Warranty 30-Day Guarantee

30-Day Guarantee
This product comes with a two year
unconditional, unlimited warranty. If this
product fails to work, breaks, or doesn’t
meet its purpose, you may replace it for
a brand new styler within the f irst two years.
This warranty is extendable, so even if it
has been more than two years you might
be able to replace your hair tool with
further limitations.
If the product has a defect or fails to work
correctly from f irst use, there will be no
charge for return shipping.
You must return the old or broken tool in
order for you to receive a new one. Proof
of purchase and return shipping information
must be included.
Hair tools have no cash refund value and
may only be replaced for a new tool, hair
products, or accessories.
A return shipping costs of $15.95 will be
paid by the sender.
For more warranty information,
please contact
[email protected]
Product must be unused, and have no
wear and tear.
This guarantee is activated 30 days
only following your purchase.
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Purchase Date:
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Congratulations on your new hair tool purchase!
Your New VERSE Hair Tool
The Verse curling wand features a tourmaline
barrel enriched with ceramic. Tourmaline is
a natural gem stone which is a source
of negative ions and far-infrared heat. It provides
faster styling, eliminates frizz and locks in
moisture for long lasting hair style.
The temperature is stabilized with our
advanced technology allowing constant
hair styling for every curl. The clip-free
design helps create flawless curls without
tagging or creasing the hair.
*Test your tool within the f irst 30 days
following your purchase in order to take
advantage of our 30 Day Guarantee policy
(Details are at the end of the pamphlet)*
Versatile Advantages
Far infrared Heat
Verse curling wand softens your hair faster,
works to seal in the hair’s cuticle, locks in
hair color, and gives you the silky, glossy
results you expect from your professional
hair salon.
Negative Ions
Ceramic infused tourmaline in the Verse
curing wand produces 8 times more
negative ions than other curling irons.
Negative ions help create shiny hair and
prevent frizz caused by humidity. They also
eliminate damage to the hair cuticle by
sealing it and smoothing the ends.
Heat controlling and stabilizing
Verse uses new heating technology
that prevents heat loss and excessive
heat release by balancing the temperature
during the regular use. It gives you your
desired hair style without wasting time,
and less damage to your hair. It is
recommended to use the right temperature,
when adjustable, depending on your hair
type and thickness.
Using Tips
Important Safety Instructions
Use the curling wand on dry hair only
and always wear the heat resistant glove
on the hand that holds the hair. Hold the
wand up side down, wrap the hair around
in and let the hair drop down after holding
for 3-7 seconds. Hold the hair as long as
needed according to your hair type and
the amount of hair taken. Unlike conventional
curling irons, it is not necessary to roll
the hair out of the curl, Simply let the hair
drop into your covered hand. your hair
will bounce into a perfect smooth curl in
seconds creating a unique hair style in
- Never touch your hair styler if it falls into water! Unplug the tool before retrieving it out of the water and send it back to the manufacture for a replacement.
- Do not use the styler if it is defective. Tools with cracked plates, damaged cord or any broken parts should be sent to the manufacture immediately for replacement.
- Avoid any direct skin contact with the hot
plates during use.
- Unplug you styler when not in use.
- Store out of reach of children.
- Do not use while showering, on wet hair, near any running water or any water source.
- Do not use the styler with bare feet.
- Set your styler only on a heat resistant mat.
Do not set it near any flammables or delicate surfaces.
- Do not wrap the cord around the styler.
- Use the styler only for its intended purpose.