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P l y m o u t h C o n g r e g a t i oMarch
n a l 2013
United Church of Christ
Message from the Minister
Rev. Cathy Barker
What a delightful experience it has been to participate in the United Church of Christ "Mission 4/1
Earth"! Each Sunday we have celebrated God's gift of Creation, and pondered ways that we can be
good stewards of it. Sermons on the Garden of Eden, and manure, and being good shepherds have
prompted us to open our spiritual lives to more earth-care.
As we brought the campaign to a close on May 19, Molly McKinley and I asked the congregation what
you've been doing during this emphasis. Many people spoke about recycling, which is great! Dave
Donaldson trumped us by recycling two used cars from his property. Gus Byrom, out of a concern for
the plastic waste in the ocean, wrote letters to companies suggesting biodegradable
toothbrushes. Rosanna Skelton and Cathy Campbell shared their concerted weed-reduction efforts
(Cathy's utilized sheep, of course!). Jan Clinard got gold stars, though, for raising two kids who are both
engaged in careers caring for the earth!
We filled out and collected our timecards faithfully throughout the 50 days, and our efforts have
added to the audacious national goals:
Trees Planted: Goal 100,000 Plymouth 37 National 91,023
Advocacy Letters: Goal 100,000 Plymouth 37 National 42,300
Earth Care Hours: Goal 1,000,000 Plymouth 420 National 487,220
Thank you all for your avid participation in this effort. Let's commit ourselves to continuing our Earthcare into the future, for the next generations, "for God's sake!"
Save the Date-Breakfast on the Pass !
Summer is coming and one of our favorite events is now scheduled!
Breakfast on the Pass will be held this year on August 11, 2013.
Watch your Bulletin for future announcements about food, campground sites and
other important info!
Capital Campaign Update:
Following worship on Sunday, May 19th, the congregation met to vote on two issues:
1) whether or not to proceed with a capital campaign to raise up to $340,000 for building repairs and
2) if the first issue is affirmed, whether or not to hire Rev. Priscilla Bizer. Capital Fundraising Executive,
United Church of Christ, to advise us in conducting the campaign.
Of the 55 votes cast, 100% were in favor of going forward with the campaign, and 84% were in favor of
hiring Rev. Bizer. Six individuals present at the meeting did not vote on either issue.
Congratulations, Plymouth, for supporting this important investment in our church’s future.
In the coming weeks, efforts will be made to appoint Campaign Captains, to notify architects and consultants, and to make tentative plans to move forward on this new adventure. If all goes well in organizing
the leadership team, the pledging portion of the campaign will begin in mid-June and conclude in midSeptember. If pledges do not meet the expected goal of $340,000 by the end of that time but something
less, campaign organizers will begin construction with the items receiving the highest priority. Those priorities were determined by the congregation beginning May 5th and concluding May 12th by responses
to the bulletin inserts and by dot notations on the architectural boards. Based on those returns the top
three priorities are: to repair the north-facing buttresses; to renovate and update the bathrooms; and to
repair the heating system primarily in the Education Wing. Those who pledge to the campaign will have
three years to make payments.
Developments will be reported in Waymarks, via email, and in church bulletins.
If you have questions about the voting procedure or results, please call or write to Jennifer Thompson,
Church Moderator, 459-9691, or email: [email protected]
Plymouth Youth News
This year’s 3rd Annual "Honor Your Elders" event will be Sunday June 2nd, when we
honor the Elders of Plymouth church during the Children’s Time.
After church the children and youth will serve brunch and perform a Maypole Dance.
The remainder of the afternoon, until 3pm, will be filled with craft activities and outdoor fun.
We hope everyone will join us for this great opportunity to thank our elders for laying a foundation that
has nurtured our ability to thrive spiritually.
Let’s Talk About Gratitude!
Heartfelt thanks to Plymouth people who came forward in so many ways
to make possible our "Let's Talk About It" event on April 25th.
Our committee of Marcia Warner, Rosana Skelton, Ann Byrd, Lynn Bolin, Sunny Ray Mandeville, Joy
Bruck, Susan Maki & Susan Butler began meeting in early December. We were pleased with the conversation leaders we were able to arrange.
Chefs Rosanna and Dewey Skelton prepared a delicious dinner topped off
with elegant hand-made desserts by Susan Maki.
We had the sharpest looking wait staff: Dave Donaldson, Jennifer Thompson,
Dick Burns, Ed Canty, Linda Burns, J.J. Coggeshall, Marcia Lauer, Gus Byrom, Amy Demaree, Donna Hathy,
Al Hathy, Michelle Gray, Sonny Frickel, Patsy Tompkins, Kate McGlumphy, Alex Gibbons, and Chad Gibbons. Thanks to greatest kitchen help you can imagine: Colleen Anderson, Brenda Byrom, Margy Kohl, Pat
Buell, Sunny Ray Madeville, and Clara Gilreath. Annette Baird produced the beautiful information fliers;
Dana Baird is our elevator guru AND did you see the excellent photos of the event taken by Ed Field? We
all look GOOD!
Retired sinners worked on many projects but we must mention the Youth room
now looks clean , fresh and more inviting thanks to its new coat of paint. What fun the women's group
had as we enjoyed lunch together and then set tables and prepared everything for our giant dinner
party! Carol Ann Jacobsen made calligraphy name tags for all and it was delightful to have Carolyn Miller
back at the reception table for the evening.
"Let’s Talk About It" is noted for our social hour and delicious horsd’oeuvres, provided by Sunny Ray Mandeville, Marcia Warner, Doris Powell, Clara Gilreath, Margy Kohl, Cathy Barker, and Colleen Anderson,
Leslie Dunkle, Anna Segali, Julia Demaree, Lynn Bolin and Connie Erickson made this year no exception.
Our table for this hour was done by Marcia Warner and Ann Byrd. It had a beautiful southwestern flair!
Thanks so much to all who bought tickets for others or made monetary donations. And a special thanks to
those who led the conversations. This seems to be a good and gracious fit for Plymouth. We can be welcoming hosts to the community. We can be creative and our topics can be current each year.
This year we grossed $3480! Thank you dear Plymouth people!
Carol McKerrow Let’s Talk About It!
Notes from the Board:
The May Board meeting was jam packed with various items to be discussed!
Pete McKinley gave the Conference Annual Meeting update. He, Dave Donaldson, and Jay
Shelden attended. One Outcome was the Convention voted to combine the three Associations into one
in order to increase cost efficiency.
The Board also continued its discussion of room use both in the Christian Education wing and the Stockade room downstairs. No conclusions were reached and the discussion will continue next month. If you
have thoughts on this, please talk to one of the Board members.
After some discussion, it was determined that the secretarial hours would need to be increased by 4
hours a week. Pat Buell will look for money in the budget that can be allocated to cover this need. The
new hours would begin on July 1st.
Joy Bruck, from Pastoral Relations, attended the meeting to discuss changes to the Pastors’ Terms of Call
now that they are full time. She will take the suggestions of the Board to the committee and return a
final version to the Board for the June meeting.
The Board also voted to accept the sale of Chico Bags as a small fund raiser.
The next meeting of the Board will be June 20th at 4:15 PM. There will be no meeting in July, but we will
meet again on August 15th.
Alternative Opportunities for Camp Mimanagish:
Unfortunately we had no registrations for Plymouth week at Camp Mimanagish this year. However, just
because this scheduling didn’t work out for you, it may not be your only option to enjoy the beauty and
joy that is Camp Mimanagish! (Also featuring amazing food produced by our own Marcia Warner.) Here
are some alternative activities that may work better . Check out for information on these camps and others they have available!
July 8-10 : ”Grandparents and Me-All Things New” This is traditionally an amazing Intergenerational event
full of fun, fellowship, family, and nature. This group has kids age 2-18 come with Grandparents.
What a chance to make some very special memories!
August 16-19 Women’s Retreat : Women of all ages come together to “be”, relax, talk, laugh, hike, wonder, share, sing , play and enjoy wonderful food cooked FOR you.
August 16-19 Fishing Camp: Have you ever wished you could fish as long as you wanted; no phones, no
nagging chores to do, no interruptions, no responsibilities. Our Fishing Camp on the Boulder River is just
what you've been wishing for! When you've caught your limit head back to camp, we can cook up your
trout or stick them in the freezer.
Summer Session
Cathy Barker will lead this transformative experience for adults to access their
inner teacher and support each other in reflection and discernment in a Circle of
Trust©. The 12-session series on Monday evenings begins June 10, 6:309:00. Because of the learning curve, it is essential to participate in the first three sessions, June 10, 17,
and 24; beyond that absences are allowed. One or more retreats may be planned, and the schedule will
be finalized once the group is formed.
The natural world desperately needs people who value it, see it, listen to it, preserve, and restore it.
With the same urgency, so does the soul need this kind of attention. Cut off from the land, we lose our
sense of place, grounding, our sense of home on this earth; when we are cut off from our souls our lives
become barren, starved at the roots of what deeply animates us. The Celts call nature "the first Bible."
The metaphors from the geography offer the images and archetypes of the inner life.
The Circle of Trust© approach offers a container and process where we can rediscover the soul in its
native landscape, and where we can begin to recover our natural resources, our wholeness. This series
of 12 small group circles of trust meetings offers a map and compass for a landscape that opens the
journey to vistas of the inner life.
Geography of Grace is recommended for Plymouth members and open to the community. Please register by contacting Cathy at [email protected] or 422-3346.
Social Justice
Thanks to all who have so generously responded so far! However , Mission
Money Jars are still needed at this time. These are the funds that provide our
Safeway Food Cards for seriously needy families.
Update! Our Cafe Justo - fair trade coffee has been increased in cost from
$10.00 to $12.00 per pound. All funds go directly for coffee purchases
to support the Mexican families that raise the beans. It is our fervent hope that
Plymouth members will continue to support this important mission !
Don’t Forget your Pledges this summer!
Summer is such a busy time for most of us! Vacations, camping, company -so
many opportunities to enjoy and explore God’s beautiful creation! Summer has
been known to cause our church attendance to flux a little. This is just an F.Y.I.
that if you miss the collection on Sunday, you don’t have to get behind! You can
mail your pledges to the office if you would like. Hopefully this will keep us
steady and less stressed in fall when all settles down!
Symphony Under the Stars-Volunteers needed!
Rose Miller is the 2013 Volunteer Coordinator for Symphony under the stars and she
is looking for volunteers! There are positions for Security, Program distributors, cleanup, Bucket Brigade and Golf Cart Chauffeurs.
The event itself takes place this year on July 20 and the theme is “FIESTA!” There will be an orientation
on July 16. Times will be announced closer to the event.
If you would like to participate or need more information, please contact Rose for more details.
She can be reached at 406-438-0037 or [email protected]
Chico Bags!
Did you know that the average citizen in the United States uses 300 to 700 single-use plastic
bags per year? Many of these single-use bags will end up littering our earth’s fragile eco-systems when
they are mistaken for food by land and marine wildlife. We can make a difference by utilizing reusable
Plymouth has teamed up with The ChicoBag Company to sell reusable bags that are designed to be unforgettable. Some ChicoBags fit in a pocket or purse when stuffed into the integrated pouch. The hope
is to get each person in our church and community using reusable bags in efforts to help humanity kick
the single-use bag habit.
Not only can you purchase shopping bags from The ChicoBag Company - they also have daypacks, duffels, snack bags, bottle slings, messenger bags, totes, and more, all at very reasonable prices. Their
RePETe (tm) line is made from recycled materials, mainly plastic bottles. (Recycling bottles is only step
1; step 2 is to buy products made from them!)
And here's the sweet part: When you purchase a ChicoBag between now and August 31, 50% comes
back to Plymouth Church! We'll use it wherever it's needed most. Go to and when
you order, enter our fundraiser coupon code: Plym2013. That's all there is to it!
"The prayer of a
righteous man
is powerful
and effective"
(James 5:16b).
Plymouth Family Concerns
Please also pray for peace in this troubled world, for
more wisdom and charity in the hearts and minds of
the world's leaders. Our hearts and prayers go out to
the people in and around Moore, Oklahoma, and all
those living in Tornado Alley or in other places where
weather or climate sometimes makes it dangerous.
Please Keep in your prayers:
At Touchmark:
Dick Brodowy
Peg Rule
Dora Howard
Betty Purvis
At Big Sky:
Ida Holmquist
Betty Sando
Stan Howard
Bob Scow at home
Morris and Bertha Pietz
Sharon Henderson in Colorado
Pete McKinley with Double Pneumonia
Carol Dunkle recovering at Cooney
10:00 am Worship and Communion
11:00 am Elders Brunch & activities-FH
18 10:00 am Adult Ed-The Faith Club-Fireside
10:00 am Adult Ed-The Faith Club-Fireside
6:30 pm Adult Ed-The Faith Club-Rm7
10:00 am Worship Service
6:00 pm Geography of Grace-Fireside
11 10:oo am Adult Ed-The Faith Club-Fireside
5:30 pm Staggering Faith at Staggering Ox
12 10:00 am Women’s Gathering-Fireside
6:30 pm Adult Ed-The Faith Club-Rm7
16 10:00 am Worship –Alternative Ser vice
Happy Fourth of July!
10:00 am Worship and Communion
Grandparents Camp at Mimanagish
19 10:00 am Women’s Gathering -Mayer's House
23 10:00 am Worship Service
6:30 pm Adult Ed-The Faith Club-Rm7
2:00 pm Worship Committee-Fireside
4:15 pm Board of Deacons-Fireside
6:00pm Geography of Grace-Fireside
5:30 pm Staggering Faith at Staggering Ox
30 10:00 am Worship Service
On Going Projects to keep in
Mind through the summer!
We are still collecting
your used shoes.
You can Drop them
off in the Narthex
collection boxes .
8:30 am Retired Sinners-Fireside
21 10: am
Worship-Alternative Ser vice
6:00 pm Geography of Grace-Fireside
5:30 pm Staggering Faith at Staggering Ox
24 11:30 am Women’s Luncheon-TBA
28 10:00 am Worship Service
Geography of Grace-Fireside
14 10:00 am Worship Service
6:00 pm Geography of Grace-Fireside
6:00 pm Geography of Grace-Fireside
F.Y.I. Pastors Vacation and
Continuing Education Dates
are set!
They will be gone from July 8
through July 20th.
A very special “Thank you” to Chad
Gibbons who has been working hard
and keeping our grass mowed.
Do you have time to do some weeding
or clean up? We have lots of opportunities for busy hands! Check in with
Jay Sheldon or Terry Tatchell if you
want to help!
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Plymouth’s Mission is to nurture our
congregation and the wider community with
acts of love and a vision of God’s image in
all things.
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