
Scheid, Don. E., ed. The Ethics of Armed Humanitarian Intervention. Cambridge
University Press, 2014. 282 pp. $32.95 (paper).
Schmitt, Frederick F. Hume’s Epistemology in the Treatise. A Veritistic Interpretation.
Oxford University Press, 2014. vi + 423 pp. (hardback).
Segalerba, Gianluigi. Semantik und Ontologie. Drei Studien zu Aristoteles. Peter Lang,
2013. 547 pp. (paper).
Shrage, Laurie J., and Robert Scott Stewart. Philosophizing About Sex. Broadview
Press, 2015. v + 284 pp. (paper).
Sklar, Lawrence. Philosophy and the Foundations of Dynamics. Cambridge University
Press, 2013. 272 pp. $29.99 (paper).
Slater, Michael R. Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Religion. Cambridge University
Press, 2014. 207 pp. $99.95 (hardback).
Smarandache, Florentin. Law of Included Multiple-Middle & Principle of Dynamic
Neutrosophic Opposition. EuropaNova & Education Publisher Brussels-Columbus,
2014. 135 pp. (paper).
Snowdon, Paul F. Persons, Animals, Ourselves. Oxford University Press, 2014. 260 pp.
£30.00 (hardback).
Soderquist, K. Brian. The Isolated Self. Truth and Untruth in Søren Kierkegaard’s On the
Concept of Irony. University of Chicago Press, 2014. iii + 247 pp. $35.00 (paper).
Sorabji, Richard. Moral Conscience Through the Ages. Oxford University Press, 2014.
265 pp. £20.00 (hardback).
Soteriou, Matthew. The Mind’s Construction. The Ontology of Mind and Mental Action.
Oxford University Press, 2013. vii + 385 pp. £55.00 (hardback).
Staiti, Andrea. Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology. Nature, Spirit, and Life.
Cambridge University Press, 2015. 313 pp. $104.95 (hardback).
Steel, Daniel. Philosophy and the Precautionary Principle, and the Future. Cambridge
University Press, 2014. 256 pp. $99.95 (hardback).
Szabados, Béla. Wittgenstein as Philosophical Tone-Poet. Philosophy and Music in
Dialogue. Brill, 2015. 225 pp. $67.00 USD (paper).
Tindale, Christopher W. The Philosophy of Argument and Audience Reception.
Cambridge University Press, 2015. 244 pp. $109.95 (hardback).
Todorov, Tzvetan. Andrew Brown, trans. The Inner Enemies of Democracy. Polity Press,
2014. 201 pp. (hardback).
Van Inwagen, Peter. Existence. Essays in Ontology. Cambridge University Press, 2014.
261 pp. $30.95 (paper).
Viveiros de Castro, Eduardo. Peter Skafish, trans. and ed. Cannibal Metaphysics. When
Everything is Human, the Human is an Entirely Different Thing …. Univocal Publishing,
2014. 245 pp. $26.95 (paper).
Wall, Steven (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Liberalism. Cambridge University
Press, 2015. 459 pp. $98.95 (hardback).
Wei, Sha Xin. Poiesis and Enchantment in Topological Matter. Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, 2013. v + 363 pp. $40.00 (cloth).
Weisberg, Josh. Consciousness. Polity Press, 2014. 174 pp. (paper).
Weiskopf, Daniel and Fred Adams. Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy. An
Introduction to the Philosophy of Psychology. Cambridge University Press, 2015. 316
pp. $32.95 (paper).
Withy, Katherine. Heidegger. On Being Uncanny. Harvard University Press, 2015. 264
pp. $45.00 (hardcover).
Wrenn, Chase. Truth. Polity Press, 2015. 200 pp. (paper).
Yakira, Elhanan. Spinoza and the Case for Philosophy. Cambridge University Press,
2015. 283 pp. $104.95 (hardback).