Setup and Installation Setup Overview

Setup and Installation
Setup Overview
The following steps are described in detail in the getting started instructions:
Xamarin.Forms 1.4.2 and later includes the Windows platform support in the
Xamarin.Forms NuGet package.
You will need to change the PCL profile used in any existing common code projects
(not applicable for Shared Projects).
The new project types supported - Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows - must be
added and configured manually (they are not included automatically in the current File
> New Project templates).
The Windows Store support can only be used with Visual Studio 2013 or newer, running on
Windows 8.1.
Project Structure
Existing Xamarin.Forms solutions typically have one common code project (PCL or Shared
Library) along with three platform projects: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Silverlight 8:
With the Windows Preview, you can add two new projects to support Windows and Windows
Phone 8.1 apps:
Follow the getting started instructions to learn how to add the new project types to an
existing solution.