A powerful information management solution for the

Solution overview
A powerful information management solution
for the growing enterprise
GoPro is a portable document and
business process management
solution for small and medium size
businesses. It delivers rich functionality
for managing documents, contacts,
correspondence and processrelated information. GoPro offers
unprecedented value for business
process management and design, so
get your business up and going with
GoPro today!
Without solutions for electronic document
and business process management the
company lacks overview, processes become
unclear and document and email clutter
becomes a problem, with information
becoming irretrievable and opportunities
By making internal processes fully electronic
using applications like GoPro, companies
can enhance their productivity, lower their
operation costs and measurably improve
performance and service.
With GoPro you can:
• Enhance productivity
• Lower operation costs
• Improve performance and service
• Increase customer satisfaction
Key benefits of the solution include:
•Documents and correspondence are
kept under control and in context
•Email clutter is reduced and
correspondence history secured for
each case
•Clear overview of business processes
GoPro is an integrated information
management solution that gives users
consolidated information about all
correspondence and business processes
involving customers and coworkers. The
application provides document-, contactsemail-, process- and correspondence
management functionality in one accessible
management system that gives company
employees the possibility to document
and organise email in a structured context,
preserving the complete document trail and
correspondence history.
Get your email correspondence
Many modern businesses handle email
correspondence on a daily basis without
having an organised procedure for centrally
Get rid of document clutter
documenting this communication. GoPro is
a centralised document and correspondence With GoPro, documents, such as email and
Word™ documents are created, edited and
stored in such a way that the context of their
creation, the related document trail, clients
and correspondence history are clear and
accessible. The system provides full support
for templates for standard document types
which can be automatically populated
with data from the context. GoPro is the
essential tool to get your documents and
correspondences firmly under control.
GoPro is the essential tool to get your
documents and correspondence firmly under
Maintain complete overview over your
business processes
With GoPro you maintain complete
overview over your business processes,
including deadlines, documents, contacts
and correspondence, ensuring that vital
information is available to you at all times.
Management information can be retrieved
from the system at any time giving you the
tool you need to ensure that schedules are
met and your strategic objectives are being
carried out.
Design and manage your business
With GoPro your company can implement
standard work processes for consistent
handling with business process design,
document templates and the use of
instructions to guide employees using
the system. This way, your company can
reduce the risk of employee turnover and
maintain a constant quality in managing
similar projects.
A flexible solution that truly fits your
GoPro is easily configured to meet your
specific needs. The solution adapts to the
management structure of your company
and makes the application of access
controls, responsibility structures and
approval cycles smooth and effortless.
Collaboration and teambuilding
With GoPro you can reap the full benefits
of the sophisticated collaboration and
teambuilding functionality that IBM
Workplace provides. IBM Workplace
is a powerful collaboration platform for
organising and managing work on projects.
Using GoPro, employees can collaborate
in groups or as individuals on content
production, reviews, negotiations and
correspondence with clients. All the while,
the application makes sure that important
information is conserved and processes
remain transparent and traceable.
The user interface takes full advantage of
the advanced configuration options present
in IBM WebSphere portal server and IBM
Workplace, giving users the power to fully
customise their work environment.
GoPro is a secure, thin-client
solution for companies that
• Email clutter
• Document clutter
• Lack of overview over
business processes
With GoPro you can harness all the
flexibility and power of a fully customisable
and functionally rich thin-client interface
with a document and business process
management solution that reflects your
company’s organisational structure.
Soon you will wonder how you ever did
without it!
Intuitive and coherent interface
GoPro features a number of wizards
– step-by-step guides on how to perform
more complex operations. At all times,
the system presents an intuitive, clear and
consistent interface that lowers the learning
curve for novice users.
GoPro is designed for an open platform,
making it easy to integrate with various
services and 3rd party applications, such
as ERP or web content management
solutions, using the same user-friendly
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